Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Creating the Image

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Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Get the Image Right!

Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Creating the Image

Dental implant marketing on Facebook is far harder than it used to be. The sheer amount of competition and noise on Facebook feeds these days leaves dentists and marketers wondering “How can I possibly create Facebook implant marketing creatives that will get any attention at all in the endless scroll?”


We’ve been discussing general principles (Read Dental Implant Marketing – How to Write Winning Facebook Creatives) and the importance of research (Read Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key).


But today, we’re going to look at one of the most crucial pieces of a winning Facebook creative – the IMAGES that we use!


Although it is certainly true that winning Facebook creatives do NOT just happen, they CAN be done!


And creating the right IMAGE is a giant piece of that success!


In this blog, we’ll review briefly the importance of Facebook creatives and some general principles, discuss the place that an image fills in getting attention for your post, and give you 10 tips for creating winning images and graphics for Facebook ads that will STOP THE SCROLL!


 Why Does the Facebook Scroll Matter So Much?

Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Creating the Image

Let’s take a look at why being part of someone’s Facebook scrolling is important enough to put so much time and energy into your Facebook creatives.


Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Creating the Image

Here are the statistics:

  • As of 2023, Facebook had 3.03 billion monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide
  • Every day, 2.064 billion users log in to Facebook. That means 68.11% of Facebook’s monthly active users are also daily users.
  • There are 243.5 million Facebook users in the United States. In other words, about 70% of the US population is on the Facebook platform!
  • Marketers can potentially reach something like 2.11 billion Facebook users worldwide through advertising on Facebook.
  • Facebook’s official website gets around 17 billion visits each month on average!


The last statistic should grab everyone’s attention. That is the equivalent of EVERY PERSON in the world visiting the Facebook site twice every month!!


According to, as of May 2021, “Facebook was the most used social media site in the United States accounting for 71.8 percent of all social media visits … Although other sites remain popular, Facebook’s number of visits made it undoubtedly the leading social media platform in terms of social media site visits.” (emphasis added)


Facebook, which was officially renamed Meta in 2021, has the ability to get your message out to 70% of the US population!


THAT is why being part of the scroll and competing for attention is worth your time!


Even a small portion of that attention can amount to a VERY big deal for your dental implant marketing efforts!


Reviewing General Principles

Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Creating the Image

First, let’s briefly review the general marketing principles for Facebook creatives.

1. Make sure that the layout is attractive.


2. Remember that the only job of every segment is to sell the person on taking the next step.

a.       Image and headline need to sell people on stopping to read the copy

b.       Copy needs to sell the click

c.       Landing page should sell the lead form

d.       Lead form should sell the call

e.       Call should sell the appointment

f.        Appointment needs to sell the treatment.


3. Curiosity is the key to getting people to take the next step. More on this.


4. Do not re-invent the wheel, but make the wheel your own.

a.       Two extremes here

(1)    Trying something besides a wheel or placing a triangle on the wheel in pursuit of something different.

(2)    Deciding that the important thing is following the crowd, so you simply adopt a plain-Jane wheel that interests no one.

b.       The wheel should not be re-invented because usually if everyone is doing something a certain way, it is because it actually works.


5.    People buy from people who understand them so intimately that it feels like the voice in their head.


6. Get to know your customers intimately.


Read Dental Implant Marketing – How to Write Winning Facebook Creatives for a fuller discussion of these principles.


How Do You Create the Image for Winning Facebook Ad Creatives?

Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Creating the Image



Here are some general principles as you create or select the images for your Facebook ads:

1.       You have one second to make an impression

–       You need to provide enough information in one second that it makes them want to stop scrolling


2.       Callout to the audience

a.       You can use brand colors but don’t get too stuck on them

b.       The design of the image should have a certain draw to it. Whether it’s a catchy color design, stark simplicity that demands attention, or an a funny, emotional, or goal-inspiring image, you want it to stand out


3.       Spend a couple of minutes scrolling through Facebook and then look at your image.

–       Does it have an appeal above the noise of your feed?


4.       Your post can be just a picture if it is perfect and says what it needs to say. It can also be a picture with words overlaid, just graphics, or graphics with words. It’s good to try multiple variations in split tests.


