Dental Implant Marketing –  “Know Thy Patients” for Great ROI

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Dental Implant Marketing –  “Know Thy Patients" for Great ROI


“Know Thy Patients” for Effective Dental Implant Marketing

Dentists need to know their patients for effective dental implant marketing.

Dental implant marketing does not have an inscription over the door as the ancient oracle at Delphi did. 


But if there were such an inscription, it would probably be similar to Delphi’s “Know Thyself.” 


Because what it should say is “Know Thy Patients.”


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Dental implant marketing – and all marketing, for that matter – rises and falls on this question: How well do you know the people that you are attempting to reach with your advertising?


But how do we do it?


How do we get to know our prospective patients?

One of the best tools for doing this is a customer persona.

In this blog, we’re going to learn the importance of customer personas, how to create them for your customers, and give you 7 ways to use them in your dental implant marketing. 



What is a Customer Persona?

Dental Implant Marketing –  “Know Thy Patients" for Great ROI

First of all, what are customer personas


Well, first of all, customer personas have been called the Swiss Army knife of marketing – they are just THAT useful!


Customer personas, also sometimes called buyer personas or marketing personas, are an interesting blend of the factual and the fictional. 


They are fictional in the sense that they are a made-up person, but they are factual because they are based solidly on research about your customers. In the end, they are supposed to be a representation of your ideal customer


Customer personas provide marketers with a human face to write to as they assemble advertising copy. And the benefits they provide are many, as we will see.


In fact, building a customer persona is one of the best ways to become familiar with your audience and gain marketing knowledge.


Doing the research and collecting the data that each persona requires is one of the most valuable activities that a marketer can engage in.


Benefits of Using Customer Personas in Dental Implant Marketing

Dental Implant Marketing –  “Know Thy Patients" for Great ROI

Here are 10 benefits of using customer personas in dental implant marketing:

      1. Improved Understanding of Your Customers: Personas help you precisely define and understand your dental implant marketing audience. You will finally know exactly WHO you are speaking to with your marketing message.
      2. Less Wasted Ad spend: Precisely targeting your ideal customer increases your dental implant marketing ROI substantially.
      3. Clearer Communication: Personas help you drill down and speak the language of your customers. Learning everything about your audience will allow you to speak into their lives, reaching their pain points and aspirations, such as a lack of self-confidence and a desire to simply look normal again.
      4. Targeted Content Creation: Personas help guide marketers to create more relevant, engaging content. Whether you’re producing blog posts, videos, infographics, or other ad content, you will have a much better idea of which points to hit with a quality customer persona in front of you.
      5. Enhanced User Experience: Customer personas inform website and app design for your dental office. The details and discoveries that you make about your audience’s preferences will allow you to create a tailored user experience. No matter how well you think you know your audience, there will always be a quirk that you never thought of that a great customer persona will reveal. 
      6. Improved Marketing Strategy: A complete customer persona will allow you to develop a comprehensive dental implant marketing strategy. You’ll learn which channels and platforms are most likely to bring results to your community because you will learn where your audience lives and gets their information. You might even shed more light on funny little knotty questions such as what time of the day is actually best to drop your content. (Of course, you can always run your own tests, but why not get a leg up?)
      7. Better Lead Nurturing: Personas help mightily with lead nurturing campaigns. You’ll learn what information and incentives to provide and when to provide them in order to move your potential dental implant customers down the funnel. 
      8. More Referrals: Understanding your customers better means that you will provide a better implant experience and better support, which will increase the number of satisfied customers and decrease the number of dissatisfied ones. Many satisfied customers mean many more referrals.
      9. Data-Driven Decision Making: Personas provide a perfect framework for data collection and analysis. You can measure your dental implant marketing efforts against the expectations and behaviors of your personas to learn what is working well and what needs to be tweaked or replaced.
      10. Competitive Advantage: Dental offices that have invested the time to create detailed customer personas tend to have a competitive advantage. By continuing to invest time into researching and updating their customer personas, they will be able to effectively respond to changes in the dental implant market and customer demands.

    Remember the Swiss Army knife analogy? Are you starting to agree? 


    Ben Settle says “The answer to every question is in your market.” 


    And, the beauty of customer personas is that they help dental offices understand, target, and engage that market at an extremely granular level. 


    The framework of support and clarity that customer personas provide to dental implant advertising efforts can hardly be overstated.


    Creating Dental Implant Customer Personas

    Dental Implant Marketing –  “Know Thy Patients" for Great ROI

    So how do you go about creating a customer persona for your dental implant marketing efforts?


