Dental Implant Marketing – How to Lay a Good Foundation Part 1 – Collect Testimonials

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Dental implant marketing is a critical undertaking for any practice. 


So much hangs in the balance. Will it be successful, bringing in that crucial extra revenue that practices need in today’s tough economy, or will you waste your advertising dollars, see little return, and imperil your practice’s future?


We all know what we want and getting there requires a solid foundation for your efforts.


Dental Implant Marketing – How to Lay a Good Foundation Part 1 - Collect Testimonials

A Few Words About a Dental Implant Marketing Foundation

Every implant dentist needs to think about their foundation for dental implant marketing.


And by the foundation, we aren’t just talking about a fancy marketing plan, although a plan is important and we will discuss preparing one in a future blog. 


Instead, we will be looking at several different aspects of your practice that, although they may seem disconnected from dental implant marketing, can make a huge difference in the results that you will see with your marketing efforts.


And thinking about a solid foundation should be done no matter how long you’ve been involved in dental implant marketing.


Just beginning to offer dental implants?  It is crucial that you think about all the components of a solid foundation.


Been offering them for years?  Find out what gaps in your foundation may be hampering your success.


In the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be walking through many components of a solid foundation in hopes of helping make your dental implant marketing a great SUCCESS!


So let’s dive right in.


You might think this aspect should come later. However, we think there is real value in thinking about it from the beginning. We’ll look at …


Collecting testimonials from satisfied patients.

Definition and Kinds of Testimonials

Dental implant marketing patient-man doing thumbs-up.

What are testimonials and what are some of the most common types used in dental implant marketing? 


Testimonials are direct reports and feedback from patients about the dental implant experience.


You can collect dental testimonials in various formats, each providing unique benefits and insights. Here are a number of the most common types:


      1. Written Testimonials: These are, of course, digital-format written statements or reviews from satisfied patients. Don’t overlook them because they seem common. Collect them through email, feedback forms, or online review platforms. Share them everywhere – on your dental practice’s website, social media pages, and marketing materials.
      2. Testimonial Cards: Small physical cards or postcards, testimonial cards can be filled out by dental implant patients with their testimonials and feedback. A great use for them is to display them in your waiting room or reception area to inspire trust, confidence, and emotional connection among and with current and potential patients.
      3. Audio Testimonials: Audio testimonials feature patients sharing their dental implant experiences but, of course, lack the visual component. Audio testimonials are great, however, for sharing on podcasts, radio advertisements, or other platforms that need audio materials without visuals.
      4. Video Testimonials: Video testimonials are usually considered the gold standard. They feature patients speaking directly about their dental implant experience, and the best ones include dialogue with someone from the dental office. This creates an atmosphere almost akin to a podcast. The genuine emotions and expressions conveyed make them particularly compelling and relatable to potential dental implant patients.
      5. Before-and-After Images: Before-and-after images are silent testimonials that visually demonstrate the life-changing impact of dental implants. Remember to use the most graphic “before” pictures somewhat sparingly, as they can be offensive in some contexts.
      6. Case Studies: Case studies delve deeper into an individual dental implant case and provide detailed information about the initial condition, treatment plan, and outcome. These can include customer interviews and help set an individual case in the larger medical framework, especially with unusual or comprehensive cases.

    Using all of these types of testimonials helps to provide a solid foundation for your dental implant marketing. Read on to see how.


    10 Ways Testimonials Are Important for Dental Implant Marketing

    Dental Implant Marketing – How to Lay a Good Foundation Part 1 - Collect Testimonials

    All of the different types of customer testimonials provide crucial benefits for dental implant marketing. Here are 10 of them:


        1. Builds trust and credibility: Testimonials are powerful social proof, demonstrating real experiences and positive outcomes from actual patients. Potential patients are positively impacted by seeing others who have experienced successful dental implant procedures. Their happiness, even after going through the procedure, builds confidence in the dental practice’s expertise and services.
        2. Creates an emotional connection through compelling narrative: Testimonials, by definition, are personal statements, and the emotion and feelings that they convey can create a real connection with prospective patients. This connection makes people far more likely to choose this dental practice since they believe that this dentist will walk with them on their personal implant journey.
        3. Demonstrates competence: These positive testimonials showcase the competence of the dentist in performing dental implant procedures. Highlighting the success rate and the ability to meet patient expectations further enhances the halo of the implant dentist.
        4. Addresses objections and concerns: Most prospective patients have doubts or fears about undergoing the dental implant procedure. Testimonials address these concerns directly and personally and are hard to refute. Who can gainsay the testimonial of someone who confesses that they were afraid, yet went through the procedure, and is now happy they did?
        5. Boosts conversion rates: Because of all the before-mentioned points, using customer testimonials prominently in dental implant marketing can significantly boost conversion rates. Social proof is second to none in helping people overcome their hesitation and fears and be ready to sign on the dotted line.
        6. Enhances online presence and reputation: Online reviews and testimonials in any of the listed formats are essential for any business in the digital age. Positive testimonials contribute to a dental practice’s online reputation and will encourage more patients to leave reviews, creating a scalable rate of success.
        7. Cost-effective marketing tool: Customer testimonials require little equipment or expense, especially compared to the costs of other aspects of dental implant marketing. All that is required is a smartphone, the cooperation of satisfied patients when asked to share their feedback, and permission to then use that feedback in marketing efforts.
        8. Differentiates the dental practice: In today’s competitive implant market, dental practices need to find ways to stand out. Testimonials help differentiate a practice by showcasing the unique qualities and strengths that satisfied patients appreciate. 
        9. Encourages word-of-mouth referrals: Satisfied patients are more likely to share their positive experiences with friends and family, especially if they have already gotten started by sharing them at the dental office! Hearing ourselves say something always makes it more true even for ourselves.
        10. Continuous improvement and feedback: By collecting testimonials and hearing directly from customers, dental practices gain valuable insights into both their strengths and their weaknesses. This feedback loop allows them to continuously improve the customer experience. 

