Dental Implant Marketing – How to Maximize Booking Conversions

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Are You Booking the Patients You Need From Your Dental Implant Marketing?Dental Implant Marketing - How to Maximize Booking Conversions


Successful dental implant marketing means that patients contact your office to inquire further about dental implant treatment.


Here is where it, of course, gets essential.


As you know, few things are more crucial to your profitability than being able to book these patients. 


However dental implant patients take careful handling by well-trained staff who know how to use a personal touch. 


In today’s blog, we will look at what dental implant patients are thinking, explain how your office staff can demonstrate this all-important personal touch, and provide 8 points for maximizing conversions of the valuable dental implant leads that contact your office.


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What Are Dental Implant Patients Thinking?

Dental Implant Marketing - How to Maximize Booking Conversions          


Here’s what makes dental implant patients more difficult to convert:


When dental implant patients call your office or send a message in response to dental implant marketing on social media, they usually contact you as one of a number of potential implant providers. In other words, they are exploring multiple options, as you well know. 


This means that it takes effort to stand out in their minds.


But there are also things that work in your favor with dental implant patients. These patients are often experiencing significant discomfort and are quite self-conscious about their appearance. They are tired of their life and your dental implant marketing message has caught their attention.


They are seeking answers that offer IMMEDIATE fulfillment.


If they can sense that you care about them and are offering real solutions, the chances of their choosing YOUR practice can actually be greater than for routine dentistry patients.


Potential dental implant patients are seeking an implant provider that can show them that (1) The implant provider has the solution for their life and (2) The implant provider cares about them as a person. 


Demonstrating these things with a personal touch will help you stand out in the minds of prospective customers.


How Can You Show This Personal Touch?

Dental Implant Marketing - How to Maximize Booking Conversions


How can you and your staff show this all-important personal touch when these patients call or contact your office?


Here are 6 ways:

  1. Call Them Back Promptly: Missed calls should be returned within 5 minutes. (More on this below.) Messages should be replied to as soon as possible.
  2. Give the Right Impression: Give the patient the impression that your focus is not just selling your products for the sake of making a sale but for their good.
  3. Be a Problem Finder: Your priority should be identifying and understanding the problems that these patients are facing. Once their problem is understood, your goal becomes offering them solutions that meet their needs.
  4. Let Patients Know They’re in Good Hands: Asking the right questions showcases your knowledge and expertise and reassures patients, thereby building trust. Implant patients are notoriously skittish due to their lack of in-depth understanding of the procedure.
  5. Let Them Talk: People who are allowed to talk about their problems end up owning them. Let them talk so they realize what they need and what the consequences are for waiting to embrace the solution.
  6. Establish Trust From the Beginning: Personal connection builds trust. Establishing trust from the first interaction can significantly influence a potential patient’s willingness to come into your office. 


Quick follow-ups are especially important. As we said, if you miss their call, you should get back to them ASAP. This builds that personal connection and makes them feel valued and prioritized.


Quick follow-ups also catch leads while they are actively thinking about their need for dental implants and show a responsiveness that can set you apart from the competition.


Establishing personal connections shows patients that they are valued as individuals, not just as a potential sale.


This is why it is so important for an agent to take the time to understand and relate to the patient’s needs and concerns on a personal level, thus laying down this foundation of trust.


8 Steps to Maximizing Booking Conversions

Dental Implant Marketing - How to Maximize Booking Conversions


There are a number of different steps and metrics to look at as you work to help your staff use the personal touch effectively and book more clients.


Here are 8 points to watch:

  1. Contact Rate: Is your office staff contacting leads adequately? The minimum should be a rate of 20-25%. If your rate falls below that, your staff should be calling and texting more. 
  2. Callback Time: As we said, your office’s SOP should be to call leads within 5 minutes to make sure that the lead is hot. As was also mentioned, getting back to the patient within 5 minutes increases the conversion rate since patients are often exploring multiple options at the same time.
  3. Listen to the Patient: Call recordings and message histories should show your staff spending significant time listening to and asking questions of patients. They know they have a problem and they need to see you as offering the solution.
  4. Offer a Solution: Make sure your staff doesn’t only push the product. Help them be problem finders that help prospective patients realize that they need a comprehensive SOLUTION for their life and that that solution is dental implants.
  5. Keep the Patient in the Loop: Don’t leave it up to the patient to follow through – take responsibility.

a. Schedule a follow-up time, etc., instead of just telling the patient to call back.

b. Track follow-ups and call them even if they say that THEY will call. Only a tiny percent of patients will actually call back.

c. When following up, personalize communication as much as possible. Use the patient’s name and reference any specific concerns they mentioned during the initial call. This shows attentiveness and care.

  1. Ask for the Appointment: You have one goal – to get patients through the door. Always try to book any patient who isn’t disqualified
  2. Offer the First Few Dates on the Calendar: Short-term scheduling is important. Ideally, appointments should be scheduled no more than 2 weeks in advance. This timeframe reduces the chances of significant changes in their availability and creates a sense of urgency, encouraging patients to prioritize their dental health.
  3. Send Reminders Via Different Channels: Send out reminders via email, text messages as well as phone calls to increase attendance rates. Also, personalizing these reminders with the patient’s name, and specific details about their dental implant appointment can further motivate patients to show up.


Following these steps helps to position your practice as an efficient, responsive one with a personal touch, setting you apart from your competitors.


At all of these points, emphasize the competence and expertise of your practice and its ability to change lives with dental implant services!


Final Points

Dental Implant Marketing - How to Maximize Booking Conversions


Here are 3 additional points to keep in mind as you seek to maximize conversions from your dental implant marketing.

  1. Educational Resources: Always prioritize educating your prospective patients about dental implants. You can offer to provide informative materials or links to online resources along with appointment reminders. Doing this can increase their likelihood of booking appointments.
  2. Appointment Scheduling Flexibility: Although you should prioritize scheduling them as soon as possible, offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate patients’ preferences and availability. This could even include early morning, evening, or weekend appointments to better suit their schedules and again, show your willingness to offer the personal touch.
  3. Patient Referral Program: Want to increase more bookings in the first place? Here’s an idea. Implement a referral program that rewards existing patients for referring new dental implant patients. Word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied patients can be highly effective in generating new bookings and maximizing the ROI of your dental implant marketing.


Reach Out for Help If Needed

Dental Implant Marketing - How to Maximize Booking Conversions


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Wrapping It Up

Prospective dental implant patients who call into or otherwise contact your office are extremely valuable leads. 


Make sure that your staff knows how to employ the personal touch as they handle these communications in order to maximize booking conversions and turn as many of them as possible into paying customers.


And if you need help, see below!


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Dental Implant Marketing - How to Maximize Booking Conversions

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