7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

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7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas for Knowing Your Patients


Dental implant marketing is all about knowing your patients.

This post was updated and expanded on 11/21/23


Taking Advantage of Growing Opportunity With Dental Implant Marketing

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

Dental implants have become the preferred treatment and gold standard for treating tooth loss. 



They have become more and more available as the number of general dentists who offer them and the level of expertise, supporting technology, and service continues to rise.



And they are certainly not going away anytime soon. 


Their popularity continues to grow, with 3 million of them placed in 2019 just before the pandemic and steady growth continuing and expected to continue over the next decade. 



Much of this interest is due to a rapidly aging US population, where people aged 65 and older will outnumber those 18 and younger by 2030.



And this aging population certainly NEEDS implant services! Edentulism, the condition of missing teeth, is very common. In fact, the number of people in the US, missing at least one tooth, is placed at 120-150 million people!



This means that the number of dental implant patients that your practice could potentially serve is a large and growing number!

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

But who exactly are these dental implant patients and what are some dental implant marketing ideas to help you find and attract them?


In this blog, we are going to talk about why knowing your patients is so important for dental implant marketing, discuss the most common customer groups, and give you 7 powerful ideas for reaching these patients with your dental implant marketing. 


The Expanding Growth of the Dental Implant Market

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

First, let’s dig deeper into some overall US tooth-loss statistics from the American College of Prosthodontics.

  • It is estimated that at least 120 million Americans (or almost 1/3 of the population) are missing at least one tooth. Yet only 1 million people are treated each year. (As we said, some research actually puts the number of people missing teeth at 150 million!)
  • More than 36 million people (over ten percent of the US population) are missing ALL of their own teeth!
  • 26% of people in the US over 75 are missing all of their own teeth.
  • 90 percent of those who suffer from edentulism have dentures. 
  • The number of partially edentulous patients will continue to increase in the next 15 years to more than 200 million individuals.
  • Partial edentulism already affects the majority of adult Americans. 

It bears repeating that this represents vast opportunity for all dentists placing dental implants! In the next section, we’ll look at the categories that these people fall into.


Knowing Our Audience for Dental Implant Marketing 

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

If we are going to do effective dental implant marketing, we are going to need to know our customers well! 


One thing we can know: All of our dental implant patients have experienced tooth loss. But what more could we learn about this tooth loss that might help us find new dental implant marketing ideas?


Perhaps this question might help us to generate new dental implant marketing ideas: What is the reason for this tooth loss?

As you know, these are the most common conditions that lead to tooth loss.


  1. Gum disease – also known as periodontal disease. Perio begins with bacteria and gum inflammation and gradually destroys gum tissue.
  2. Cavities – holes in the teeth as a result of bacteria infection that causes tooth decay.
  3. Physical injury or trauma – a category that spans everything from athletic injuries to car accidents to mundane ill-usage such as using your teeth to open packages.
  4. Other diseases and risk factors, such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, smoking, and poor nutrition.

Here is a breakdown of the different categories of PEOPLE who are missing teeth from these conditions. This list is arranged from least common to most common scenarios, at least as most dental offices would experience it.

  • Athletes who’ve damaged their teeth in competition.
  • People who have lost teeth due to regular life accidents, such as car accidents, injuries, and bad habits.
  • Adults with an underlying medical condition (such as periodontal disease) that has contributed to tooth loss.
  • Seniors who have lost teeth, whether from smoking, medical conditions, or old age.

These are four fairly distinct groups of people. 


The first group would, of course, be younger, active people. 


The second and third groups could span a broad age group, 


And the last one would be people in the 65 and older age bracket. (As we all know, this is a growing category of people.)



Dental Implant Marketing Ideas for Reaching ALL Customer Groups

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

So, what are some dental implant marketing ideas for reaching customer groups? 


First, treat each group separately; do not lump them all into one dental implant marketing audience. Spend the time to research each group. This will allow you to create individual campaigns targeted precisely to their individual needs.