5.       Make sure that the picture communicates an emotional reaction that fits with your brand.

–   This can guide you in creating the image. Decide exactly what you want someone to feel when they see it and work backwards from there.


Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Creating the Image

Practical Pointers for Creating the Image for Facebook Ad Creatives

Here are 10 practical ideas of varying ways to help you design an image for your Facebook ads that will stop them in their scroll.

  1. Showcase Smiles: This is every dentist’s first thought, but it still works because we are all hardwired to love smiles. Feature the most attractive smiles that you can find. Use before-and-after photos of patients who have undergone dental implant procedures.
  2. Custom Photography: To differentiate yourself, don’t settle for stock images, if at all possible. Invest in superb professional photography for your dental implant images. Custom images build a strong connection with your audience that stock photos cannot match.
  3. Storytelling Visuals: Everyone loves stories but they are seldom incorporated into Facebook dental implant marketing. Consider showing the journey of a patient from initial consultation to a successful conclusion. This, of course, is taking the before-and-after idea to the next level.
  4. Dynamic and Action Shots: Closely related to storytelling, try moving away from static images by using dynamic or action shots. Show behind-the-scenes glimpses of your team in action or capture the dynamic aspects of the dental implant procedure itself. This will add energy to your visuals.
  1. Interactive Images: Experiment with interactive elements, such as clickable hotspots or before-and-after sliders. This will make your content more memorable and may make them remember YOUR practice better than any other.
  2. Creative Infographics: Infographics are powerful. Design engaging ones that visually communicate harder-to-grasp concepts about dental implants. Make sure that your visuals are clear and concise to show your prospective patients what implants could do for them.
  3. Include Testimonials or Quotes: Integrate patient testimonials or quotes into your images. This adds a personal touch and incorporates the value of social proof into your image as well as increasing the custom aspect of your images. 
  4.   Include Your Logo and Branding: Ensure your brand’s logo and other visual elements are creatively included in the image. It could be subtly integrated into the background or used in a way that enhances the overall visual appeal. Take every opportunity to link your brand to a high-quality image.
  1. Highlight Technology: If your practice uses advanced dental implant technology, make sure that your images include it. This can include 3D imaging, minimally invasive techniques, or other cutting-edge aspects that your practice has invested in.
  2. Mobile-Friendly Design: Are you aware that 97% of Facebook users access their account through their mobile device at least some of the time? Take this seriously by ensuring that your images are optimized for mobile viewing. Test the image on various devices before posting to make sure that nothing has been lost.


Remember, that your goal is to create images that not only showcase your dental implant services but also evoke positive emotions and trust in your brand.


Facebook advertising is like all marketing, “a race without a finish line.”


That means that it is an ongoing process, requiring regular A/B tests and comparison of engagement levels, click-through rates, and conversion rates for different image variations to maximize your dental implant marketing ROI.


Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Creating the Image

Final Points

Here are 3 more points to keep in mind as you select images for your Facebook dental implant marketing ads.

  1. Emotional Appeal: People buy on emotion; logic is only there to justify the purchase. Always evoke emotions through your images. Whether it’s the joy of a patient with a new smile or the satisfaction of overcoming dental challenges, emotional connection is the goal of every image.
  2. Use Vibrant Colors: Incorporate a palette of vibrant and inviting colors. Consider choosing a color scheme that contrasts with the typical dental industry colors. Although blue as the color symbol of trust and professionalism and white as the sign of cleanliness and purity are common dental colors, more bold and vibrant colors can make your images stand out in a newsfeed filled with neutral tones.
  3. Seasonal and Timely Themes: Tailor your images to current events, holidays, or seasons without using trite or boring images. This will keep your content fresh and relevant and help it connect to the narrative that is running through people’s heads.


Wrapping It Up

Understanding and creating the right images for winning Facebook ad creatives takes a lot of work, but the results are well worth it!


With 243.5 million Facebook users in the United States, making the effort to improve your Facebook ads and STOP THE SCROLL is well worth your time.


Just think how many people in YOUR community are on Facebook – at this very minute!


Use these principles and tips to create winning Facebook images that will connect with your audience enough that they will stop scrolling and find out more about all that YOUR practice can do for them.


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Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Creating the Image

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