Dental Implant Advertising – 11 Powerful Ways to Connect With Denture Patients

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Get Organized With Themes for Maximum Connection

Dental Implant Advertising – 11 Powerful Ways to Connect With Denture Patients

Dental marketing themes, overarching concepts or ideas that serve as central focuses for marketing campaigns, make dental implant advertising much, much easier.


Here at CCG, we’ve collected the top 10 themes and divided them into categories, Educational implant themes, Quality-of-Life implant themes, and Importance of Your Smile implant themes. 


Read Make Dental Implant Marketing Easier With Ready-made Themes for the full breakdown and explanation of how to use themes in marketing.



Today we’re going to focus on one Quality-of-Life implant theme, “Say Goodbye to Dentures.”


In this blog, we’ll explain why this theme is so important, talk more about how to use it to best advantage, and give you 11 fresh ideas to work into your dental implant advertising to best connect with those struggling with dentures in your community. 


Dental Implant Advertising and Denture Patients

Dental implant advertising needs to reach those with dentures

In 2020, almost 41 million people in the United States used dentures.


That means that more than likely, thousands of people in your community use dentures due to their problem of missing teeth. Some of them know about dental implants; some of them do not.


Dental Implant Advertising – 11 Powerful Ways to Connect With Denture Patients 

As a dentist, you know some things about these people– you know that they are usually frustrated with their dentures. They long to speak, eat, and function in society without fearing the dislodging or loss of their teeth. 


As a dentist, you know so well what dental implants could mean for these people!


You know that their lives could so EASILY be improved!


How do we use our dental implant advertising to reach these people more effectively?


How to Use the “Say Goodbye to Dentures” Theme Effectively

Woman looking at dental implants in a hand-held mirror.

It all starts with understanding and planning your dental implant advertising campaigns.


Let’s organize our dental implant advertising campaign with the “Say Goodbye to Dentures” theme for maximum connection.

Here are 11 points to help you better connect with people who are struggling with dentures in your community and searching for better options. 

    1. Natural Look and Feel: Unlike dentures, implants are specifically designed to feel the patient and look to others exactly like natural teeth. 
    2. Stability and Chewing Ability: Compared to traditional dentures, dental implants genuinely have to be experienced to be appreciated in this regard. Strong, stable, efficient chewing can again be a reality.
    3. Improved Nutrition: People with dentures are afraid to eat many foods like corn on the cob and steak. Dental implants will again allow patients to eat a full range of food, improving their diet and health. Make sure your dental implant advertising highlights this often-forgotten fact.
    4. Aesthetics: Dentures almost inevitably appear less natural, especially when they become loose or discolored. Dental implants are a far more aesthetically pleasing solution, closely mimicking natural teeth.
    5. Speech: The denture movement gives many people with dentures at least occasional difficulty with speech. Dental implants will give them back the ability to speak normally.
    6. No Slippage or Discomfort: As part of the jawbone, dental implants are far more comfortable than dentures with their frequent slippage and irritation to the gums.
    7. Normal Daily Routine: Dentures require regular removal for cleaning. Dental implants require only regular oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing.
    8. Bone Health: Since dentures do not stimulate the jawbone, bone loss over time is inevitable. Dental implants integrate with the jawbone, promoting bone health and preserving jawbone density
    9. Minimal Maintenance or Repairs: Dentures may require periodic adjustments, relining, or replacement. Once placed and established, implants typically have few maintenance requirements beyond those of normal teeth. 
    10. Enhanced Self-confidence and Quality of Life: All of the above-mentioned points about dental implants add up to a giant step forward in self-confidence and quality of life. This impact can hardly be overstated. 
    11. One-Time Investment: Although dentures may cost less upfront, emphasize that dental implants are a smart, one-time investment that can ultimately be more cost-effective than dentures with their ongoing maintenance costs. And, of course, this is in addition to the tremendous quality-of-life improvements that implants offer.

Using the theme “Say Goodbye to Dentures” and using these points in your dental implant advertising ads across all of your platforms is the way to target your dentured audience most effectively.


Another thing to note:


Review the dental implant ads that are currently running in your community. Use themes to help you quickly see which points are not being targeted by other implant providers. Again, this will allow you to send a much more targeted message and help to attract attention to your practice.


But here’s the really important thing: Use these points to show the people in your community how their lives could be REVOLUTIONIZED by dental implants!


A Few More Points

Man looking at false teeth

Here are a few other points to keep in mind:

    1. Cost: For those who might be making the initial choice between dentures and dental implants, againbe sure to remind them that dental implants make a lot of sense financially, given the ongoing maintenance costs of dentures.
    2. Treatment Duration: One downside of dental implants is the time-consuming nature of the treatment, often involving multiple stages over several months. This should, of course, not be hidden from the patient. Besides cost, it would, perhaps, be one of the few reasons to choose dentures over dental implants.
    3. Patient Testimonials: For truly powerful dental implant advertising, share real-life stories and testimonials from satisfied patients who have replaced their troublesome dentures with dental implants and experienced life-changing results.

Wrapping It Up

Young woman holding false teeth.

Although cost, treatment duration, and, occasionally, oral health, can be reasons for patients to get dentures instead of dental implants, dental implants remain the gold standard for edentulous patients!


Use this theme and all of these points to remind your community of this fact!


Again, for the list of the top-10 dental implant marketing themes and more information about using them, check out Make Dental Implant Marketing Easier With Ready-made Themes.


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Dental Implant Advertising – 11 Powerful Ways to Connect With Denture Patients

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