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We look first at how we can improve your revenue and profit, and second how we can make it time efficient for you.

Implant Enrollment Accelerator

Dental implant marketing is our business and Implant Enrollment Accelerator is our Magnum Opus. Helping implant specialists educate their community about the life-changing benefits of dental implants and positioning them as the expert in their field is how we help dentists help people. 

Implant Enrollment Accelerator will help you to achieve more of your professional goals for your practice and life and will allow more people in your community to experience the transformative nature of a brand new smile!

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CCG - The Podcast

CCG – The Podcast is a chance for us to have in-depth conversations with professionals who have excelled in their respective fields.

Expect valuable conversations with dental colleagues and other professionals who can give insights on both business and life success.

CCG - The Newsletter

Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in our company with a monthly newsletter detailing new features and updates to our products as well as the strategies that we use to grow both our own and other people’s businesses.

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