How Do I Choose a Dental Implant Marketing Company?

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How Do I Choose a Dental Implant Marketing Company?

How Do Dentists Look for Dental Implant Marketing Companies?

There are many dentists in the country and all of them approach the challenge of both general dental marketing and dental implant marketing a little differently as they compete for their share of dental customers.

In 2022, there were 202,536 dentists in the United States, meaning that there are 60.8 dentists for every 100,000 people. 

Not all of these dentists place implants, of course, but, in general, marketing their practice has always been one of the biggest challenges that all of these dentists have faced.

And marketing is among the factors that can make a BIG difference!

In 2019 alone, nearly three percent of new dentists closed their practices due to these factors:

      • Inability to adapt to changing dynamics

      • Sub-par customer service

      • Poor client retention

      • Out-of-control overhead

      • Lack of marketing and advertising

    None of us want our practice to be among the number of those that can’t make it. 

    And none of us need to if we follow marketing principles that work and refuse to give up!

    In this blog, we’ll talk about dental implant marketing and how CCG goes about it differently, delivering incredible results for their clients – all of them dentists just like you!

    Why Understanding Marketing (and Your Patients) Makes All the Difference

    Older smiling woman in a dental chair.

    Why is marketing so crucial to practice profitability?

    Because it’s the engine that drives practice growth by bringing in new customers and continuing to remind existing customers of your ability to meet their needs!

    Through it all, we must keep the focus on understanding the needs of our prospective patients. Keeping that front and center (in contrast to focusing solely on the deals you are offering) is the key to reaching the hearts and minds of the many, many people who are missing teeth in your community.

    Because, fortunately for us, the dental implant market HAS a lot of potentials. Now is a time for optimism and confidence in our dental implant marketing!

    Read Dental Implant Marketing- 10 Reasons To Be Confident.

    No matter how many bad experiences you’ve had with marketing, don’t let anyone tell you that marketing for dental implants doesn’t work.

    The potential is all there. Seize the day with a different approach!

    How Does Client Connection Group Do Dental Implant Marketing?

    Here at Client Connection Group, we have a different philosophy than many other marketing companies. 

    We believe in creating goodwill with our dental implant marketing. We don’t believe in high-powered deals that create only short-term results and fail to build long-term trust with your clients.

    Further Reading:  The Ultimate Guide to Creating Goodwill in Your Community With Dental Marketing

    We also believe in doing all of the follow-ups for our clients. Turning leads into sales requires persistent lead nurturing.

    And our staff is highly trained in this, producing results that are often far higher than your own front-desk employees could achieve. 

    Our approach has been working for dentists from coast to coast. And you can see the results shining through in our clients’ experiences and testimonials.

    Customers Testify to the Power of Goodwill in Dental Implant Marketing

    Here are some samples of testimonials from our clients.

    What was it like before working with Implant Enrollment Accelerator?

    “Before, we weren’t doing any marketing, and the little bit that we were doing wasn’t bringing in any patients. Now, our phones are ringing and we have people on the schedule. So that’s a great thing.” – Impression Dental


    What’s it like working with Implant Enrollment Accelerator?


    “I feel like you guys are really persistent. You’re great with your follow-up. That’s really important to us.” Impression Dental

    “So far it’s going really well. We’re really happy with the results.”Sargon Dental


    Where are we at for revenue?


    “I checked a month ago and we were already at $60 something thousand that was already paid and there was pending a couple hundred thousand of treatment plans.”Sargon Dental

    So far 92K through your portal.” –  West Valley Dental


    How Do I Choose a Dental Implant Marketing Company?

    How Do I Choose a Dental Implant Marketing Company?

    The money and the patients are there if you have a dental implant marketing company that will help you find them!

    Client Connection Group and Social Media

    Computer screen with notifications showing social media likes and shares.

    Dissatisfied with your social media presence?

    With so many people relying on social media to stay engaged with their world, dentists are thoroughly awake to the need for a robust presence on social media.

    There are too many reasons why your social media advertising might not be working, to go into them all here, but many of them boil down to this: Your practice is not standing apart from every other dental practice out there.

    That’s why you need more than shouts about bigger deals – you need a different focus!

    And that’s where CCG comes in.

    With our unique focus on creating goodwill through educational dental implant marketing, you can dramatically improve the quality of your implant leads.

    Although not every patient will be ready, WITH CCG YOU WILL SEE A STEADY INCREASE IN LEAD QUALITY!

    Listen to Chere explain below:

    How Do I Choose a Dental Implant Marketing Company?

    Your social media presence can be all that you would like it to be. 

    Client Connection Group has the social media experience you need to bring in leads that will thrill you with their quality!

    And Here’s How Client Connection Group Dentists’ Calendars Look!

    Speaking of thrills … 

    Want to trade in your calendar for one of these?

    They truly SHOW the power of creating goodwill with your dental implant marketing!

    How Do I Choose a Dental Implant Marketing Company?

    Implant calendar

    3 Reminders for Dental Implant Marketing

    1. There are plenty of people needing implants in your community.
    2. The right marketing company will help you reach those people.
    3. Choose a dental marketing company that is already achieving the results you want for other dentists.

    Wrapping it Up

    “Never give up”  are the words of Winston Churchill and they certainly apply to dental implant marketing.

    Although dental implant marketing can be difficult,  the right dental implant marketing company – or dental implant growth partner as they’re often called – can truly make a difference and produce amazing results and ROI.

    And remember, if others can achieve it, SO CAN YOU!

    Dental Growth Partner for Maximum Impact

    Would you like to work with a dental marketing company that doesn’t simply shout bigger deals?

    Would you like to build goodwill in your community and achieve the same results as the Client Connection Group customers featured in this blog post?

    Consider reaching out to Client Connection Group today. Our powerful educational advertising will build goodwill in your community and fill your calendar with implant patients!

    Join the Client Connection Group community of satisfied dentists from coast to coast today!

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