Dental Implant Marketing-Building Goodwill With Powerful Themes

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(This post was expanded and updated on 9/12/23)

How to Build Goodwill With Dental Implant Marketing Themes

Dental implant marketing themes can help you reach patients.

Last week we talked about 10 powerful dental implant marketing themes and how using them makes everything easier:

  • Crafting ads 
  • Focusing on the patient 
  • Sending a unified message across all advertising channels

Today we want to talk about more ways that you can use themes to build goodwill in your implant marketing – a major focus here at CCG.

We’ll review the 10 themes of dental implant marketing that we looked at in the last blog, talk about why building goodwill in your dental implant marketing is so valuable, and give you 3 main areas to focus on as you do that.

Understanding Goodwill

Dental Implant Marketing-Building Goodwill With Powerful Themes

As we said, here at CCG, our primary focus is on dental implant marketing that builds goodwill for your practice in your community. 

But what is goodwill? Long-time blog readers know, but it is such an important concept that it bears repeating.

Our definition of goodwill is fairly simple. We define it as follows: “The level of positive or negative emotions that the people in your community feel about your brand and practice.” 

Appreciation and trust are the two main pieces of goodwill in the way that we use the term. Appreciation is earned through freely given value and trust is built as customers reap the benefits of that value.

For a fuller treatment of this topic, read What Is Goodwill in Dental Implant Marketing?

Reviewing Dental Implant Marketing Themes

Dental Implant Marketing-Building Goodwill With Powerful Themes

And just to be clear, what are dental marketing themes?

Dental marketing themes are general groupings of ads according to the connections and benefits they use to reach their audiences. 

Each theme is an overarching concept or idea that serves as a central focus for marketing campaigns.

Here is a review of the top 10 dental implant marketing themes: 

  1. Educational Implant Themes
  • “Your Journey to a New Smile”
  • “Personalized Solutions for Every Smile”
  • “Experience the Science of a Strong Smile”

    2. Quality-of-Life Implant Themes

  • “Eat, Speak, Live Naturally”
  • “Say Goodbye to Dentures”
  • “Restore Your Bite and Confidence”
  • “Revitalize Your Oral Health”

  3. Importance of Your Smile Implant Themes

  • A Lasting Investment in Your Smile”
  • “Smile with Confidence”
  • “Reclaim Your Natural Beauty”

Check out last week’s blog, Make Dental Implant Marketing Easier With 10 Ready-made Themes, to learn more about all of these themes!

How to Promote Goodwill With Your Dental Implant Marketing Theme

Dental Implant Marketing-Building Goodwill With Powerful Themes

As we said, we’re all about building goodwill here at CCG.

So…how do we build goodwill with our dental implant marketing themes?

We do that by using our theme to focus our marketing squarely on the patient and his or her needs. We talked about the importance of that week, but establishing a framework will help us deepen the connection and, thus, build more goodwill with our prospective customers.

People have reasons for seeking implant treatment. Your theme needs to tap into the 3 general motivations of dental implant patients.

Those 3 motivations are:

  1. Pain
  2. Beauty
  3. Health.

1. Pain is the most important one for general dentistry and is very important for implants as well. This is the reason that drives people most strongly to visit the dentist. You can run ads for people in pain but 80% of them will visit the dentist anyway. The goal with these people is to bring them into YOUR practice rather than the one down the street. 

Dental Implant Marketing-Building Goodwill With Powerful Themes

Building goodwill will build that reservoir of trust that will bring you to the top of your mind when the next wave of agony hits.

We can do this by learning about all the ways that tooth loss and decay can cause pain. We can train our front office staff to truly empathize with hurting patients and be ready to offer better suggestions and service than any other office in town. Most importantly, we can learn to empathize with ourselves.

Then we can craft an ad using one of the “Quality of life” themes and market our practice as the MOST EMPATHETIC dentist in the community, ready to help them recover!

We can also focus on an “Educational” theme to help them realize what they’re getting with dental implants. This will help them think rationally beyond the pain to what the future could look like.

2. Beauty is the next powerful motivator and is probably even stronger than pain for many people seeking implants. They HATE the way that their tooth loss has robbed them of their attractive appearance. 

Everyone draws a certain amount of confidence from feeling that they appear relatively normal as they go about their lives, and when tooth loss has taken this confidence from them, they are willing to pay great sums of money to get it back.

Dental Implant Marketing-Building Goodwill With Powerful Themes

Building goodwill with those driven by the motivation for Beauty will be best accomplished by using either one of the “Importance of Your Smile” dental implant marketing themes or an “Educational” implant theme. 

No matter what theme you choose, give prospective patients all the information that they need to SEE that dental implants ARE the best option to give them back their attractive appearance! 

By using one of these themes to focus on EXACTLY what they’re feeling, we can forge a deep connection, assuring them that we can be trusted to restore both their appearance and their lost CONFIDENCE!

Creating this assurance is what building goodwill looks like!

3. Health is the most underutilized motivation in dental implant marketing for several reasons. One is that many people are not proactively motivated by their health YET – although this number is growing. Your dental implant marketing needs to give them a reason to take off and visit the dentist because of problems that they could avoid in the future!

Another is because seniors in need of dental implants are still often unaware of the disturbing list of health conditions that are linked to living with missing teeth. This list includes an increased likelihood of dementia and cognitive impairment, poor self-rated health, lower life expectancy, and increased risk of oral cancer. 

Tooth loss, both as a cause and an effect, is also linked to increased social isolation, a dangerous and far too common condition for the elderly.

The best themes for tapping into the Health motivation will be “Quality of Life” implant themes with a strong focus on educating the prospective patients.

Again, by focusing on THEM and THEIR HEALTH, rather than the dental practice, you have a much stronger chance of building the goodwill toward your practice that will draw them to seek implant treatment at YOUR practice!

General Principles for Building Goodwill

Dental Implant Marketing-Building Goodwill With Powerful Themes

What are some more ways that our dental implant marketing themes can tap into these motivations and build goodwill?

  1. Focus on educating in your marketing even when you’re not using a specifically “Educational” marketing theme.

People appreciate and respond to attempts to help them understand complex procedures.

     2. Give your message (whether in your ads or on your brochures and website) to your prospective patients in a helpful, informational way. 

This could mean adding explanations to different treatment options on your website or brochures to simplify the buying process. 

It could also mean toning down the fearmongering in your ads by showing the dangers of waiting, choosing the wrong option, etc. in a more conversational, approachable tone. 

     3. Above all, it means focusing our theme on the prospective patient instead of ourselves.

Wrapping It Up

None of this means that our dental implant marketing needs to be less forceful or hard-hitting – perish the thought!

As we said, it simply means that our theme starts from where the CUSTOMER is instead of from where WE are! We are beginning with THEIR concerns and creating urgency by giving them more information, rather than trying to impose OUR concerns on them!

This is such a simple lesson, yet it is the foundation of all good implant marketing, no matter what theme we use.

For a COMPLETE coverage of this topic, check out The Ultimate Guide to Building Goodwill in Dental Implant Marketing

Help With Building Goodwill in Your Community

Wouldn’t you like to build goodwill in your community through whatever dental marketing theme you choose?

Consider reaching out to Client Connection Group.  Our powerful, educational dental implant marketing will give your prospective customers the information that they need, moving them to choose YOUR practice for implant treatment today!

Dentists from coast to coast can testify to these results.

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Dental Implant Marketing-Building Goodwill With Powerful Themes

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