Dental Implant Marketing -3 Steps to Building Powerful Connections With Seniors

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Dental implant marketing is primarily targeting seniors for one simple reasons: there are a lot of them and they need the most implants. Read Four Major Reasons to Sharpen Your Senior Focus to understand the vast potential of this market.


But how well do you actually know seniors, your target audience? How do you help them to see that dental implants could truly solve their problems?


In a nutshell, how do we speak into their lives?


Speaking into someone’s life involves reaching them by making them FEEL an emotion.


The ability to do this spells the difference between success and failure in dental implant marketing.


Speaking Into Seniors’ Lives With Our Dental Implant Marketing


If we can make seniors feel strong emotions with our advertising, they will begin to associate our dental implant marketing with solution to their problems.


So how do we make seniors feel something with our dental implant marketing?

Here are the 3 steps.



      1. Logically understand their problem. (What are the strictly logical ramifications of missing some or all of your teeth?)

      1. Try to vicariously experience the emotion behind their problem. (How does it FEEL to lose some or all of your teeth?)

      1. Pitch implants as the best possible answer to both their logical and emotional problems. (Here is how implants are the BRIDGE to your new life.)

    Dental Implant Marketing -3 Steps to Building Powerful Connections With Seniors

    The second point above is often the most difficult, but probably the most important. In order to make seniors feel something with our marketing, we need to experience that emotion as much as we can ourselves. How can we do that?



        1. Talk with relatives or friends who have lost their teeth.

        1. Get them to SHARE from their hearts the emotions that tooth loss brings.

      1. Read and research what has been written about the edentulous condition. Watch this video to start your journey to understanding.

      What are the feelings of most seniors when they lose some or all of their teeth?


       Most of them dread the judgment of others on their unattractive condition. They experience intense anxiety at the thought of smiling, laughing, and dining in company. They experience fear of family pictures at weddings, reunions, and other events.


      In a word, they are most unhappy at the times when many people are the happiest – times with family and friends! And this condition wreaks havoc on their emotional health and can even shorten their lives!

      And herein lies the opportunity for us as dental professionals.


      If our dental implant marketing positions implants as THE BRIDGE out of their depression and fear to a new life of again happily connecting with family and friends, we have given them one of the strongest possible incentives to sign up for dental implants!


      It’s really very simple. Tap into these strong, strong emotions just below the surface, and your dental implant marketing can connect at a deep level!


      In all of this, we can’t ignore the logic of the situation, however, because neither do seniors. The emotional case for dental implants is very powerful, but we must always remember that although people buy with emotion, they always justify those buying decisions with logic.


      So make sure to speak into their lives with the facts as well, including increased life expectancy, overall health concerns connected to missing teeth, physical dangers of increased isolation, etc., even as you strive for maximum emotional connection.


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