3 Strong Reasons to Market Your Dental Branding

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Last week we talked about turning your greatest relationship strength into your dental branding. See blog – 3 Steps to Simple, Powerful Dental Branding.


For a brief recap, what is dental branding?


Dental branding is the process of setting your practice apart from the competition.


And, since no one else could ever BE YOU, using your greatest relationship strength as your dental branding is the simplest, most powerful plan for doing this.


 It is also a plan that few dentists exploit to full advantage, so talk about opportunity!


Why Getting Your Relationship-Focused Dental Branding Message Out Is Crucial


Let’s look at 3 reasons why showcasing the relationship in your marketing is so important.


1. People value the relationship with their dentist so highlighting your relationship style will get their attention. Just like a doctor, people see a dentist as both a valued source of advice and a family friend. Prospective patients choose a dental office for that relationship. It’s not about the service; it’s about the person providing it.


This is so much different from the fleeting relationships they may form with restaurant servers and car mechanics and is even more important to most people than their interactions with other personal service workers such as chiropractors and hairdressers.


The relationship with a doctor or a dentist feels intimate and is, therefore, important. Use that fact to full advantage in your dental branding.


2. Using your relationship strength as your dental branding makes your marketing your own. Use your uniqueness (It’s the one thing that can never truly be copied) to break your dental marketing out of the mold. One simple way to test whether your marketing is your own is to take your website or ads and try replacing your name with a competitor’s. If everything would still fit, you need dental branding assistance ASAP!


3. You can do far more in your marketing than most people think. Many dentist still tend to think of dental marketing as giving information or offering deals in hopes of attracting people in. Although this is part of marketing of course, it can do much more. Great dental branding in your marketing allows people with no prior knowledge of you to begin to feel a relationship with your practice.


And the amount of relationship and goodwill that can be built in the first impression of your office startles many dentists. Reach out to Client Connection Group. You’ll learn how much of a difference educational, personalized marketing can make.


And, it goes without saying that when your dental branding allows you to stand out from the crowd, the ROI on your marketing will be vastly improved.


 The amount of money spent on generic dental marketing represents an incredible waste of resources.


Stop this unnecessary drain on your practice’s finances by looking in the mirror and figuring out exactly how YOUR relationship strength meets your patients’ needs!


Stop the monotonous drone about promises. It’s only putting people to sleep.


The secret of truly successful dental branding is to make it about WHO YOU ARE.


Then take this powerful message and communicate it to your community through marketing that starts to build relationships.


All of this is eminently doable. Reach out to Client Connection Group and begin to send YOUR message to your community today!


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