The Hidden Metric For Success In Dental Implant Advertising

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Dental implant advertising doesn’t always mean skyrocketing, overnight results, but, even for experienced dentists, this can sometimes feel hard to understand.


Have you ever wondered what you are doing wrong when patients are not ready to enroll in treatment with you the minute you decided to market dental implants to them?


And you’ve probably wondered already why a social media ad, print ad, or even a high-powered radio campaign didn’t achieve instant results when you KNOW that there are many people in your community that need the miracle of dental implants?


It’s tough, but … the answer is actually pretty simple.


It’s not that all the people with missing teeth missed your ad. It’s not that your offer and creative were off-putting. 


And it’s definitely not that investing in a dental implant promotion was a mistake!


If you skillfully crafted your ad, made sure to include a great offer and placed it in a channel that your target audience often visits, the most likely reason for a disappointing response is simply this: most people need much more than one dental implant advertisement to be convinced to schedule a consultation with you.


Dental Implant Advertising Requires Several Touch Points for an Enduring Connection to Your Brand to Form


The more touch points, the more experiences a person has with your dental office and the more opportunities they have to learn to know and trust you.


And it’s only once they’ve reached that point that they will be ready to schedule dental implants.


In 2011, a study called the Zero Moment of Truth was published by Google. In this work, they suggested that a potential buyer requires nearly 7 hours of interaction across 11 touch points in 4 locations before an enduring enough connection is formed to enable him to buy from a new business.


In any market, statistically speaking, only 3% of the customers are actually ready to buy today. This group, the 3%, have done their homework, thought about options, and shopped and clicked until they know exactly what they want and why.


If you are fortunate enough to be the first dental implant advertising that they see after they have made their decision, you stand a high chance of receiving their call or click. As you can see, however, there is not a large number of these people.


The other 97% – here at CCG, we call them The Forgotten 97% – can be broadly divided into two categories.


Roughly 30% fall into the information-gatherer category. These people know they have a need, but they are still gathering information as their name suggests. They are the ones who will need more of those 11 touch points to bring them to the point of purchase.


The remaining 67% can be thought of as incubators.


They are the people who may not have the need or, at least, not yet be aware of it, but as their name suggests, seeds can still be planted in their minds through your dental implant advertising.


While the seed or idea may remain dormant at this time, when the need for dental implants surfaces either in their life or one of their loved ones’ lives, their minds will quickly travel to the first person who talked about the solution. These people are the customers of next year or even the year after that.


So again, if your dental implant advertising lands in front of one of the 3% of your target audience that is ready to buy right now, they may be convinced through a single touch. If their burning desire for new teeth has already been stoked by long meditation and study into the various options, you may just be lucky enough to convert that sale.


Just don’t count on that for everyone.


In order for you to consistently close the deal with the 3% who are ready now, as well as give information and plant seeds with the other 97%, you will need to supply those touch points consistently and persistently in your dental implant advertising.


These prospective dental implant customers will most likely need to see or hear your dental implant advertising several times before they will be ready to schedule that consultation for dental implants.


The touch points can vary widely. They include offline events such as friend recommendations or new business signage as well as online interactions such as your website’s appearance on SERPs and of course, social media posts, probably the fastest growing channel.


If you would like help with your dental implant advertising on social media, reach out to Client Connection Group today. We have a wealth of marketing experience helping dentists reach not only the 3% who are ready today but also the 97% who are the customers of tomorrow.


Although these 97% may require more time, the important thing is to ensure that when they are ready, your office is the one that they call.


And patient, consistent visibility in your dental implant advertising is the way to do this.


For the best help you can find on this, explore all the options with Client Connection Group today!


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