    Here are some sample main categories and sub-points to get you started:

        1. Demographics – Age; income; education; location
        2. Professional – Occupation, title; company size; who they report to; professional tools, software, and apps 
        3. Personal traits – Interests and hobbies; favorite brands; values
        4. Information Sources – Books and magazines; blogs and podcasts; events; associations and memberships; gurus and experts
        5. Main Goals/Values for Treatment
        6. Chief Challenges/Pain Points

      And, here are 5 sample dental implant personas to get you started, even though each is missing quite a bit of potential information. Each community and dental office situation is different so no one can give you the exact customer personas that your office should use.


      1. “Retiree Rosie”:

      • Age: 65+
      • Demographics: Retired, possibly on a fixed income
      • Challenges/Pain Points: Missing teeth, denture discomfort, desire for a more permanent solution
      • Goals/Values: To enjoy her retirement years and enhance her self-confidence by fixing her smile. She values a permanent solution for missing teeth that allows her to eat, speak, and smile comfortably and alleviates her worries about oral health.


      2. “Working Professional William”:

      • Age: 40-60
      • Demographics: Employed, busy lifestyle, high income
      • Challenges/Pain Points: Missing teeth affecting confidence, busy schedule, desire for a quick and effective solution
      • Goals/Values: He wants dental treatment that is convenient for his schedule, an improved appearance, and increased self-confidence. He values durability and a long-term solution

      3. “Middle-aged Mary”:

      • Age: 30-50
      • Demographics: Parents, family-oriented, time and budget-conscious
      • Challenges/Pain Points: Missing teeth affect eating and speaking, she is afraid that she will be ashamed of her appearance at family events
      • Goals/Values: She no longer wants to be afraid of family pictures. She wants an affordable way to a comfortable, functional smile. She wants to set a good example of oral health for her children.


      4. “Tech-Savvy Tyler”:

      • Age: 20-40
      • Demographics: Digital natives, tech-savvy
      • Pain Points: Missing teeth impacting social life and media appearances, desire for the latest dental technologies
      • Goals/Values: He wants to fix his teeth with a cutting-edge dental treatment. He wants a social media-worthy smile first and foremost.


      5. “Active Alex”:

      • Age: 25-35
      • Demographics: Young professional or student, active lifestyle, involved in sports
      • Challenges/Pain Points: Missing tooth from sports accident, self-conscious about appearance, long-term oral health
      • Goals: He wants to restore his smile and regain his confidence with a cost-effective, minimally invasive dental solution. He values a convenient solution that gives him a natural, functional smile.


      These personas will help you to develop dental implant marketing that will reach a range of age groups and lifestyles, each one having unique motivations for seeking out dental implant treatment.


      For example, your marketing approach for “Tech-Savvy Tyler” might be to highlight the cutting-edge, high-tech aspect of dental implants, while “Working-class William will be most impressed with a durable solution that can fit into his schedule.


      Keeping any of these personas in front of you as you write and develop marketing will do more for your messaging than you can imagine until you actually try it. 


      Points on Using Customer Personas

      Dental Implant Marketing –  “Know Thy Patients" for Great ROI

      Here are 5 additional points for using customer personas in different types of marketing.

          1. Ads: Customize Google Ads and social media ads for EACH specific group. Build as many ads as you have personas, using language, images, and ad copy that will resonate with the goals, values, and challenges of each group.
          2. Website: Adjust your website to cater to the needs of your personas. This might include having dedicated landing pages for each group that provides information tailored to them and their specific goals.
          3. Email: Segment your email lists based on your personas and send targeted email campaigns to each one. For example, “Middle-aged Mary” might receive content about the importance of dental health for the whole family, while “Tech-Savvy Taylor” could receive updates on the latest dental implant technologies.
          4. Social Media: Engage with your personas on social media by sharing content that speaks most directly to them. One thing that does not vary however is this: Respond to all comments and messages promptly! This will build a stronger relationship with EVERY age group.
          5. Patient Testimonials: Make sure to feature stories of successful treatments from every age group and persona and be certain that the points in the testimonials address the goals and values of your target persona.

        Following these points will help you to connect and build trust quickly with your target audience and will allow you to get full benefit from your use of these Swiss Army knives of marketing! 


        The better you follow the advice to “Know Thy Patients” the better your marketing will be.


        For more information, read our blog 7 Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Ideas for Knowing Your Patients.


        Wrapping It Up

        Dental Implant Marketing –  “Know Thy Patients" for Great ROI

        Precisely targeting your dental implant marketing to all the different age groups takes a lot of work, but the results are well worth it!


        In the United States, there are as many as 150 million people are missing at least one tooth, spanning all of the different age groups listed above.


        Use customer personas, the Swiss Army knife of marketing, to produce marketing messages that connect and engage your audience at a deep level and you will see your dental implant marketing ROI soar! 


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        Dental Implant Marketing –  “Know Thy Patients" for Great ROI

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