  • Audience Personas. Create full-fledged audience profiles or customer personas for each group. This is a subject that we will delve into in more detail in a future blog.
  • Mentally Identify. Truly seek to identify with each group; put yourself in their shoes as you market to them.
  •  Use Market Analysis Software. Using marketing software to study the demographics of your community will yield tremendous insights. You’ll learn everything from how wide to cast your marketing net to what magazines might be most popular in your waiting room.
  • Experiment With Platforms. Try running ads in various places, utilizing both the traditional advertising platforms (Facebook, Google, YouTube) and the younger, trendier ones (Tiktok, Snapchat). This is especially useful due to the different age groups that we are looking at here.
  • Post Fresh Content Regularly. This is a requirement, no matter what platform you use. Remember: People are attracted to practices that regularly engage them!
  • Reply PROMPTLY. If someone actually reaches out on social media, their comment or question should be answered and acknowledged within a few hours at the most. This is extremely important! This personal touch makes a deep impression.
  • Measure results! This also cannot be emphasized too much. Study the approaches that resonate with each audience and seek to enhance them. 

Watch for expansions of many of these ideas in future blog posts. There is SO MUCH to learn in the world of dental implant marketing!


Specific Ideas for Patients By Age Group

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

Here are more marketing ideas for reaching customers in 5 specific generational age groups, no matter what the reason is for their edentulous condition. Not all of these are digital avenues, as you will see.


  1. Silent Generation (Ages 76 and older):
  • Consider offering personalized phone consultations. This age group is not tech-savvy and is much more comfortable talking to a real person about their concerns and questions.
  • Send informative brochures and direct mail to their homes, as many in this age group have an affinity for printed material.
  • Highlight the stability and reliability of dental implants. Remember, many of these patients currently have dentures.
  1. Baby Boomers (Ages 57-75):
  • Consider hosting educational seminars at local senior centers or retirement communities to discuss the benefits of dental implants.
  • Develop and run print advertisements in senior-focused magazines or newspapers.
  • Offer flexible payment options or discounts for seniors on a fixed income.
  1. Generation X (Ages 41-56):
  • Target this age group on Facebook and LinkedIn with informative content about dental implants.
  • Create video testimonials featuring other Generation Xers who are happy with dental implants and the procedure.
  • Highlight the long-term cost-effectiveness of dental implants since these people expect to live for another 30-40 years.
  1. Millennials (Ages 26-40):
  • Use Instagram and YouTube to share engaging visuals and video content that highlight the aesthetics and convenience of dental implants.
  • Encourage all your Millennial patients to share their experiences on Yelp or leave Google reviews since this age group is heavily influenced by social proof.
  • Emphasize the importance of dental implants for maintaining a youthful appearance and oral health.
  1. Generation Z (Ages 11-25):
  • Partner with local schools and colleges to offer educational presentations about oral health and the benefits of dental implants.
  • For social media, target TikTok and Snapchat with content that engages members of this tech-savvy generation that may have already lost teeth. Of course, this would usually be a result of injuries or accidents for this age group.
  • Emphasize preventive care and the role dental implants can play in their long-term oral health.

Questions for Your Practice

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

As you seek to expand your dental implant marketing, it can also be a good time to ask a few questions about your own practice.

  • Which implant customer age groups do we enjoy working with the most?
  • How could we improve our office atmosphere and techniques for each group?
  • How can we best work with the needs of senior citizens, since they are usually the most numerous group?
  • Have we seen any recent changes or patterns in the type of implant patients we are seeing?

Asking these questions can help you to identify even more opportunities for reaching these different age groups in your community.


Wrapping It Up

Marketing to all the different age groups takes a lot of work, but the results are well worth it!


As we said, in the United States, there are as many as 150 million people are missing at least one tooth, yet just over a million are treated each year! (This corresponds to 2.5 million implants). 


That means there are plenty of opportunities for dental implants to become an even stronger choice in dental restoration in the coming years!


Learn to know each customer group WELL, use that information in your dental implant marketing, and you will be well-positioned to meet tomorrow’s surge of implant patients!


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7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

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