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7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas

Dental Implants and dental implant marketing will not be going away any time soon by all indicators. Implants continue to grow in popularity. According to the latest study by iData Research, over 3 million dental implants are placed each year in the United States with that number expected to continue to climb due to an aging population.

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Dental implant marketing should tell seniors especially that missing teeth can increase the danger of oral cancer.

Ring the Alarm Bells! –  With Dental Implant Marketing

Dental implant marketing has a much bigger message than we usually think. Although we need to spread the word about improved quality of life and no more embarrassment over missing teeth, we’ve got to add physical and emotional HEALTH to the radars of seniors when it comes to gaps in their mouth!

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Dental implant marketing should help seniors realize they don't need to live with missing teeth.

Increase Life Expectancy! – With Dental Implant Marketing

A recent study of centenarians discovered the fact that those who had the most teeth at ages 65-74 had the greatest chance of reaching the age of 100! In other words, there was a direct connection between oral health as measured by the number of teeth a person had around the age of 70 and how many years that person had left to live.

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Dental implant marketing should highlight the link between missing teeth and dementia.

Fight Dementia! With Dental Implant Marketing

Many seniors in your community probably have NO IDEA that the issue of missing teeth is anything beyond a nuisance and an aesthetic liability.
Your dental implant marketing needs to alert them to the connections between missing teeth and cognitive decline.

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Make your relationship strength a major part of your dental branding and marketing.

3 Strong Reasons to Market Your Dental Branding

People value the relationship with their dentist so highlighting your relationship style will get their attention. Just like a doctor, people see a dentist as both a valued source of advice and a family friend. Prospective patients choose a dental office for that relationship. It’s not about the service; it’s about the person providing it.

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Use your greatest relationship strength in your dental branding.

3 Steps to Simple, Powerful Dental Branding

What is dental branding? Dental branding is the process of setting yourself and your practice apart from the herd in order to attract and retain patients.

You develop a brand for its exclusivity; your brand is the something that your patients can get at your practice that they can get nowhere else.

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Many times people need multiple touch points for dental implant advertising to complete the sale

The Hidden Metric For Success In Dental Implant Advertising

Dental implant advertising usually doesn’t mean skyrocketing, overnight results, but, even for experienced marketers, this can sometimes feel hard to understand.

Have you ever wondered what you were doing wrong when your customers were not ready to buy from you the minute you decided to market dental implants to them?

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What Is Goodwill in Dental Implant Marketing?

In discussing dental implant marketing here at Client Connection Group, you will hear a lot about the term goodwill.  

It is always good to define our terms, so what do we mean by our use of this word in relation to dental implant marketing?

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Dental implant marketing is extremely important in 2023.

Dental Implant Marketing: The Unexpected Value of an Historical Context

Dental implant marketing is all about the present and the future, and that’s how it should be.

But every now and then, it doesn’t hurt to look back at our past.

For one thing, this kind of information makes us all more thankful to live in the modern era and can help to highlight what a tremendous blessing modern dental implants really are.

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