Dental Implant Marketing – How Do Staff Dress and Office Music Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?

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Dental implant marketing gets the best ROI when every every part of the vibe is thought through carefully.

Dental implant marketing that results in a strong sales process is about much more than running a few ads. 


It’s about the entire process, including the patient experience in your office. It may be ESPECIALLY about the patient experience in your office!


What answers would you give to the following questions?

  1. What are the vibes that patients feel when they step into my office?
  2. Are they the vibes that I want them to feel?
  3. Are staff dress and office music contributing what they should to the vibe of my office?


Although we talk a lot here at Client Connection Group about the importance of the BEGINNING of the Sales Process – dental implant marketing – the visit to your office is the next step in the process and the atmosphere (or vibes) of your office is hugely important for success.


For more on this, read our blog – Dental Implant Marketing – The Importance of the Initial Vibes to the Sales Process


And in that initial process, the interactions with your staff play an extremely important role. 


For an in-depth look at this, read our blog Dental Implant Marketing – Your Staff Giving the Right Vibes for the Sales Process. 


In today’s blog, we’re going to look even more closely at the contribution of your staff by taking a careful look at how staff dress and office music can help to create the vibes that you want and contribute to a strong ROI from your dental implant marketing.


We’ll look briefly again at why initial vibes are so important, discuss the part that your staff dress and office music play in these interactions, and finally give you 11 suggestions and tips for helping your staff dress and the office music you choose to contribute to a successful sales process for your dental implant marketing!


Ready to go? Let’s dive in! 


What Are We Actually Discussing?

It’s always good to start by thoroughly defining the topic of discussion.


So, what is a vibe


The dictionary defines a vibe (short for vibration) as “Slang; a distinctive emotional quality or atmosphere that is sensed or experienced by someone.” 


(Although it is considered slang, vibe has become very common due to its unique ability to describe an emotional feeling that, although impossible to easily quantify, is still very real – just like a physical vibration.)


When we refer to the vibes of your office, we are talking about “the emotional quality or atmosphere” that someone senses when they step through the door. 


In short, how does the clothing of your staff and the music playing when they walk in, make prospective patients FEEL? 


Why Are Vibes So Important for Dental Implant Marketing ROI?

Dental Implant Marketing – How Do Staff Dress and Office Music Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?

The short answer is “Because vibes form BRANDS.” The brand, or difference attached to your name, is formed by the atmosphere of your office.


From the moment that they step through your office door, patients (and especially implant patients) are sensing this vibe very keenly. They are trying to discover exactly what kind of place your office is. They are wondering if your establishment can give them their money’s worth from the tens of thousands of dollars they will be spending if they follow through with implant treatment.


In other words, whether you and your staff are thinking about the sales process or not, their impressions of staff dress and office music are helping to form the value equation – or in other words, the worth of your BRAND – in your patients’ minds.


Wow! That makes it important, wouldn’t you say?


In all of this, you need to remember something: By simply thinking through details such as staff dress and office music – rather than letting them play out in haphazard fashion as is much more often the case – you are placing your office ahead of 98% of dental practices!


That’s right – attention to these details will catapult you into the top 2% easily and lead to the best possible ROI from your dental implant marketing!


How Should We Think About Staff Dress and Office Music?

So, how should you think about the contributions of staff dress and office music?


Here are 3 points to help you begin.

  1. Decide what atmosphere or vibes you want your office to produce. Write this down.
  2. List the possible choices in staff dress and office music that would contribute to this vibe.
  3. Train your staff in the importance of these things and give them guidelines to follow.


The third point is especially important. Your front-office staff probably does not realize how important these things are to the patients and the entire process of selling dental implants.


Educate them thoroughly on this and model it yourself.


Dress for Success

Dental Implant Marketing – How Do Staff Dress and Office Music Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?


Here are 6 principles to help you choose and execute staff dress that contributes to a successful sales process.

