Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Proven Steps to High Show Rates

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Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Proven Steps to High Show Rates


Dental Implant Marketing – Maximizing Show Rates Is Key

Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Proven Steps to High Show Rates

Successful dental implant marketing means that patients contact your office to inquire further about dental implant treatment.


Last week we looked at the all-important personal touch necessary to convert those calls into patients on your implant calendar.


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Few things are more crucial to your profitability than being able to book these patients … AND having them show up for treatment. 


And it’s that last part that we want to dive into today.


In today’s blog, we will review how dental implant patients think, talk about some of the common obstacles that keep patients from showing up, and give you 5 ways to maximize the show rates of the valuable dental implant leads that have called your office and been put onto your calendar.


What Are Dental Implant Patients Thinking When They Schedule?

Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Proven Steps to High Show Rates


Before we talk about what might keep them from showing up, let’s review what dental implant patients are thinking as they schedule an appointment in the first place. 


As you know, they have some common characteristics, one that makes your job harder and one that makes it easier.  


Dental implant patients can be more difficult to convert for a simple reason:

When dental implant patients call your office, they are usually calling you as one of several potential implant providers. In other words, they are exploring multiple options at roughly the same time, as you undoubtedly know. 


Your job is to stand out in their minds as the office that offers the personal touch.


But some things work in your favor with dental implant patients. These patients often experience significant discomfort and are quite self-conscious about their appearance.

They may feel that their life is on hold until they can fix their desperate teeth situation.


They are seeking answers that offer IMMEDIATE fulfillment. If they can sense that you care about them and are offering solutions, the chances of their choosing YOUR practice can be greater than for routine dentistry.


The short answer as to what they are thinking is that they are seeking an implant provider that can show them that (1) The implant provider has the solution for their life and (2) The implant provider cares about them as a person. 


Demonstrating these things with a personal touch will help you stand out in the minds of prospective customers.


And keeping all of this in mind will help you understand them better when they don’t show up.


What Keeps Dental Implant Patients From Showing Up?

Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Proven Steps to High Show Rates


We looked at what they are thinking when they schedule, but let’s talk about some of the obstacles that dental implant patients might face as they plan for their day in the office.


Here are 7 reasons that dental implant patients might not show up for their scheduled appointments. 

  1. Fear and Anxiety: Dental implant procedures are worrisome for patients. This can evoke a high enough level of fear and anxiety in some patients that can cause them to avoid or skip appointments. Previous negative experiences don’t help either.
  2. Financial Concerns: Dental implant procedures are expensive; there are no two ways about it. Some patients may miss appointments due to financial constraints or worries that they won’t be able to afford them. See below for ways to deal with and prevent these problems.
  3. Scheduling Conflicts: We all know what it’s like to double-book ourselves. Busy schedules and conflicting commitments can cause patients to forget or prioritize other appointments over their dental implant sessions. Again, see below for ways to prevent this.
  4. Personal Emergencies: Although there is little you can do to prevent this problem, it needs to be included on the list. Unexpected personal emergencies or family obligations can arise as you well know, causing patients to miss their scheduled dental implant appointments.
  5. Miscommunication or Forgetfulness: This is where a stellar office person or outside booking agency can help. Patients may forget about their appointments or experience miscommunication regarding appointment dates and times, but an excellent system of notifications and communication will prevent this.
  6. Procrastination or Denial: Many patients may be tempted to procrastinate or deny the severity of their dental issues. This can lead them to delay or avoid treatment altogether unless your education efforts in your dental implant marketing and communication have been of the highest quality.
  7. Lack of Understanding: This is closely related to the previous point. Education is critical here. Patients will not fully understand the importance of dental implant appointments for their oral health and overall well-being unless they are educated by your dental implant marketing and communication, and they will underestimate the significance of attending scheduled sessions and receiving treatment.


7 Ways to Maximize Show Rates

High show rates from dental implant marketing depend on a personal connection.

So, what do we do about this problem?

Here are 7 ways to maximize show rates and make sure that more of the patients on your implant calendar SHOW UP for their appointments!
  1. Double confirm the appointment and location at the end of the call: This ensures there’s absolutely no misunderstanding or mistake about when and where the appointment is scheduled. 
  2. Ask About Common Obstacles: Ask the patient if there is anything that they can think of that might get in the way of their coming in BEFORE confirming the appointment date and time. This helps uncover any potential barriers the patient might face in keeping their appointment, such as transportation or schedule conflicts. 

When patients verbally acknowledge potential issues and then commit to resolving them to keep the appointment, this reinforces their commitment to show up. 

  1. Increase Excitement: Get them excited for the appointment by telling them what to expect and what you will give them with the appointment (chance to design their smile, see stories of patients that have already done it, etc.
  1. Schedule ASAP: Scheduling patients as soon as possible can significantly increase show rate. Implementing a strategy that minimizes waiting times and prioritizes prompt scheduling can have a positive impact on patient compliance and engagement. Here are 3 reasons why:
  • Immediate Value: As we said, patients seeking dental implants often experience significant discomfort or are self-conscious about their appearance. Scheduling them ASAP addresses these urgent needs quickly, which means they are more likely to show up to their appointment due to the immediate value it provides.
  • No Second Thoughts: This also reduces the opportunity for second thoughts. When there is a long wait, patients have more time to doubt their choice, potentially leading to cancellations or no-shows. 
  • Reduced Chance of Conflicts: By scheduling the patients ASAP there is a lower chance of conflicts arising in the patient’s schedule that could lead to cancellations.
  1. Take Their Card Number: Take a card, charge, or get deposit to heighten commitment. 


Asking for a credit or debit card when booking a dental implant and charging a $50 fee if someone doesn’t show up is important for making sure people stick to their appointments. It serves as a clear reminder to value the appointment time, pushing patients to either show up or cancel in advance if they need to.


This step is necessary because preparing for dental implants takes a lot of planning and resources from the dental office. The no-show fee helps reduce the costs and scheduling issues caused by people who cancel at the last minute or don’t show up at all.


This policy not only improves the practice’s scheduling efficiency but also makes it fair for other patients who might miss the chance for an earlier slot. In short, the fee prevents careless bookings, leading to a smoother and more focused service for everyone

  1. Use Appointment Reminders: Implement a robust appointment reminder system that includes email, text messages, and phone calls. Remind patients about their upcoming dental implant appointments a few days in advance to minimize no-shows.


You’ve spent the money on dental implant marketing to get these patients. Use every tool at your disposal to help patients overcome the obstacles that could otherwise cause them to become a no-show.


If you need help to do this, Client Connection Group stands ready to assist you today!

Don’t forget the basics when implant patients do show up at your office:

  1. Make Sure That Your Office Is Patient-centric: Implement policies that prioritize patient comfort and convenience. Keep wait times to a minimum, provide amenities such as comfortable seating and refreshments in the waiting area, and ensure a welcoming and friendly atmosphere throughout the patient’s visit. A positive experience at the dental office will increase patient satisfaction with their implants and encourage them to return for future dental implant appointments.


Reach Out for Help If Needed

Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Proven Steps to High Show Rates


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Wrapping It Up


To summarize, there are real ways to increase show rates for dental implant patients on your calendar and increase the ROI of your dental implant marketing.


Following the tips in this blog could pay off handsomely for your bottom line.


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Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Proven Steps to High Show Rates

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