Dental Implant Marketing- 5 Great Insights Into Consumer Thinking

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Dental Implant Marketing- 5 Great Insights Into Consumer Thinking

Here at Client Connection Group, we are very concerned about creating goodwill in and through dental implant marketing and we talk a lot about it. 

We define dental marketing goodwill fairly simply: “The level of positive or negative feelings that the people in your community feel about your brand and practice.” 

By the very use of the word goodwill, however, we are focusing on the positive side and the level of appreciation and trust that people feel about your practice.

Learn more about how we define and build goodwill through dental implant marketing:

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The Rewards of Building Goodwill Through Dental Implant Marketing

Long-term Trust – The Ultimate Goal of Dental Implant Marketing

Client Connection Group believes so strongly in the benefits of building goodwill in our advertising because so few dental practices and marketing agencies prioritize it.

So much dental implant marketing simply screams deals, thinking that is the shortcut into consumers’ consciousnesses.

This may be a short-term way to do it, but it’s far from the most effective way. 

How do Consumers Feel About Our Dental Implant Marketing?

Dental Implant Marketing- 5 Great Insights Into Consumer Thinking

Since most dental marketing is not designed to create goodwill, we should probably not be surprised when little goodwill is generated with consumers through the majority of dental implant marketing.

Some dentists create their ads, but many use marketers. 

Many marketers want to be expensive. 

Few marketers want to be valuable. 

This means that most ads created for dentists are designed to simply push as many people as possible through the door of the practice.

Emphasis on the word push.


These marketers neglect the most powerful drawing card to the dental office – that is, the dentist themselves.

These dentists and marketers don’t realize that what people are buying is the STORY, the human connection with a dentist who cares enough to speak into their life as the expert.

Read 5 Ways to Build Trust Through Dental Implant Marketing to learn more about the principles for creating trust and goodwill.


So often these principles are not followed, and the opportunity to create goodwill is not only wasted but also goes completely unrecognized.

Understanding Where Our Prospective Patients Are

Buyer's journey is an important part of dental implant marketing.

One of the main ways that goodwill is built is by freely supplying people’s need for information about dental implants.

Even though patients have many concerns such as “Can I afford this dentist?” and “Will he hurt me?” most of those concerns can be allayed and dealt with if the prospective patient can feel from the very beginning, starting with the dental marketing, that the dentist truly has their best interests at heart.

Patient testimonials and social proof are also important to feature in your marketing and on your website. These also help to build trust.

3% – Ready Right Now

In our dental marketing, we also need to have respect for where the patient is in the buying process.

In general, only 3% of patients are ready to buy TODAY. These are the people who have already done their homework and researched dental implants until they know exactly what they want and why.

The other 97% – the forgotten 97% as we like to call them here at Client Connection Group – can be broadly divided into two categories.

30% – Gathering Information

Roughly 30% fall into the information-gathering category. 

These people know they need to do something about their missing teeth, but they are still gathering information as their name suggests.

They are still comparing and deciding exactly which avenue they will take to replace their teeth or if they will do anything about their dental problems at all. 

These people may not be the dental customers of today, but they are the customers of tomorrow.

The only question is this: Whose customers will they be?

67% – Incubators

The remaining 67% can be thought of as incubators. (This holds true for any market so as you can see, this is where most of us find ourselves for any given product.)

They are the people who may not even yet be aware that they have a dental need, but as their name suggests, seeds can still be planted in their minds through your dental marketing.

While the seed or idea may remain dormant for the time being, when the need for dental implants arises either in their life or the life of one of their loved ones, their minds will quickly travel to the person who tried to tell them of a solution. 

These people are the customers of next month or even next year.

Again, the only question is whose customers they will be.

Dental Implant Marketing- 5 Great Insights Into Consumer Thinking

The Incredible Reach of Marketing That Builds Goodwill


Dental implant marketing that simply shouts a deal will never reach anyone but the 3% who are ready to buy TODAY. 

Although through the force of the deal, marketers are attempting to force as many people into this category as they can, the ads are going to be simply ignored by the vast majority of consumers.

But, by working with consumers’ minds rather than against them and by attempting to meet their informational needs, the reach can be expanded to include almost EVERYONE!

In other words, dental marketing that builds goodwill has the potential to reach over 33X more people than dental marketing that doesn’t!  

This figure is arrived at by comparing dental implant marketing that focuses only on the 3% with dental implant marketing that reaches 100% of the people, even if it only plants a small seed that might take years to sprout.

As we said, goodwill dental marketing can produce these excellent results because it works WITH people’s minds and natures rather than against them. 

Another way to think of it is that it treats people as though they HAVE a mind by appealing to people’s need for information rather than attempting to drag an ice-cold audience into the practice on the strength of the deal alone.

As we said, dental marketing that creates goodwill does that by respecting where the mind of the person currently finds itself in the process. The focus is placed where it belongs – on the prospective patient and his or her needs. 

Dental Implant Marketing That Produces Goodwill – The Way It Works

Dental Implant Marketing- 5 Great Insights Into Consumer Thinking

Are they among the 30% who are gathering information about the dental implants they need?  

Your informative, educational ads, featuring you as the expert dentist in their hometown, will win their undying gratitude by freely teaching them things they did not even know they didn’t know about their mouth and their teeth.

And, finally, are they in the 67% incubator category with no intention of visiting the dentist for the foreseeable future? 

They still won’t be able to forget that interesting nugget of information that they learned from your ad, and a year later, when their spouse loses a tooth and begins to search for options, your name will be their top recommendation. 

They might be hard-pressed to even remember why, but their faithful subconscious will have pulled from storage that strong memory trace from your ad.

Building goodwill will also become part of your brand – the image of your practice that comes to mind whenever people think of you. 

If people can feel that you have a genuine interest in their well-being, that will spring to mind each and every time they see an ad, have a phone conversation with your front desk, or walk into your office. 

The goodwill you have built will become the atmosphere of your practice.



Here are the 5 key takeaways:

      1. Few dentists seem to prioritize goodwill in dental implant marketing
      2. We can build goodwill by freely meeting our customers’ needs for information about dental implants.
      3. We can build goodwill by understanding where our customers are on the buyers’ journey.
      4. Working WITH our customers’ minds allows us to reach almost everyone on the buyers’ journey – 33X more than only reaching the 3% who are ready today. 
      5. This goodwill can ultimately become both your brand and the atmosphere of your practice.

    Reminder: The patients who are seeing your dental implant marketing are primarily thinking about themselves, and so should you. Learn to work WITH their minds by following these principles and you will create high levels of trust and goodwill. 

    Visit our Client Connection Group blog page for many more resources on creating goodwill through dental implant marketing.

    Goodwill and long-term trust are money in your pocket – LOTS of it. 

    Knowing how to build a foundation of goodwill through your dental marketing and a long-term relationship of trust with patients will give your practice a commanding advantage every time.

    Wouldn’t you like to help build up genuine goodwill for your practice in your community and start seeing greater ROI? 

    Want the help of a practice growth partner that makes building goodwill and long-term trust their entire focus?

    Reach out to Client Connection Group today!

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