5 Ways To Build Trust Through Dental Implant Marketing

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Dental implant marketing should tell seniors especially that missing teeth can increase the danger of oral cancer.

Ring the Alarm Bells! –  With Dental Implant Marketing

Dental implant marketing has a much bigger message than we usually think. Although we need to spread the word about improved quality of life and no more embarrassment over missing teeth, we’ve got to add physical and emotional HEALTH to the radars of seniors when it comes to gaps in their mouth!

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Dental offices usually think in terms of cases and cash when they’re thinking about dental implant marketing, but if the goal is maximum revenue, we need to shift our focus. The commodity of TRUST is increasingly the new currency in our skeptical age. If trust is in place, the cases and cash will automatically flow your way, but without it, we have to settle for a much reduced level of results.

Trust is therefore king.

But, when should dental offices build trust with patients and potential patients? Usually, we think in terms of building trust with patients in the office but to get ahead of the game, start by building trust even before they come through your doors.


Start with your dental implant marketing.

Building trust through your dental implant marketing beforehand will truly show its full worth as you sell big-ticket items like 40K+ dental implant cases. Don’t settle for a message that simply shouts deals or pitches freebies just to get people through the door, because here’s the truth:

The trust that sells 40k implant cases CAN actually be built through your dental implant advertising! We’ll tell you how in a minute!


But if your marketing never builds trust, you will never get beyond offering deals on low-ticket items like cleanings and whitenings to get people through the door, or at the very least, you will be forced to offer huge discounts on implants.

If you never build trust, you are always dealing with an ice-cold audience that often comes in, takes the freebies, and without any loyalty to your practice, simply leaves again. Or you are forced to perform expensive cases for thousands less than you could otherwise make. Either of these options puts tremendous financial stress on a dental practice.

We could also think of the situation as a value ladder with cleanings on the bottom and regularly priced implant treatment at the top. Trying to pull people in from the bottom and hoping they will climb the ladder or lowering the top rung through discounts doesn’t work.


Here’s what works.

Build enough trust through your dental implant advertising to pull in the full-paying implant patients at the top and let them descend the ladder into lower priced treatments afterwards. Swimming upstream on the value ladder doesn’t work; allowing your patients to descend with gravity does.

The reason is simple: If a patient trusts you enough to allow you to place dental implants in their mouth, they really, really trust you. Why wouldn’t they trust you farther down the value ladder with their hygiene needs? It’s not that hard to sell down the value ladder from implants into recurring care and is far, far more profitable.

Trust built through quality dental implant marketing can also be stored for the future. People might not need the implants right now, but they will retain their positive impressions for the future either for themselves or their loved ones. When that need arises, guess who they will think of first?


So how do you build trust through your dental implant marketing?

  • Position yourself as the expert
  • Focus on educating them about implants and the options available
  • Give VALUE first. Give before asking for anything.
  • Answer their questions – Use real Google search queries to find out what people are asking about dental implants
  • Show your face in your ads.

When you do this well in your dental implant marketing and build a relationship beforehand, you CAN go straight for the big cases. It’s only doctors who don’t know how to build trust that have to resort to steep discounts, low-ticket cleaning offers, and freebies.

Although people’s trust levels are at a historic low, human nature never changes. If a dentist is truly seeking to meet their needs, patients WILL trust them. They can’t help it. Seriously, the doctors who do this best are going to win the dental implant game. They are the ones who are going to experience all the new patients flocking to them.

This process may take some time but it can be YOURS. Through our top-quality dental implant marketing, Client Connection Group specializes in positioning dentists as the experts in their communities.  We use our wealth of experience and resources to follow the steps above, and our clients reap tremendous rewards from it.

Reach out to Client Connection Group today and start building the TRUST through your dental implant marketing that will bring you the cases and cash of your dreams!

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