Building Trust Through Dental Implant Marketing

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Last week, we discussed the need for a dental implant marketing PLAN and gave you the BEST possible plan. It was this:


Become the Implant Expert in Your Community!

We discussed the reason that becoming an implant expert is so valuable:


      • It allows you the authority to give out implant information.

      • It helps prospective patients to trust that implants are the solution they have been seeking.

      • It justifies in people’s minds the expense of the procedure.

    • It gives them more faith in the long-term efficacy of the solution.

    Trust Is King in Dental Implant Marketing


    Each of these points either implicitly or explicitly includes the idea of TRUST.

    And this is because TRUST is both the big idea behind and the real reason why Becoming the Implant Expert in Your Community is the best dental implant marketing plan you can come up with.


    The more uncertainty, ignorance, and risk of loss a transaction entails, the greater the need for trust between the parties involved in it.


    Trust is therefore crucial to develop with implant patients because of how little knowledge most people have of the process and how much money is involved.


    You’re not selling a low-ticket item where you can simply bark out the discounts as though you were selling treats at a stand in the street. You need to educate and allay the fears of your potential customers.


     You need to BUILD THEIR TRUST!


    And far from simply being a place to bark out discounts, your dental implant marketing is THE place to begin to build trust.


    Your ads don’t have to be annoying. They can actually begin to build a relationship with your customers that makes them begin to like and trust you.


    How can you do that?

    It’s pretty simple.

    How do you gain anyone’s trust?


    You do it by truly acting in their best interest. You don’t pretend, you don’t demonstrate, you truly seek to meet their needs.


    And so the way to build trust through your dental implant marketing is to meet the informational needs of your prospective patients in your ads.



        • Explain the process of implants.

        • Explain the value of implants.

        • Explain the new life that implants can give them.

      • Explain, explain, explain

      That’s the way that you execute the BEST dental implant marketing plan that you can make. You build trust with your prospective patients every day and if you do, they will make it well worth your time!

      Would you like help building trust with your patients through your dental implant marketing? Reach out to Client Connection Group today. We have a wealth of experience building trust between dental clients and their patients from coast to coast.


      TRUST is literally money in your pocket – LOTS of it. Knowing how to build it through your advertising is the most valuable skill you can hire.


      Reach out to Client Connection Group today!

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