We create products that allow dentists financial AND time freedom.


We will become the leading growth partner for private practices


We look first at how we can improve your revenue and profit, and second how we can make it time efficient for you.

Implant Enrollment Accelerator

Implant Enrollment Accelerator is our Magnum Opus. Helping implant specialists educate their community about the life-changing benefits of dental implants and positioning them as the expert in their field is how we help dentists help people. 


As a practitioner, you can achieve more of your professional goals for your practice and life, and more people in your community can experience the transformative nature of a brand new smile.


MiniSite SEO Accelerator

If you’re a dentist that knows there are patients in your area searching for services your practice offers, but those patients are finding your competitors instead of you, this program will change that.



MiniSite SEO Accelerator is a budget friendly method that uses cutting edge technology to get in front of those patients in 30 days instead of the 6-12 month time frame of traditional SEO.

Better Than Magic

HomeAs a dental practice owner, you likely think and dream quite a bit about the future of your practice because, put simply, your practice is a huge part of your life. And likely, you’ve accomplished some of those dreams, but it continues to be difficult to reach each new level of success.

So whether success for you means scaling to as much profit as possible or making a great income while enjoying as much free time as possible, we’re here to help you grow your practice into the business that turns your dreams into reality.

However, what we offer is NOT a magic wand that suddenly makes all of your dreams come true. Instead, we offer a combination of algorithms and data points that will systematically push you in the direction you want to go.

From ads that make patients love you to our done-for-you scheduling that brings patients through your door without you lifting a finger, CCG’s promise is simple: We’ll put our proven dental marketing system into place for you so that your practice can finally give you the future you want.

And if dental implant marketing in the past has meant failure after failure for you, this process can start to feel like magic.

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