  1. Choose Your Vibe: This bears repeating. Make sure that you FIRST choose the vibe that you want to produce and then decide how staff dress should look to contribute to this atmosphere.
  2. Make It Part of Your Brand: As we said, when you tie every detail of the presentation and vibe together you create a BRAND that will make you stand out from the other 98% of competitors who have never thought about how dress contributes to their office atmosphere and overall image.
  3. Look Professional in Any Case: As we said, if people will be spending tens of thousands of dollars, they want to feel that they are dealing with professionals, and dress is an unavoidable indicator of who people are. Modesty and a fitting level of formality are essential for creating the brand you want.
  4. Stress Uniformity: Establish a code that ensures uniformity and color coordination among all staff members of equal job descriptions and department while providing suitable variations for differing roles. This gives a cohesive, organized look to your entire team. 
  5. Reflect Your Patient Base: Ladies in high heels and full business dress for men may be appropriate in high-end, urban areas; whereas, a T-shirt and jeans under a lab coat may connect best with patients in rural areas.
  6. Take a Stand Against Sloppiness: Make sure everyone looks put together no matter what they’re wearing, avoiding stains, wrinkles, and visible wear. In a patient’s mind, the sloppily dressed receptionist will conjure up images of sloppy clinical work. That’s just the way that patients’ minds work. 


Remember to communicate these principles clearly to all staff members and provide them with the outfits or allowances they need to meet your standards. 


Also, regularly review and update the dress code as needed to align with brand changes or meet other considerations.


Face the Music

Dental Implant Marketing – How Do Staff Dress and Office Music Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?


Music has a powerful effect on your office atmosphere. Although your choices will certainly depend on the demographic you serve, aim for an unobtrusive, relaxing feel to build a brand that will maximize the ROI of your dental implant marketing.


Here are 5 guidelines for choosing music as well as 6 specific examples. 


But as we said, the most important point is to give THOUGHT to your office music!

  1. Narrow Your Choices: Carefully consider your patient base and make a list of the genres that fit them.
  1. Aim for a Relaxing Feel: Patients should immediately feel relaxed when they walk through the door. Make it your goal to play whatever is relaxing and comfortable for your patient base. 
  1. Avoid Extremes: Don’t play to the extremes – one tattooed guy doesn’t mean you should play heavy metal. 
  1. Ask Your Patients: Ask your patients about their music tastes during small talk to pick up on trends.
  1. Find a Compromise:  In all of this, remember that if you hate the music, you don’t have to play it, but do thoroughly consider your patients’ tastes. Find a compromise between your tastes and those of your patients. (On the other hand, you may love some weird niche music but your average patient may not want to come back, simply because it felt like an assault on their ears.)


In all of this, remember to regularly update your music playlists to prevent even the best selections from becoming monotonous.


Here are several specific examples:
  1. Serve an ethnic group? Play their music.
  2. Older people? Likely oldies would be a great genre to choose for a preponderance of your office music. 
  3. In a rural area? – Country will often fit the bill.
  4. Trendy patient base? – Choose indie music.
  5. Play low-volume music to avoid making conversations difficult. 
  6. Additionally, music without lyrics can be less distracting.


Final Points

Dental Implant Marketing – How Do Staff Dress and Office Music Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?


To maximize the contribution of staff dress and office music in your office, you must continue to remember the importance of 2 things:

  1. Training: You MUST train your staff, giving them the guidelines that they need and ensuring that they follow them. 
  1. Example: Model the dress and music choices that will contribute to your brand, since your team is looking to you as an example. Nothing is more effective at producing desired results than a good example.


Wrapping It Up

Your patients ARE thinking about the sales process as they enter your office and they are noticing both the attire of your staff and the music that is being played. These things help to influence and adjust the value equation of the treatment in their mind.


Making choices that help to produce the vibe and brand that you want significantly influences the outcome of the sales process and the ROI of your dental implant marketing!


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Dental Implant Marketing – How Do Staff Dress and Office Music Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?

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