Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Reasons To Be Confident

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Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Reasons To Be Confident

You Got This.

Ever hear about dental implants and dental implant marketing?

Ever WISH you could hear about dental implants and dental implant marketing?

Well, regardless of whether you’ve heard it or not, IT’S TRUE!


Here’s the lowdown on dental implants:


If you’re on the fence about beginning to place dental implants or are uncertain about how much to push them, you need to hear THIS:



And that isn’t just because of the money. 


It’s also because there are so many, many edentulous and partially edentulous seniors wealthy enough to afford dental implants. 


What they lack is enough knowledge to pursue the life-changing solution that you hold in your hands! And you can change that today with dental implant marketing!


Read all about the opportunity involved in reaching more seniors:

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But let’s also look at the long-term opportunities for dental implants and why you can have the confidence to step up your game with dental implant marketing.

The Forecast for the Dental Implant Market

Dental implants have been growing steadily in popularity over the last several decades. 

They have become a widely utilized tooth replacement solution for many edentulous and partially edentulous people. (Edentulous means “toothless,” by the way.) 

Dentists have also discovered that they are both profitable and immensely satisfying procedures to offer at their practices.

Dental implants are expected to continue to grow in popularity over the coming decade. 

Here is a marketing graph.

Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Reasons To Be Confident

Socio-Economic Factors Driving Dental Implant Interest

      1. Rising prevalence of dental diseases
      2. Increasing awareness of the importance of oral health
      3. The growing interest in aesthetics and longevity.
      4. Swelling numbers in the senior demographic.
      5. Increased discretionary spending among the senior population of developed countries


    Let’s look at each of these in more detail.


        1. Rising prevalence of dental diseases

      Unhealthy lifestyles are on the rise. These include the following: excessive sugar consumption, many times due to sugary drinks; smoking; chewing tobacco usage; and the prevalence of binge eating. 


      All of these problems mean that more people will be losing their teeth.

      Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Reasons To Be Confident

          1. Increasing awareness of oral health and its importance.

        “You’re not truly healthy without good oral health.” So said Dr. C. Everett Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General and an esteemed medical fixture in the U.S. for decades until he died in 2013 at the age of 96.  

        Although this widespread awareness is long overdue, more and more people are finally realizing this fact and placing greater value on oral health. 

        Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Reasons To Be Confident

            1. The growing interest in aesthetics and longevity.

          More and more seniors desire to live longer and they want to look good doing it. 

          Dental implant marketing needs to encourage seniors that they no longer need to put up with the sunken-jaw appearance of those who have lost teeth.

          Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Reasons To Be Confident

              1. Aging demographic growth

            One simple reason to focus on seniors is that the demographic is growing. 

            Today, those over 65 make up 16.9% of the US population. By 2060, however, the number of adults over 65 is expected to reach 98 million and make up 24% of the population! 

            That’s an almost staggering number of people! None of us recognize what it will be like to live in a society where one in 4 people are over the age of 65. 

            To get an idea of how large a number 98 million is, consider this: only 16 countries in the world had populations greater than this in 2023!

            Whole nations will be needing your services in a matter of decades, but that’s not all. 

            Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Reasons To Be Confident

                1. Increased discretionary spending among the senior population

              Older adults – ages 50 and above – are hands-down the most financially well-heeled patients that your practice can attract. 

              At about 120 million strong, they hold a disproportionate share – approximately 75% – of the household wealth in the United States. 

              They are also the most generous spenders. Those over the age of 50 spend more than 50% of all US purchasing dollars!
              Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Reasons To Be ConfidentIndustry Factors Driving Dental Implant Market Growth 

              There are also a number of industry factors that are driving the dental implant market share. We will look at these in greater depth in a future post.

              Here are 5 important industry factors that are also driving the dental implant market:

                  1. Continued consolidation of dental clinics under DSO umbrellas
                  2. Long-term cost efficiency growth in dental implant procedures
                  3. Increasing technological advancements in the dental implant field
                  4. Growing efficacy of dental implant treatments
                  5. Increasing numbers of General Practitioners placing implants

                Both dentists and industry leaders are also becoming aware that there is a real opportunity for growth in the implant market due to a low penetration rate into the U.S. population.

                What’s In It For Me?

                As we said at the beginning, OPPORTUNITY ABOUNDS FOR YOU!

                All of this is setting the dental implant market up to grow in the high single-digit range during the remainder of the 2020s!


                So, continue to advance with confidence in dental implant marketing! 

                There is no need to fear when you have SO MUCH opportunity at your fingertips.

                And there are SO MANY people who need your services in YOUR community and can actually afford to pay for them!

                You CAN do this!

                Dental Growth Partner for Maximum Impact

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