Dental Implant Marketing – The Beginning of the Sales Process

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Dental Implant Marketing and the Sales Process

Dental Implant Marketing – The Beginning of the Sales Process

How much do we really know about the part that dental implant marketing plays in the sales process? 


Here at Client Connection Group, we write, speak, and work constantly with both dental implant marketing and the sales process for selling dental implants.


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We know that dental implant marketing is important to the sales process but how important


And how do we actually define dental implant marketing’s relationship to the sales process for dental implants anyway?


In today’s blog, we’re going to answer these questions with an all-encompassing rundown of dental implant marketing’s part in the sales process, explain both what it is and what it isn’t, and give you 8 suggestions and tips for making dental implant marketing contribute to an effective sales process and maximum ROI.


Ready to get started? Let’s dive in.

What Are We Discussing Anyway?

Dental Implant Marketing – The Beginning of the Sales Process

Definitions are important. “He who defines the terms wins the argument,” the old saying goes. 


So, here are some definitions:


Dental implant marketing – “the positioning of dental implants as the solution to people’s problems.”


Sales process – “the presentation of dental implants to a specific customer and the closing of that sale.”


Dental Implant Marketing – The Beginning of the Sales ProcessDental Implant Marketing – The Beginning of the Sales Process

Dental implant marketing – the positioning of you and your offer of dental implants as the solution to people’s problems – represents THE BEGINNING of the sales process for dental implants.


And, as we all know, the way that something starts is extremely important. That’s why dental implant marketing is so CRUCIAL. Your sales process and your entire bottom line start here.


Dental implant marketing bridges the gap between the product that you are offering in your office and the many, many people who need this solution in your community!


The goal of dental implant marketing is getting people with a need for your product through the door.


What Is Marketing? (And What Isn’t It?)

Dental Implant Marketing – The Beginning of the Sales Process

If the goal of marketing is getting people with a need for your product in the door of your office, what does marketing actually consist of?


Marketing is…

  1. Finding where your ideal patient lives.
  2. Discovering what their need is.
  3. Learning how to bait them into your office.


Marketing should consist of …

  1. Finding people with a need that you can satisfy.
  2. Discovering if patients are qualified (have the ability to buy from you).
  3. Bringing in those qualified patients.


What part does marketing play in the sales process?

  • Marketing’s job is to bring in qualified people with a need that your product can satisfy.


Let’s repeat that last point: The part that marketing (in this case, dental implant marketing) plays in the sales process is to bring qualified people into your office.


This is all that it is supposed to do.


What Marketing Isn’t

Although marketing is the crucial beginning step of the sales process, it does have its limitations.


In short, here are 3 things that dental implant marketing cannot do.

  1. Overcome the Long Sales Cycle: The decision-making process for dental implants can be lengthy, and patients may take a considerable amount of time to research, consider options, and make a decision. Ongoing lead nurturing will be required.
  2. Eliminate the Competitive Landscape: The dental implant market can be highly competitive, especially in urban areas. Somehow you will have to figure out a way to stand out and draw people into your office. 
  3. Completely Guarantee Success: As we said, marketing is the beginning, not the end of the process. While marketing can generate leads and interest, it cannot guarantee the success of dental implant procedures or patient satisfaction. Your practice must not blame clinical outcomes, patient experiences, and post-operative care failures on marketing.


The main limitation of marketing is its inability to be MORE than the beginning of the process. 


It is asking too much of marketing to ask that it fully sell the patient on a 5-figure treatment plan.


This is where many people get confused. They ask marketing to be the entire process.


Again, the only goal of marketing is to get qualified people in the door of your office.


Let marketing stand or fall on its ability to do this job. Do not blame marketing if plenty of people are coming into your office, but few of them are signing up for treatment. That is a different problem.


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Collaboration between marketing teams and clinical staff will allow marketing to be all that it can be without confusing the responsibilities of marketing with those of any other part of the dental office.


How Do We Best Use Dental Implant Marketing to Maximize the Sales Process?

How do we maximize dental implant marketing?

So, if dental implant marketing is the crucial first step, how do maximize it?


Here are 8 key aspects of dental implant marketing that can maximize the sales process for dental implants:

  1. Learning to Know Your Ideal Patient: The first job of any successful marketing is learning to know the patients that you are marketing to. Read our blog Dental Implant Marketing – Know Thy Patient for an in-depth look at this concept.
  2. Fostering Awareness and Education: Many people in our communities are still not aware of the benefits of dental implants, or at least do not fully understand the procedure. Dental implant marketing can both raise awareness of the benefits of dental implants – such as improved aesthetics, functionality, and long-term oral health – as well as help to teach people more about the procedure itself.
  3. Creating Trust and Credibility: The only way that dental implant marketing succeeds in its goal of bringing more people into the office is by establishing the credibility of the dental implant provider. This trust can be built in many ways – testimonials, case studies, and before-and-after photos that showcase successful implant procedures and satisfied patients. A constant stream of quality educational content, such as blogs or videos, on the website and social media can position your office as a trusted implant destination.
  4. Maximizing a Targeted Reach: Marketing allows dental implant providers to target the specific demographics – those in high-risk sports – or segments of the population – the elderly –who are likely to be missing teeth and needing dental implants. If done correctly, these targeted marketing approaches will bring more people through the door of your office while saving you money.
  5. Building an Online Presence: A strong online presence for your dental office, including a professional website and active social media profiles, is essential for dental implant marketing. Potential patients often research dental implant options online, and high ratings and obvious attention to their concerns on your website can help to convince them to come in for a consultation.
  6. Growing the Lead Generation Process: Marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing such as blogs and FAQ pages, as well as paid advertising such as Google Ads, contribute to the lead generation that is the lifeblood of successful dental marketing. The potential leads that marketing produces can then be nurtured through the sales process.
  7. Relationship Building: Marketing done right not only attracts new patients but also begins to build a relationship with them from the very first ad that they see. Nothing will do a better job of bringing them through the door of your office than feeling that they have a budding relationship with the office!


Wrapping It Up

As you can see, dental implant marketing may be only the beginning of the sales process but it does set the tone and significantly influences the outcome!


Although it cannot be the entire process, without it, few leads and connections will be generated for your practice.


In short, the journey to dental implant success does not end with your patients at the door of your practice, but it is crucial to get them to that point.


And quality dental implant marketing WILL deliver them there for you!


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Dental Implant Marketing – The Beginning of the Sales Process

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