Dental Implant Marketing – 9 Reasons Your Smile Is Supremely Important

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Dental implant marketing means telling people how important smiling is.

Earn More and Live Better With a New Smile

Dental Implant Marketing – 9 Reasons Your Smile Is Supremely Important

As you know, dental implant marketing is all about helping more people improve their smiles.

And smiles are supremely important for more than just appearance as we learned in last week’s blog – Dental Implant Marketing – If Smiling Were a Vitamin …

But the benefits of smiling go even beyond health. 

Do your prospective patients recognize how important smiling is for their careers and their influence on other people?

Do they know that their smile could be directly affecting their bottom line?

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the importance of smiling as it relates to our professional lives, talk about how to use this information in dental implant marketing, and give you 9 ideas to work into your dental implant marketing ads to help to educate your community on the importance of fixing their smile.

Let’s Examine Smiling…

Dental Implant Marketing – 9 Reasons Your Smile Is Supremely Important

Fixing smiles is what you do, so you know it inside and out, right? 

Of course, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to look hard at why we do what we do.

The reason for the strong connection between smiling and dental implant marketing comes through clearly from the very beginning – in the definition of a smile.

A smile is “a pleased, kind, or amused facial expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.” (emphasis added)

How often do people with decayed, missing teeth want to turn the corners of their mouth up in a way that exposes their teeth to public view?

Answer: Not very often, or probably never.

Types of Smiles

The message of dental implant marketing should be that smiles are important.

Researchers have identified 3 main types of smiles according to the emotional effects that they have on others:

  • Reward: Smiles that convey approval, happiness, contentment, and other positive feelings.
  • Affiliation: Smiles that communicate positive intention, trustworthiness, a sense of belonging, compassion, and social connection.
  • Dominance: Smiles intended to convey contempt, disgust, or superiority. Such smiles have been shown to increase cortisol (stress hormone) levels in people they are directed toward.

Smiles can also be grouped into 3 classifications according to their physical shape:

  • Cuspid smile – A third of the population has this diamond-shaped smile.
  • Commissure Smile- Approximately 2/3 of the population possesses a bow-shaped smile.
  • Complex Smile- About 2% of the population smiles using a complex set of 3 muscles – hence the name of this rare smile.

Despite the wide range of reasons for smiling and ways in which we smile, many people think of smiling quite narrowly. 

They see it simply as an involuntary response to happy moments or an expression of pleasure. 

But smiling is supremely important for a host of professional reasons as well.

SMILE for Success and Advancement

Dental Implant Marketing – 9 Reasons Your Smile Is Supremely Important

Although smiling should be genuine, smiling can also be a conscious choice as well. Read Dental Implant Marketing – If Smiling Were a Vitamin …

And when we make this conscious choice, smiling carries tremendous benefits for both our personal relationships and our professional lives.

Here are 9 reasons that smiling is important for increased influence with others as well as professional success and advancement. Use them in your dental implant marketing in order to effectively show your audience the importance of making their smiles all that they can be!

  1. Positive First Impressions: A warm smile in both personal and professional situations shows you as an approachable and friendly person. This leads to positive first impressions and allows individuals to begin to engage and trust you – all because you smile! If your smile is something that you are trying to hide, you will not be prepared to take advantage of these initial opportunities. 
  2. Improved Relationships: Smiling fosters better interpersonal relationships. Personal relationships and professional success are greatly strengthened when people are able to freely use their smile to build rapport, strengthen connections, and resolve conflicts amicably.
  3. Enhanced Communication: Since smiling gives the same message in every language, it is an important tool for breaking down communication barriers. The openness and receptivity that a smile indicates helps others communicate with you much more effectively. Teamwork and leadership roles depend on someone who has enough confidence in their smile to use it to communicate.
  4. Smiling Projects Confidence and Suggests Success– You increase your own confidence when you smile, and others can easily feel that.  People are far more likely to place their faith in and follow someone who is smiling and upbeat. The open smile gives others the sense of past successes and many more to come.
  5. Smiling Can Get You Promoted Research has shown that people who smile regularly appear more confident, are more likely to be promoted, and are more likely to be approached. Try putting on a smile at meetings and business appointments. You might find that people react to you differently. This will greatly affect your bottom line.
  6. Smiling Helps You to Stay Positive – Try this test: Smile. Now try to think of something negative without losing the smile. It’s hard, isn’t it? Smiling can influence your feelings of positivity, even if it feels unnatural or forced. Projecting this positivity to others will help you to powerfully impact the situation, sending off the message that “Life is good!”
  7. Smiling Is Contagious – We have all heard the saying that a smile has the power to light up the room. This is not simply a beautiful sentiment; research proves that it is a fact. Smiling not only can elevates your mood and positivity; it can also change the moods of others for the better. This is because we are wired to automatically notice, interpret, and even mimic other people’s facial expressions. If you catch yourself smiling just because you saw someone else smile, that simply proves the point!
  8. Increased Productivity: Want to get more done and impress the boss? SMILE! Smiling has a strong correlation with happiness and contentment, and happy people are far more productive. Those who are free to smile have a stronger motivation and a better work ethic; this promises much better performance in both personal and professional projects.
  9. Better Leadership: Research has proven that leaders who smile are perceived as more effective and personable. They can inspire and motivate their teams, resulting in better cooperation and higher achievement. It is highly imperative that leaders have the freedom to smile widely and warmly, or they are wasting precious opportunities to lead their teams.

Although smiling can begin with a conscious choice, a positive mindset is needed to make sure that your smiles become genuine and authentic in a short time. 

Smiling has a powerful impact on your ability to meet the needs of people around you. Therefore, it has strong implications for your bottom line.

Use these 9 ideas in your dental implant marketing to talk to your prospective patients about how much it could do for their lives if they would fix their bad smile!

Also read Remind Them That They’ll Smile Again for more inspiration about how to reach people in your community with the message that smiles are IMPORTANT!

Wrapping It Up

Dental Implant Marketing – 9 Reasons Your Smile Is Supremely Important

We are all naturally drawn to people who smile and just as naturally repelled, or at least distanced, by those who do not. The lack of an ability to smile, therefore, has powerful negative effects on both the personal and professional lives of our prospective patients.

In other words, anything we can do to help people smile more is well worth the trouble!

Using these points in your dental implant marketing will help people to realize just how much they are missing by failing to fix their smiles.

And the solution is close at hand – dental implants.

Among all of the other benefits of dental implants, let’s never forget their ability to advance someone’s career by fixing their smile.

Let’s use our dental implant marketing to spread that word!

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Dental Implant Marketing – 9 Reasons Your Smile Is Supremely Important

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