7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Messages For Seniors

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7 Dental Implant Marketing Messages for Seniors

Dental implant marketing to seniors is very important for the health of your practice.




Dental Implant Marketing for Your Largest Audience

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Messages For Seniors


Dental implant marketing is all about knowing your audience for dental implants and meeting them just where they are.


So, who is the largest audience for dental implants?


For most dentists, the largest audience for dental implants is older senior citizens, since 1 in 5 adults over 65 have lost all of their teeth.


Once we know who our audience is, the next questions are these:

  1. Do they understand the benefits of dental implants?
  2. What objections do they raise when considering dental implants?


In this blog, we’ll be talking about the importance of reaching and educating seniors with your dental implant marketing, how to counter some of the falsehoods that seniors tell themselves, and giving you 7 ready-made dental implant marketing messages for the senior audience in your community.


Why Does Senior Dental Implant Marketing Matter So Much?

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Messages For Seniors


This sector of the population is growing. Today, those over 65 make up 16.9% of the US population. By 2060 however, the number of adults over 65 is expected to reach 98 million with the age group making up 24% of the population.


That’s an almost staggering number of people! None of us recognize what it will be like to live in a society where one in 4 people are over the age of 65. To get an idea of how large a number 98 million is, consider this: only 16 countries in the world had populations greater than this in 2023!


Whole nations will be needing your services in a matter of decades, but that’s not even the whole story because, as we said, senior citizens also have the highest chances of needing implants.


We repeat that  1 in 5 adults over 65 have lost all of their teeth! It gets worse.


If we take only those over age 75, that percentage increases to 1 in 4 people fitting the description of edentulous, which simply means “without teeth.”


For Americans ages 50-64, the picture is a little better.


The average number of teeth lost for this group, however, is still almost 6 out of the 28 regular adult teeth. This age group counts 10.13% of its members as edentulous, or already having lost all of their natural teeth.


Even though you probably already knew (or suspected) most of these figures, it can still be enlightening to recognize just how many people need the transformation of dental implants!



What Seniors Tell Themselves

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Messages For Seniors


Since seniors are so important, let’s talk more about how they think.


If our dental implant marketing is going to meet them where they are, we are going to HAVE to talk about how they think!


Unlike younger people who usually point first at financial considerations, older adults might raise other objections.  Here are some of the things that seniors might say in regards to implants:


    • “I’m already a senior. I won’t be around that much longer.”
    • “Would implants actually make that much difference in my life?”
    • “Do implants actually work for older people?”
    • “My bones are probably too brittle from osteoporosis to allow for implants.”
    • “I’m only missing a few teeth, so it’s not a big deal.”
    • “My dentures are unhandy, but implants would probably be much the same.”


Statements like these are very common from seniors! And notice how little someone who makes them understands about dental implants.


These ideas show us the importance of educational dental implant marketing in telling the truth both about how many seniors are implant candidates and about how life-changing dental implants could be for them!


Additional Dental Implant Marketing Points

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Messages For Seniors


So how do we educate senior citizens about dental implants and counter these objections in our dental implant marketing?


Here are 7 ready-made dental implant marketing messages that will help you both educate seniors and counter their objections:


    1. Life expectancy increases can easily mean 20+ years remaining for 60-70-year-olds.
    2. No age is too old for implants – 80-90-year-olds have had the procedure done.
    3. Implants have just as good of a success rate for healthy older people as for younger ones.
    4. The quality of life you could experience could easily make it worth it. Being able to eat the foods you want to and socialize, smile, and dine in company without fear is an immense benefit for your remaining years.
    5. Patients with osteoporosis have just as good of chances of being implant patients as those without. Implants can also allow you to improve your diet and prevent further osteoporosis.
    6. Living with missing teeth can increase your chances of a multitude of health problems, including oral cancer.
    7. Implants are in a completely different league from dentures. Implants are far more comfortable, stable, and permanent. No more restrictions on what foods they can eat. No more slipping, clacking, or soaking at night. Not to mention no more replacing them every couple of years!



How much difference could we make in our communities if seniors KNEW all of this?

The bottom line is to emphasize in your dental implant marketing that age should never be a barrier to implants!



Wrapping It Up


There is still far too much ignorance about dental implants in our communities.


Make it your mission in your dental implant marketing to meet seniors where they are, countering these objections which are often just plain wrong!

  • You need to TELL them that even if they only have another decade of life or less to live, dental implants are still easily worth it! 
  • You need to TELL them that resigning themselves to eating soft foods for their remaining days is NOT necessary!
  • You need to SHOW them how different dental implants are from dentures. No more nasty glue or any of the other problems they know so well.

7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Messages For Seniors


Instead, a life-changing improvement in health and self-confidence can be theirs!



One Final Point


Educating seniors about dental implants and countering their objections is well worth it for another reason.


Seniors have the most financial resources of any demographic in America today and are more willing to spend money on themselves than almost ever before.


The results of spreading a message of hope to the people who, as of 2021, controlled at least 27% of the entire national wealth could be impressive.



Dental Implant Growth Partner


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7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Messages For Seniors



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