3 Steps to Simple, Powerful Dental Branding

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Dental branding has never mattered more for your dental implant practice. As more and more dentists enter the implant field, there is more competition than ever before.


But what is dental branding?


Dental branding is the process of setting yourself and your practice apart from the herd in order to attract and retain implant patients. But this is becoming difficult in a world where EVERY practice is getting on board with the latest and greatest in both implant technology and technique.


You can no longer build dental branding exclusively around things.


Nor should you want to.


You develop a brand for its exclusivity; your brand is the difference that your patients can get at your practice that they can get nowhere else.


Products and procedures can always be potentially acquired or copied by others. What, in today’s world, can your practice truly offer that NO other practice EVER can?


The list is short – YOU!


Think about it: In the middle of a market flooded with products, techniques, and procedures, what is the one thing that no one else can ever do?


They can never BE YOU!

You, as the dentist yourself, hold within yourself the true dental branding potential for your practice.

And this still holds true even if we’re talking about multiple dentists in one office. No other group of dentists could EVER be the same as your group.


Isn’t that what branding is all about? Standing apart?


Talk about carrying the answer to your dental branding questions everywhere you go!

Looking at Yourself for Dental Branding Answers


But how do you put this into shoe leather? Here are the 3 primary steps.



      1. Analyze yourself carefully. Get input from your family and team, use tests like The Personality Hacker, and decide exactly what your primary relationship strength is.

      2. Put into writing the best way that this strength can be used to meet the needs of your customers. Will you use empathy to make them feel more understood at your practice than they could anywhere else? Will your strength and decisiveness help them understand their options better and feel better about their dental decisions than they would anywhere else? The list could go on and on.

    1. Find a marketing agency that understands what you mean when you tell them that you want to deliberately build dental branding and a marketing plan around this strength. If they don’t understand what you mean, find another agency. This is too important to entrust to people who don’t get it.

    For a dental marketing company that truly gets all aspects of dental branding and marketing, reach out to Client Connection Group today.  


    Client Connection Group has a wealth of experience in social media marketing, helping dentists to stand apart from the competition and offer their unique expertise to their communities.


    Final Analysis


    All of this is really the same advice and knowledge that dentists have received and known all along.


     Dentists have always known that it was important to set themselves apart with dental branding. And dentists have always known that the relationship with the customer was the most important part of their practice.


    All that this studying and planning does is to marry these two concepts.


    You are making your greatest relationship strength into the dental branding that will set your practice apart.


    What could be simpler?


    What could be more powerful?


     Your relationship style will be exhibited no matter what. Why not understand exactly how to get the most from it and make it your dental branding?


    Why not allow your patients to see that their greatest needs are met through your trademarked strength, whether your strength is empathy, friendliness, decisiveness, or support?


    Stop focusing on promises and products; make your dental branding all about YOU!


    For more help, reach out to Client Connection Group to see how you can truly make your dental branding and marketing work harder for you!


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