Dental Implant Marketing: 7 Traits of a True Practice Growth Partner

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If you’re like most dentists, you would like to find a marketing agency that you could trust your dental implant marketing to for the long haul.


You would like to establish a long-term relationship with someone you can trust rather than bouncing from one marketing call and agency to the next, hoping that this time you will find someone who can actually produce results.


Needless to say, frustration levels among dentists over their dental implant marketing remain high as 2023 begins.


The solution out of these frustrations is actually quite simple: You need a marketing partner, not just a vendor. You need someone who actually cares about the results of the marketing that they are doing for you!


There is a name for agencies like this: Practice Growth Partner.


Missing Links in Dental Implant Marketing


 Marketing companies are a dime a dozen, many of them caring only about the money that their clients send them every month.


Here are some examples of their clients’ feelings:


“I’ve been struggling with marketing for a year or two. There’s so much information out there, so many people wanting to sell you marketing; it’s really a minefield.”


“A lot of companies nowadays that you get involved with, they promise you a lot of things, but the majority of them, they aren’t delivering results.”


“Before … one of the most frustrating things to me was the things that I wasn’t sure if they were working or not.”


“You try a bunch of stuff. The marketing salesperson comes in and they have a bunch of empty promises. They say ‘You gotta stick with it; you gotta stick with it.’”


Not all of these are incompetent marketing companies. Some of them actually run dental implant marketing ads quite well for their clients.


The missing link for many clients is described in the words of the testimonial above. “the things that I wasn’t sure if they were working or not.” His previous agency either did not have the performance data on the ads that they were running for him or did not care enough to provide it to him.


Either way, they paid for their mistake. He found another agency that gave him what he wanted.


This dentist goes on to describe the dashboard that his current practice growth partner provides for him, allowing him to SEE the results of his marketing investment. No longer does he need to wonder what his adspend is buying him; he can log in and view it in understandable terms every morning.


This is just one example of the true help that a practice growth partner can give to their dental implant marketing clients.


Practice Growth Partner Requirements


Here are some further requirements for a practice growth partner as well as more about their priorities.

A quality Practice Growth Partner must wear a number of hats.

Here are a few of them:

      1. Data Company -they must be first and foremost about the numbers that the marketing is generating.
      2. Consulting Company – they must check in often on the results
      3. Software Company – they must thoroughly understand the platforms
      4. Service Provider – they will first make certain that their product truly meets your practice’s need


    What Else Distinguishes a True Practice Growth Partner?

        1. Truly cares about the results that you get
        2. Doesn’t stop until you actually GET those results
        3. Checks in often
        4. Interviews ideal patients to learn how to improve targeting even more
        5. Possesses a broad outlook from dealing with the problems of many clients
        6. Can tell you exactly what to expect in working with them
        7. Provides a front-desk friendly CRM platform and dashboard interface


      As you can see, dentists that are serious about dental implant marketing need a Practice Growth Partner. There’s really no other option.


      Every dentist wants to settle down to a long-term relationship with an agency they trust, but you really can’t be loyal to a company that only cares about the money you send them and doesn’t care about your long-term results.


      And since you can’t manage what you can’t measure, you must work with a company that lives and breathes the data if you are to make progress.


      If you are ready to work with a real Practice Growth Partner, check out all that you get with Client Connection Group today!


      We strive to be a true growth partner in every way. And as one of our clients has said, “You check all the boxes.”

          • We don’t just run ads; we manage results and make sure that you GET the results that you want, checking in with you regularly to see how it is going.

          • Since we actually collect and track all the data, we know exactly what is happening and exactly what could possibly be improved.

          • We have SO MUCH DATA that you are tapping into a mountain of past experience. Our dental implant marketing for our dentists represents ALL of our years of client experience, freely available to each of our dentists.

          • Our CRM platform and dashboard interface are a constant joy to our clients.

          • You’re getting so much more than a company that ONLY creates ads!

        Don’t settle for less.


        Reach out to Client Connection Group today


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