Dental Implant Advertising – A Jump-start

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A Dental Implant Advertising Leg Up

Although CCG and other dental implant growth partners are able to put your name in front of thousands of potential patients through their use of dental implant advertising on social media …

there is one small thing that you can do RIGHT NOW that will expand your practice on your own!

And that ONE SMALL THING is…

Collect More Testimonials from Satisfied Patients – an Extremely Valuable Move!

Dental Implant Advertising - A Jump-start

You probably already have at least a few testimonials, collected here and there. But your practice really needs more, many more! As more and more people search for and choose their dentists online, genuine patient testimonials are emerging as one of the greatest assets a dental practice can possess in order to convince a prospective patient to give them a try. 

In fact, throughout the whole industry, patient feedback and testimonials are critical components of dental implant advertising efforts. And they even serve the additional benefit of helping every dental office to foster a patient-centered environment – an environment where every patient can have the assurance that they will receive the best care possible.

And collecting these testimonials involves investing only a small amount of time!

Truly they are one of the most potent ways you and your staff can be rewarded for the hard work you do every day to help patients!

Testimonial Problems
There is one common problem to collecting these little trophies, however.

Many offices struggle to know how to go about asking for testimonials.
So we’ll let you in on CCG’s best-practice method for getting good quality dental implant advertising testimonials easily: 

When a patient is glowingly examining a just-completed treatment – it can be anything from a cleaning to a new set of implants –
ask them then and there if they will allow you to record a short testimonial. Further, train your staff to ask patients for feedback at the end of every visit, and as soon as they hear positive feedback, ask that patient if they would be willing to record  a short testimonial if they have not already done so!

Finishing Touches

Once you get these positive reviews for your practice from patients and before you share them as dental implant advertising, there are a few steps you need to take.

  • Secure written permission from your patient to post and share their testimonial on your website and social media accounts.
  • Remove any identifying patient details that could compromise your patients’ privacy.
  • Make certain that the testimonial will enhance your practice’s reputation.
  • Double check that the language is appropriate for your website and social media platforms.

After you have followed these steps and screened your testimonials for any objectional content, post them to a testimonial page on your website and share them on your social media accounts.

Using these short videos as dental implant advertising is the way to make sure that the hard work that you and your office staff do every day is rewarded to the greatest degree!

Further Assistance

And if you would like more help with your social media presence, explore all the options with dental implant advertising with CCG!

Additional implant patients are out there, and high-quality testimonials from your current dental patients will go a long way towards helping them realize that your practice is the best place to seek treatment. Reach out for the help you need to grow your practice today.

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