Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Reasons Visibility Is Important

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Dental Implant Marketing - 7 Reasons Visibility Is Important

Dental implant marketing is one of the fastest-growing and most popular areas of dental advertising. And with good reason.

More and more dentists are seeing the tremendous value in dental implants. 

And more and more dentists want to expand their dental implant services in order to grow their practices or, perhaps, to bring in a younger family member or new associate dentist.

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The financial rewards of implants are certainly attractive. Only a few good cases are required to cover all marketing expenses and overhead, leaving all additional cases as profit. 

Equally attractive is the chance to make a real difference in the lives of patients. 

Few other dental treatments provide such an opportunity. 

We are able to take people from the embarrassing condition of edentulism (lacking teeth) to the fully normal appearance and function of a healthy mouth. 

This radically transforms everything from smiling to eating to improved oral and full-body health – all with one procedure!

No wonder dental implants are popular – with patients and the dentists who provide them!

There’s only one problem. 

To offer more dental implant treatments, dentists must be VISIBLE!

What Is Visibility in Dental Implant Marketing?

Dental Implant Marketing - 7 Reasons Visibility Is Important

Visibility refers to how often your brand is in front of your potential customers. 

Whether this is on traditional marketing channels such as billboards, television, and print ads or, more importantly, on digital channels, your brand needs to be in front of prospective customers A LOT! From Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to Google Ads and a high ranking website, you have the chance to make sure that you are appearing where the modern consumer lives – online. 

Positive online reviews are another important element to incorporate on your website and digital marketing as you maintain visibility with customers. 

Online reviews earn very high ratings from consumers researching online, with 99.9% of consumers saying that they read them and 49% saying that they trust them as much as recommendations from family and friends! This is astounding.

Another important consideration is Local Targeting and Local SEO. Since dentists are primarily serving a local audience, improved local visibility will pay off handsomely. 

Optimizing for local audiences includes using location-based keywords, registering with local business directories, etc.

Stay top of mind with your local community with improved visibility.

Importance of Visibility in Dental Implant Marketing

Visibility is important for every dentist, but it is especially important if dentists wish to sell more dental implants.

Why is this the case?

Dental Implant Marketing - 7 Reasons Visibility Is Important

Here are 7 reasons that visibility is so important for dental implant marketing.

  1. High cost of implants. People can take months or even years to research all the options and discuss them with family members before they plunk down the tens of thousands of dollars that an all-on-four implant costs. 
  2. Increasing Competition: As we said, many dentists are beginning to offer implant services, leading to high levels of competition in many communities.
  3. Need for Brand Awareness: High Visibility builds the level of awareness that is necessary for prospective patients to consider your practice as an implant destination.
  4.  Trust and Credibility: Seeing your practice featured prominently in the search results helps to establish the credibility of your practice in the eyes of potential patients. It signals that you are trustworthy and that many other patients have probably seen and been satisfied with your practice. This stamp of approval from Google is a strong weight in favor of your practice.
  5. Patient Acquisition: High visibility naturally directly impacts patient acquisition. Since few people go beyond the first couple of Google search results, your practice will attract exponentially greater numbers of patients if it is featured in the top 10. This visibility allows potential patients to learn about you, read the reviews, and then book an appointment!
  6. Prevalence of Online Search: As we said, in today’s world, consumers are living and searching online for almost all of their needs. Strong online visibility is crucial to meet them where they are.
  7. Referral Potential: Referrals are gold for your practice, as you know. Greater visibility means that more satisfied patients will easily find and share information about you and more quickly refer you to others who also need dental implants. 

The bottom line is that if a prospective patient is interested in dental implants, your site and ads MUST be in front of them!

 If not, one of your competitors will end up gaining their business and your practice won’t!

Even High Visibility Can Take Some Time to Work

Dental Implant Marketing - 7 Reasons Visibility Is Important

Even with high visibility for your practice, the results will probably not be immediate. 

If you are using lead management software, you may notice that prospective implant patients may fill out a form or call your practice multiple times before they actually make the decision to seek implant treatment. 

Sometimes months or even years can pass between the first time that someone filled out a lead form and the day they walk in for their consultation. 

Patients may also fill out forms from various marketing channels: filling out a Google Ad form here, a Facebook ad form there, and finally, scheduling a treatment on your website. 

An integrated, visible online presence is obviously crucial!

Because of the time involved, good communication with a future patient also increases visibility and results. 

Many people may be delaying implants until they can afford them. Calling, texting, and emailing these leads will improve results by reminding them that you are still available. 

The more you can use your visibility to establish a relationship, the more benefits both you and your patients will experience.

Until the implant sale is closed, the possibility is always there that another practice could woo that patient away from you.

Summing It Up

Visibility has never been more important in dental implant marketing. 

Building a strong brand presence across multiple platforms will help your dental practice build awareness, stand out from the competition, achieve credibility, acquire new patients, gain more referrals, and ultimately fill your calendar with implant patients.


By investing in sound marketing strategies, you will build this visibility across multiple channels and begin to SEE the results that you want!

This can happen even in the face of increasing competition and the high cost of dental implants!

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