What Is Goodwill in Dental Implant Marketing?

In discussing dental implant marketing here at Client Connection Group, you will hear a lot about the term goodwill.  

It is always good to define our terms, so what do we mean by our use of this word in relation to dental implant marketing?

4 Reasons Seniors Respond to Positive Dental Implant Marketing

Elderly couple

Dental implant marketing has a unique opportunity in marketing that often goes unrecognized. Here it is: Our target audience is primarily senior citizens and those approaching that status – let’s just say people over the age of 50.

Dental Implant Marketing- 4 Major Reasons to Sharpen Your Senior Focus

Shot of a happy senior woman visiting dentist for her dental checkup

Dental implant marketing is important because we want to reach everyone who is missing teeth. But it is especially important that we, as dental implant specialists, remind ourselves that our primary audience is the senior citizen community.

Dental Implant Marketing: The Unexpected Value of an Historical Context

Dental implant marketing is all about the present and the future, and that’s how it should be.

But every now and then, it doesn’t hurt to look back at our past.

For one thing, this kind of information makes us all more thankful to live in the modern era and can help to highlight what a tremendous blessing modern dental implants really are.

Rewards of Building Goodwill Through Dental Implant Advertising

Joyful male is lying in chair and looking into mirror while being delighted with dentist work

Dental implant advertising has frequently received a bad rap – and for good reason. Many times, dentists seem desperate to simply bring in patients, no matter what.

Dental Implant Marketing: 7 Traits of a True Practice Growth Partner

If you’re like most dentists, you would like to find a marketing agency that you could trust your dental implant marketing to for the long haul.

5 Important Oral Health Messages for Dental Implant Marketing

Close up on a man smiling while he is missing a tooth.

Could oral health messages be used more forcefully in dental implant marketing?
We think so!

Dental Marketing – A Delightful Peek at Our History

We’re all involved in dental marketing, and we’re usually focused on the present and the future – for good reason.

 But, today, let’s take a short stroll through the history of dental marketing and see what we can learn from where we’ve been.

What has dental marketing been like through the years and how has its message and methods changed over time?

Your Phone, Your Most Important Dental Implant Marketing Tool

Do you know the most valuable piece of dental implant marketing equipment in your office?

 It’s your phone!

5 Proven Reasons To Tell The Truth In Dental Implant Advertising

There’s a new way to engage in dental implant advertising. It’s called telling your customers the truth.   Many dentists and dental implant advertising companies have gotten into a bad habit of only shouting bigger discounts to their customers, but there’s a much better way to market – a way that tones down the noise… Continue reading 5 Proven Reasons To Tell The Truth In Dental Implant Advertising