5 Proven Reasons To Tell The Truth In Dental Implant Advertising

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There’s a new way to engage in dental implant advertising. It’s called telling your customers the truth.


Many dentists and dental implant advertising companies have gotten into a bad habit of only shouting bigger discounts to their customers, but there’s a much better way to market – a way that tones down the noise and gives the prospective patients something of tremendous value.


What is that something?


Well, it’s The Truth, or in other words, honest information about implants, the options available to them as implant customers, and all the ways that dental implants could change their lives. All of this, by the way, can actually be delivered through dental implant advertising.


Doesn’t that sound like a nice change from a shouting match with every other dental office in town? It should!


On something of a side note, many of the common shouted offers put out by poor dental implant advertising campaigns are slanted and some (such as 1-Hour Dental Implants) are next thing to actual lies in advertising. Quality implants simply take more time and cost more money than these ads say.


Dental Implant Advertising That Meets Real Needs!


How about sharing with your prospective customers the REAL FACTS about missing teeth and shrinking jawbones? Facts such as this: Jawbones can shrink as much as 25% in the first year of tooth loss!

Telling your customers the truth does something else: it builds organic, or true, urgency in their minds about having the procedure done. They begin to feel a burning desire from deep within them – a desire that doesn’t go away.


Here’s another fact that can help to build urgency: Delaying implant treatment exponentially increases their chances of needing bone grafting in the future.


Bone grafting. That sounds chilling. Who wants to know that they are carrying some dead person’s bone around in their mouth? (Although if the procedure actually needs to be done, the patient needs to be assured that this is not actually the case. Even though the original material is donated, the blood vessels grow through the bone and it becomes the patient’s own tissue.) The negative connotation that pops instinctively into people’s minds can, however, contribute to an urgency that propels them to reach out for the help that they need.


Shouting a bigger discount, by contrast, builds only a false urgency that is quickly forgotten as soon as the time period expires or your prospective customer moves on to the next ad. The only impetus was the possibility of saving money for a vaguely sensed need. Without dental implant marketing that helps to stoke a deep personal drive, the urgency dissipates as fast as it began.


Customer lead quality and preparation for payment are also greatly enhanced by meeting the needs of thoughtful customers rather than appealing to bargain hunters. At the end of the day, who would you rather have coming into your office: people interested in a dental implant solution and believing you to be the source of it or someone interested only in snagging an implant for the lowest possible cost?


Placing implants for bargain-basement prices hurts your bottom line, by the way. It should be avoided.

To summarize, here are the top 5 reasons you should Tell the Truth in your dental implant advertising:


      • Telling the truth is always the right thing to do

      • Giving people real facts in your advertising helps to meet their needs

      • Dental implant advertising that tells the truth builds organic urgency

      • Customer lead quality will be greatly improved by better advertising

      • Shouting matches over price needlessly hurt your bottom line

    If you are tired of competing in the shouting matches, you might be interested in the dental implant advertising campaigns that Client Connection Group runs for their doctors.


     We tell your prospective customers the truth about their situation in the ways we just described. By explaining these things to people directly in the dental implant advertising for your practice, we also automatically position you as the implant expert in your community.


     Positioning you as the implant expert and telling people the truth naturally reinforce each other and it’s a highly successful strategy. Ask any of Client Connection Group’s many clients from coast to coast!


    If you would like to be the next to discover the amazing results of telling your clients the truth, reach out to Client Connection Group today!

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