Dental Branding – 9 Unique Ways to Connect With Your Patients

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Dental branding is a journey.


See 3 Steps to Simple, Powerful Dental Branding and 3 Strong Reasons to Market Your Dental Branding.


But now that you have identified your relationship strength, established it as your dental brand, and understand the importance of getting your brand out to your community in your marketing, it’s important to talk about some practical (and unique) ways that you can connect with your patients through your dental branding both in your marketing and in your interactions in your dental practice.



Dental practices can fall into two different camps. Some practices need to bring back to their office some of the flavor of their stellar marketing, while others have developed excellent dental branding in their office that they could highlight in their marketing to get their message out.


No matter which camp your office falls into, the important thing is to think long and hard both about how to make your dental branding about YOU and how to connect with your patients through your dental branding. 

Building Dental Branding Connections


Here is a list of practical ideas for dental branding:


      1. Make videos that show you and your staff in action for social media. Showing is more powerful than telling, but don’t neglect to tell them, where appropriate, how your signature strengths make all the difference to your patients.
      2. Use handwritten follow-up notes that convey your dental branding. If you can’t actually write the notes, use Handwrytten, or some other similar service to write your personal correspondence. Using AI, these web services can affordably get your message out through personal correspondence
      3. Find a way to give a signature stamp to follow-up calls and after-hours check-ins with patients. Truly caring about your patients is the most important, but use your creativity to find a way to make that caring touch stick in your patients’ minds
      4. Develop a greeting protocol or waiting room routine that changes the experience from plain vanilla to something patients look forward to and can get nowhere else. Train your staff to execute this for every patient
      5. Claim a fitting mascot. This can be an especially good tactic for offices focusing on pediatric dentistry, but any dental office can benefit. Feature this mascot on social media and in your marketing as is appropriate
      6. Rather than the standard toothbrush or small gift after examinations, etc., consider giving out replicas of your mascot, badges, or other uniquely branded memorabilia of some kind
      7. Rework your logo if it isn’t serving your practice well anymore. Make sure that it captures the essence of your branding
      8. Include signature symbols, motifs, or emojis in your calls, text reminders, email reminders, and posts to again reinforce your dental branding
      9. Take up a cause. Distributing human trafficking awareness materials could be an excellent one that no one that you want in your office would ever oppose. Your patients will remember this and appreciate you for using your platform to help take a stand. It’s an excellent way to both build your brand and do good in the world!

    Basically, use EVERY interaction with your patients to build branded connections!


    Remember YOU can never be duplicated! And this is also true of everything that flows from you. And, the more distinctive mental handles YOUR personalized dental branding provides for people’s minds, the more likely they are to connect with and choose your practice!


    People are very visual and they remember visual cues. The replica blimp in front of a Goodyear tire store may not make you want to ride in it, but you probably associate blimps strongly with the name Goodyear, and you would probably be quick to mention them if someone asked you, “What makes Goodyear unique, anyway?”


    It’s really not about the blimp. The point is the connection that this visual cue forms between you and a Goodyear tire store.


    Watch for a future blog post about other companies that have mastered the art of branding and what they can teach us in the field of dentistry.


    The primary question for dental branding is always this: Is my marketing MY marketing?


    Any ad where your name could be interchanged with a competitor’s name without anyone being the wiser is an ad that needs branding help ASAP.


    Would you like help to create powerful, educational social media marketing that gets your dental branding message out to YOUR community?


    Reach out to Client Connection Group to discover all the possibilities once your marketing is truly YOUR marketing!


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