      The Importance of Collecting Testimonials for Dental Implant Marketing

      Dental Implant Marketing – How to Lay a Good Foundation Part 1 - Collect Testimonials

      People place tremendous value on online testimonials. Almost 90% of customers read reviews before their first visit to a business, and an astounding 84% say they trust reviews as much as recommendations from a personal friend!


      Testimonials seem to derive their value from their disinterested, third-party quality. Hearing someone like a patient praise the competence of a dental practice carries far more weight than what the practice says about themselves. 



      And when hearing this may persuade them to purchase a high-value item like dental implants, the importance of the small testimonial grows exponentially!



      In fact, throughout the whole industry, patient feedback and testimonials are critical components of dental implant marketing efforts. And focusing on testimonials helps a dental office to foster a patient-centered environment. In this environment, every patient can have the assurance that they will receive the best care possible.



      Truly they are one of the most potent ways you and your staff can be rewarded for the hard work you do every day to help patients!



      The Problems of Collecting Testimonials

      Male dentist talking to man in a dental chair.

      You probably already have at least a few testimonials, collected here and there. But your practice needs more, many more! 


      And collecting these testimonials involves investing only a small amount of time and very little money! As we said, they are one of the most cost-effective forms of dental implant marketing around.



      There is one common problem with collecting these little trophies, however. 



      Many offices struggle to know how to go about asking for them.


      Someone needs to be willing to broach the delicate question, “Would you give us a review?”


      It’s not a terrifying question, but it does involve the chance of rejection, and that always makes a question a little harder.


      The Process of Collecting Testimonials

      Dental assistant talking to woman in dental chair.

      So we’ll let you in on CCG’s best-practice method for getting good quality dental implant advertising testimonials easily. 

      It’s quite simple

      When a patient is glowingly examining a just-completed treatment implant – and emotions are running high – ask them then and there if they will allow you to record a short video testimonial. 


      Further, train your staff to ask patients for verbal feedback at the end of every visit, and as soon as they hear positive feedback, ask that patient if they would be willing to record a short testimonial if they have not already done so! 


      If the patient is not comfortable giving a video testimonial, follow up by asking them for an audio or written testimonial, depending on your preferred format.



      Always strike while the iron is hot, though, and start by asking for a video testimonial to get as many of these gold standards as possible.



      Finishing Touches
      Dental Implant Marketing – How to Lay a Good Foundation Part 1 - Collect Testimonials
      Once you get these positive reviews for your practice from patients and before you share them as dental implant marketing, there are a few steps you need to take. 

          • Secure written permission from your patient to post and share their testimonial on your website and social media accounts. 

          • Remove any identifying patient details that could compromise your patients’ privacy.

          • Make certain that the testimonial will enhance your practice’s reputation. 

          • Double-check that the language is appropriate for your website and social media platforms.

        After you have followed these steps and screened your testimonials for any objectionable content, post them on your website, and social media accounts, and use them in all the other ways we discussed above.


        Collecting and using these customer testimonials is the way to lay a solid foundation for all of the rest of your dental implant marketing!



        Woman in dental office examining binder of papers.

        It is CRUCIAL that you never forget the step of obtaining proper consent from patients to use their feedback for marketing purposes.


        Additionally, maintaining transparency and authenticity in the area of testimonials is essential to build and preserve trust with both current and potential patients.



        Tooth and magnifying glass

        Customer testimonials play a foundational role in dental implant marketing by building trust, demonstrating success, creating emotional connections, addressing concerns, and ultimately driving new patient acquisition. 


        They serve as a potent marketing tool that can significantly impact the success and growth of a dental practice.


        Dental Implant Growth Partner

        If you would like more help with laying a solid foundation for all of your future dental implant marketing, reach out to Client Connection Group today!


        We have the expertise to help your practice reach your goals with dental implant marketing, and we have satisfied dentist customers from coast to coast to prove it!


        Read some of OUR customer testimonials here!


        Reach out for the help you need to grow your dental implant marketing results today!

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