Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI

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Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROIDental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI

Maximize Your Dental Implant Marketing ROI

Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI


As you know, dental implant marketing is only the first step of a journey – the journey that ends with a successful sale of dental implant treatment.


We have looked at how to maximize conversions at every step of this journey.

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Now we are ready to talk about the final step of the process: the CLOSING of the sale.


Here’s the million-dollar question: How do we maximize closing rates?


In this blog, we’ll talk about why closing rates are so important, emphasize the importance of establishing a personal connection, discuss the role of the Treatment Coordinator in all of this, and give you 10 points for maximizing closing rates with dental implant patients. 


Focusing on Closing Rates – How and Why?

Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI


Let’s focus on the second question first: Why focus on closing rates?


The short answer, as all dentists know, is that they matter – a LOT.


Here’s some proof to back that up.


According to one study, over the last 5 years, US dental practices grossed over 171 billion with an average conversion rate of 69%.


That means that dentists missed out on 53 billion due to their inability to close dental treatment! (This is, of course, talking about all dental treatment, not simply dental implants, but it is a telling statistic.)


And it gets even worse when you factor in the money that was spent to bring those people into your office in the first place.


Dental implant marketing done well is not an easy or cheap endeavor. Increasing the ROI of your investment in dental implant marketing by increasing closing rates is an obvious necessity.


So HOW Do We Increase Closing Rates?


Well, as with maximizing booking conversions and show rates, establishing a personal connection with the patient is the overarching goal.


The truth is that when patients choose which implant provider to choose, they are going to choose the one to whom they feel the most connected. 


And when a patient is about to plunk down $50,000 on a full arch implant, that emotional connection becomes worth your time.


Remember: “People buy on emotion and justify on logic.” – Zig Zigler.


Although you may have a working process in place, thinking through the ways that you could establish a better personal connection at every stage of the process could pay you back many times over. 


Let’s look now at the employee who bears primary responsibility for maximizing closing rates.


Who Is the Treatment Coordinator?

Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI


In many offices, the Treatment Coordinator or TC is the person who handles the entire financial discussion, going back over the details of treatment and discussing the final cost of implant treatment and the availability of payment plans.  


Read Dental Implant Marketing – Making the Important Shift to the Financial Discussion for more information.


As we said, the Treatment Coordinator is the person responsible for closing the dental implant sale. 


The TC meets with the patient after the dentist has discussed the implant options with the patient and presented them with the recommended treatment plan. If this step goes well, the treatment will be accepted by the patient, closing the deal.


In order to maximize the ROI of dental implant marketing, how do TCs make sure that this happens more than 69% of the time?


Questions for the Treatment Coordinator

Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI


Here are 6 questions to think about throughout the entire process and during follow-up.

  1. Are you making a personal connection?
  2. Do you know the deepest emotional motive the patient has for doing this?
  3. Do you know what fears/objections the patient has?
  4. Is the patient clear on the process and how it will change their life?
  5. Is the patient getting as much help as possible with the financial investment involved?


During the follow-up phase

  1. Are you keeping the patient in the loop, following up, and making sure the patient is not procrastinating in a negative decision?


In all of this, it’s important to remember the 4 most common reasons that patients fail to convert:

  • Financial burden
  • Poor presentation
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Absence of follow-up from the office


Speaking Directly to the Treatment Coordinator

Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI


Here is a helpful guide for you (the Treatment Coordinator) as you begin your communication with the patient:


  1. Introduce yourself to the patient if you have not already met them.
  2. Inquire about their visit that day, addressing them by name.
  3. Review the proposed treatment with the patient step by step, explaining in layman’s terms any unfamiliar words or dental jargon.
  4. Connect the patient with the proposed treatment at a deep emotional level by following these steps: 


a. Show a magnified color picture of the patient’s problem including appropriate annotation. (Pictures are truly worth a thousand words.)

b. Hand the picture to the patient. (Forcing the patient to hold the problem in their own hands is an important emotional step.) 

c. Begin to ask questions that lead your patient into owning their problem, such as “Are you able to see here how much your teeth have already shifted to fill in the gaps in your mouth?”

d. Explain how the implant treatment that the doctor has proposed will address the obvious problem that they are seeing and holding.


