Dental Implant Marketing – Pitch an Outstanding Investment!

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Dental Implant Marketing – How to Pitch a Good InvestmentDental Implant Marketing – Pitch an Outstanding Investment!


Investment in Your Smile: A Dental Implant Marketing Theme

Dental marketing themes, overarching concepts or ideas that serve as central focuses for marketing campaigns, make dental implant advertising much, much easier.

Dental Implant Marketing – Pitch an Outstanding Investment!

Here at CCG, we’ve collected the top-10 themes and divided them into categories, Educational implant themes, Quality-of-Life implant themes, and Importance of Your Smile implant themes. 

Read Make Dental Implant Marketing Easier With 10 Ready-made Themes for the full breakdown and explanation of how to use themes in general.

Today we’re going to focus on one Importance of Your Smile implant theme, “A Lasting Investment in Your Smile.”


In this blog, we’ll explain why this theme is so important, talk more about how to use it to help people see past the price tag of dental implants, and give you 10 compelling ideas to work into your ads as you do this.

These points will help show people struggling with edentulism (missing teeth) what a wonderful, lasting investment dental implants could be for their life! 

Reviewing Dental Implant Marketing Themes

Dental Implant Marketing themes make connection much easier.

Just to be clear, what are dental implant marketing themes again?

Dental implant marketing themes are general groupings of ads according to the connections and benefits they use to reach their audiences. 


Each theme is an overarching concept or idea that serves as a central focus for a marketing campaign.

Here is a review of the top dental implant marketing themes: 

   1.  Educational Implant Themes

  • “Your Journey to a New Smile”
  • “Personalized Solutions for Every Smile”
  • “Experience the Science of a Strong Smile” 

   2.Quality-of-Life Implant Themes

  • “Eat, Speak, Live Naturally”
  • “Say Goodbye to Dentures”
  • “Restore Your Bite and Confidence”
  • “Revitalize Your Oral Health”

   3. Importance of Your Smile Implant Themes

  • A Lasting Investment in Your Smile”
  • “Smile with Confidence”
  • “Reclaim Your Natural Beauty”

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Why Is “A Lasting Investment in Your Smile” Such a Powerful Theme?

Dental Implant Marketing – Pitch an Outstanding Investment!

As most people know, dental implants are not cheap. This cost can raise a real barrier to entry and represents a large speed bump on the road to seeking treatment.

One of the biggest reasons that the cost raises such a speed bump is this: People don’t realize what a complete and lasting investment dental implants are!

Many people don’t mind spending money on something that will give them what they want. What they mind spending money on is something that doesn’t give them a return. 

Use the theme “A Lasting Investment in Your Smile” to help many more people focus, not on the cost of implants, but on the powerful benefits that implants will bring to their lives.

How to Use Your Dental Implant Marketing to Connect

Dental Implant Marketing – Pitch an Outstanding Investment!

How can we best connect with these people who want to make a lasting investment in their smile? 

 Here are compelling ideas to work into your dental implant marketing as you use this powerful theme.

      1. Longevity: This is the main point that this theme emphasizes. Dental implants are designed to be a permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth. With proper care, they can last a lifetime, unlike some other dental options that may need frequent replacement.
      2. Preservation of Jawbone: Make sure your dental implant marketing stresses how much dental implants do for the jaw structure. Implants stimulate the jawbone just like normal teeth roots, preventing bone loss that can occur when teeth are missing. This helps maintain facial structure and prevents a sunken appearance.
      3. Restoration of Natural Appearance: Implants restore a person’s natural appearance and maintain it for the rest of their life. Implants complete the smile that was lost years ago, blending seamlessly with any remaining teeth.
      4. Return of Normal Diet: No more eating only soft foods! Since dental implants are actually anchored in the jawbone, they give back a normal, firm bite. This allows individuals to again consume a wide range of nutrient-rich foods, improving their diet and nutrition.
      5. Enablement of Normal Speech: How much is being able to speak without slurring, and lisping worth to your patients? Dental implants are an investment that will restore natural, clear speech for the rest of their lives.
      6. Permanent Confidence Boost: The knowledge that the more they smile, the better they look, as compared to the opposite knowledge, makes a positive change in a person’s life that is hard to overstate. 
      7. Improved Oral Health: Dental implants fill the gap left by missing teeth, preventing potentially irritating plaque, bacteria, and food buildup in that area. The fact that they integrate directly into the jawbone also prevents gum irritation, improving gum health.
      8. Solid Support for Remaining Teeth: Not only do dental implants not rely on adjacent teeth for support, they fill the gaps in the mouth, preventing the shifting and misalignment that occurs when teeth lack adjacent support. 
      9. Life-long Convenience: People will never need to remove dental implants for cleaning or soaking overnight, as they would with dentures. Stress the tremendous benefit of this fact when multiplied by every day of their life.
      10. Cost-Effective Long-Term: Although the cost of dental implants is high, it looks much lower when people are made cognizant of the tremendous benefits that they are receiving!

    From a purely monetary standpoint, it is true that the many benefits of dental implants add up to actual dollar savings over the long run for many people.

    In other words, all of the quality-of-life benefits (which would, alone, justify the cost for many people) are happy side effects!

    How’s THAT for a stellar investment!

    A Few Final Points

    Dental Implant Marketing – Pitch an Outstanding Investment!

    Here are several additional points to keep in mind as you use this important theme.

        1. Predictable Outcomes: Along with stressing the lasting nature of dental implants, make sure to highlight the high success rate (approximately 98%) and predictability of dental implant procedures when performed by experienced professionals.
        2. Age Neutrality: Sometimes people think they’re either too old or too young for dental implants. Our dental implant marketing needs to make the point that implants are suitable for patients of various ages, from young adults to seniors, who probably have more years left than they think.
        3. Patient Testimonials: This one is very important and is often overlooked. Share real-life stories and testimonials from satisfied patients who have chosen dental implants and are reaping the tremendous benefits of their wise investment.

      Wrapping It Up

      People don’t like to overspend, but everyone loves a good investment!

      Use this dental implant marketing theme to stress the wise, lasting investment that dental implants represent! 

      Use your marketing to help prospective patients to see past the price tag. 

      Get them to focus on the tremendous blessings that their outlay of cash will be earning them for the rest of their life!

      This is the way to get the ROI that you need from your dental implant marketing today!

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      Dental Implant Marketing – Pitch an Outstanding Investment!

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