Dental Implant Marketing -Answer Objections With 9 Ready-made Marketing Messages

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Dental Implant Marketing -Answer Objections With 9 Ready-made Marketing Messages


Why Is Our Dental Implant Marketing Message So Important?Dental Implant Marketing -Answer Objections With 9 Ready-made Marketing Messages


Dental implant marketing deserves every effort that we can give it. 


The first reason is because SO many people need the treatment! More than 36 million Americans are edentulous (lacking any natural teeth), and 120 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth.


Secondly, dental implants, the solution to this problem, represent the biggest advance in dentistry within the last 50 years. And their quality and effectiveness have done nothing but climb since the benefits of titanium and its potential for osseointegration were first discovered in the 1970s.


And they are growing in popularity as more people recognize this fact.


The global market size for dental implants is projected to reach 6.31 billion by 2030 – even after taking a real hit in 2020 due to the Covid lockdowns. (The following table shows projected growth from the 2020 level.)


Dental Implant Marketing -Answer Objections With 9 Ready-made Marketing Messages


But could the market share grow faster?


We believe that it could.


What could make it grow faster?


We believe the answer lies in the messaging of our dental implant marketing.


In this blog we discuss why more people might not be seeking dental implant treatment, look at the role of dental implant marketing messaging, and finally, give you 9 ready-made messages to help counter the objections to dental implant treatment and attract more potential patients to your practice.


Why Aren’t More People Seeking Treatment?

Dental Implant Marketing -Answer Objections With 9 Ready-made Marketing Messages


So dental implants are growing in popularity.


But the big question becomes “Could that growth be faster?”


As we said, we believe that it could. 


We believe that more powerful messaging would help people understand the consequences of living with missing teeth and the life-changing benefits that implants offer.


And we believe that if more people understood their value, the market share of dental implants would grow even faster than current projections.


So what stops many people from seeking dental implant treatment?


Here are 9 reasons why prospective dental implant patients might delay seeking treatment:

  1. Cost: This is the big one. Dental implants can be expensive, and many people do not realize the tremendous value that dental implants represent. In other words, they don’t realize how much they are actually getting for their money. Many people are also unaware of the financing options that might be available to them.
  2. Fear of the Procedure: Dental implant surgery may be seen as painful and invasive and can evoke anxiety and fear in prospective patients, leading them to postpone the seeking of implant treatment.
  3. Lack of Awareness of Product: Some people are still not fully informed about the opportunity of dental implants and do not realize that they are a viable option for replacing missing teeth.
  4. Lack of Awareness of Benefits: The daily care and maintenance requirements of dental implants are much more straightforward than those of traditional dentures. Dental implants are both indistinguishable from natural teeth and represent a permanent replacement for them. This makes them a cost-effective option in the long run.
  5. Time Commitment: Busy consumers may stress about the multiple appointments and the healing period involved in dental implant surgery.
  6. Uncertainty About Success Rates: Despite the 95+% success rates of dental implant procedures, many people harbor doomsday thoughts about being one of the few patients for whom implants simply do not work. 
  7. Ignorance of Jawbone Shrinkage: Here’s a statistic that few people are familiar with: Without implants, jawbones can shrink up to 25% in the first year of tooth loss! Implants preserve jawbone density since the jawbone responds to the implant post just as it would to the roots of a tooth. 
  8. Ignorance of Health Dangers: Many people do not realize that the consequences of missing teeth often include significant nutritional changes, danger of obesity, diabetes and coronary artery disease, as well as increased risk of oral cancer. (Oral cancer, by the way, kills one American every hour of every day, according to the National Cancer Institute. The death rate is higher than that of many better-known cancers such as melanoma.)
  9. Procrastination: As with any medical procedure, some prospective patients may simply procrastinate seeking implant treatment. They learn to live with the problem and probably nourish a subconscious hope that their missing teeth situation will resolve on its own or that they can manage without implant intervention.


The Role of Dental Implant Marketing Messaging

Dental Implant Marketing -Answer Objections With 9 Ready-made Marketing Messages


The messaging of dental implant marketing is very important in countering these obstacles to the seeking of dental implant treatment. 


Here are the 3 main things that dental implant marketing messaging should do.

  1. Take the Fear Out of the Cost: Dental implant marketing should put the high cost of implants in perspective by showing them how much they are actually getting for that money as well as letting them know how many financing options are actually available.
  2. Take the Fear Out of the Procedure and Results: Dental implant marketing should make people aware of the safe, successful treatment that dental implants actually represent. 
  3. Increase the Fear of Doing Nothing: Dental implant marketing should make people AWARE of the dangers of missing teeth. This helps to create urgency.


Ready-made Dental Implant Marketing Messages

Dental Implant Marketing -Answer Objections With 9 Ready-made Marketing Messages


With this in mind, here are 9 ready-made dental implant marketing messages that will help us counter the objections to seeking implant treatment and increase the number of dental implant patients on our calendars.


This information, presented in dental implant marketing that is focused on the needs of the patient, is powerful indeed. 

  1. “Achieve a confident smile without breaking the bank! Ask us about our flexible payment options for dental implants.”
  2. “Experience pain-free dental implant procedures with our advanced sedation techniques and compassionate care.”
  3. “Unsure about dental implants? Our free informational sessions will answer all your questions and ease your concerns.”
  4. “Regain your confidence and chewing ability with dental implants tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle.”
  5. “Transform your smile in fewer appointments than you think! Our streamlined implant process saves you time without compromising quality.”
  6. “Worried about the success of your dental implants? Rest assured with our team of experienced specialists and dental implants’ overall 95% success rate.”
  7. “Did you know that your jawbone can shrink up to 25% in the first year of tooth loss? Stop that shrinkage today with dental implants!”
  8. “It’s not just the gap in your smile! From nutritional changes to increased risk of oral cancer, missing teeth put your health at risk!”
  9. “Stop putting off your dental health! Our caring team will guide you through the implant process, making it simple and stress-free.”


Final Points

Dental Implant Marketing -Answer Objections With 9 Ready-made Marketing Messages


Most people who have experienced tooth loss are overwhelmingly self-conscious about their appearance, but do not realize that justifiable concern exists at many other levels besides simply what they see in the mirror. 


And as we said, they don’t realize the tremendous value that implants actually represent!


They probably don’t comprehend how much it is worth to find a maintenance-free missing-teeth solution that helps them completely regain their confidence and prevents future health problems and jawbone shrinkage.


Always make sure that your dental implant marketing messaging especially emphasizes these 3 points. Dental implants are: 

  • Over 95% successful
  • Cost-effective because of tremendous value
  • Necessary to prevent future health problems


Doing this will help get the message out to your community and swell the growth of dental implant treatment even FASTER!


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Wrapping It Up

Can we make our dental implant marketing reach more prospective patients in your community who don’t realize what’s available to them?


There’s an old saying that “What you don’t know won’t hurt you,” but that’s simply not true. 


If they’re not exploring the possibility of dental implants as a solution for their missing teeth, they are MISSING OUT!


Let’s increase the power of our dental implant marketing message to get that word out to your community!


Dental Implant Marketing Partner


Struggling with your dental implant marketing message?


Reach out to Client Connection Group. We have vast experience helping dental offices reach all the people in their community who suffer because of what they don’t know about dental implants! 


Just ask our satisfied dentist customers from coast to coast!


Reach out to Client Connection Group today

Dental Implant Marketing -Answer Objections With 9 Ready-made Marketing Messages

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