10 Ways to Maximize Conversion Rates

Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI


Let’s look at 10 practical ways the treatment coordinator (and the dentist) can maximize conversion rates. We’ll use the previous two sections to guide us.

  1. Hold Immediate Discussion with the TC: Holding an immediate discussion is important because the patient’s emotional attachment to performing the proposed dental implant treatment is at its peak right after the discussion with the doctor. Also, keep in mind that doubt creeps in if the patient is left sitting in a room by themselves. Hand the patient directly off to the Treatment Coordinator. 
  2. Personalized Conversation: Addressing the patients by their names and remembering details about their lives or previous conversations helps to establish that all-important personal connection. Personalizing the whole experience demonstrates that you value them as the unique individual with the unique situation that they are facing.
  3. Start With Emotion: Start with the patient’s deepest emotional motive for seeking treatment. Keep circling back to it throughout the entire conversation.
  4. Focus on the Value: The Treatment Coordinator needs to begin with the VALUE of the treatment for the patient in their unique situation and make sure that this value is established before moving to the financial cost. In fact, throughout the whole process, the focus needs to be on getting the patient to think of the care instead of the cost.
  5. Active Listening and Empathy: This step is important for establishing the personal connection. Listen attentively to EVERYTHING they share with you regarding dental implants. Show genuine empathy towards their fears about seeking treatment. Empathizing with their situation will help build trust and rapport faster than almost anything else.
  6. Use Simple Language: The Treatment Coordinator should explain the treatment in simple terms that the patient can understand. Dentists sometimes use big words to describe both the patient’s problems and the needed treatment; the job of the Treatment Coordinator to explain these terms and lay any anxieties to rest. 
  7. Ask Questions: Ask questions about any objections that they raised to treatment. Also, ask other questions that help to reinforce the life change they would experience. Again, tailor the questions to the individual patient’s particular situation.
  8. Prioritize Education: Make sure that they KNOW how much implants will change their life. Do they actually understand that implants would relieve them of many of the worries that they have been facing every day for years? Help them think about the amount of life they are giving up by NOT paying the cost of implants!
  9. Visual Aids: Don’t be afraid to utilize visual aids such as models or diagrams to further the education process and explain the implant procedure in a clear and understandable manner. Visual aids can make the entire process much more real in the patients’ minds.
  10. Keep Them in the Loop: Make sure the follow-up protocol is thought through and is carefully followed for EVERY patient!


As the Treatment Coordinator presents (or sells) treatment, they must remember what buying is: an emotional decision that is justified by logic. 


Some college psychology is helpful to remember here, specifically Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The two dominant emotional motivators driving your patients are fear of loss and desire for gain. 


Identifying the patient’s main emotional drivers is crucial, as we said. Throughout the interview, the Treatment Coordinator must be aware of whether the patient is being primarily influenced by lower-level Maslovian fear factors such as health, safety, and survival or by desire for gain factors such as ego enhancement or self-actualization.


Present the treatment accordingly, because one thing is certain: Patients only buy treatment for their reasons. The better the Treatment Coordinator understands those reasons, the higher their closing rate will be and the higher ROI you can expect from your dental implant marketing.


Final Points

Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI


Two important points on the treatment coordinator’s discussion with the patient. 

  1. Provide Quiet Space: The Treatment Coordinator needs to have a quiet, dedicated room in which to meet with the patient (alone or with their significant other) for the financial discussion.
  2. Keep the Space Dedicated: No one else besides the assistant Treatment Coordinator should be allowed to use this area! Its sole purpose is to be the room to which patients are taken to meet with the Treatment Coordinator IMMEDIATELY after consultation with the doctor.


Wrapping It Up


All of the steps of the sales process are just that: steps in a long process. Each one holds the potential to influence the sales process trajectory and the ROI of your investment in dental implant marketing.


But few things will pay off more handsomely than learning to establish a strong personal connection with patients that allows you to close more patients during the final step – the closing of the sale.


Training your Treatment Coordinator to successfully build this connection is crucial to increasing your case acceptance and the ROI of your dental implant marketing!


Reach out to Client Connection Group for help with concentrating on this crucial step!


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Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Ways to Maximize Closing Rates for Great ROI

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