Dental Implant Marketing- 10 Ways They’ll Get Back NATURAL Living!

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Dental Implant Marketing- 10 Ways They'll Get Back NATURAL Living!

Your Dental Implant Marketing -Simplified Naturally

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Dental implant marketing is not the easiest business.

But it can be simplified with the use of implant marketing THEMES. 

Themes make reaching your community easier in several ways:

      • Crafting ads 

      • Focusing on the patient 
      • Sending a unified message across all advertising channels

    Check out our blog Make Dental Implant Marketing Easier With 10 Ready-Made Themes. 

    We have collected the top 10 themes in dental implant marketing and divided them into 3 categories: Educational themes, Quality-of-Life themes, and Importance of Your Smile themes.

    And one of the most powerful themes to use is the Quality-of-Life theme – “Eat, Speak, and Live Naturally.”

    In this post, we’ll talk about why it is such an important theme, explain how to use it to best advantage, and give you 10 points to emphasize as you use this theme in your dental implant marketing.

    Although these points are second nature to you, remember that this is not necessarily true for everyone in your community.


    Why Is “Eat, Speak, and Live Naturally” Such a Powerful Theme?

    Dental Implant Marketing- 10 Ways They'll Get Back NATURAL Living!

    Everyone wants to live NATURALLY these days! 

    No one wants the artificial, the surface, the unreal, or the put-on these days. And what is more surface than dentures, crowns, etc., that sit on TOP of your gums or existing teeth?! 

    Although dental implants are also artificial teeth, people who have lost teeth know that, since they have lost their original teeth, they are going to have to settle for the best replacement option they can find.

    As you know so well, implants fit this bill perfectly.

        • Shaped precisely like their existing teeth 

        • Anchor directly into the jawbone 
        • The ONLY option that replaces both the crown AND the roots of their teeth.

      Many people, however, do not realize these things. They do not realize how perfectly dental implants would replace their existing teeth. They may still think that implants are similar to dentures or other similar options.

      Change this with your dental implant marketing!

      Let your community know all about the incredibly NATURAL look and feel of dental implants!

      (For a deeper dive into how to connect with denture patients, read Dental Implant Advertising – 11 Powerful Ways to Connect With Denture Patients )

      How to Tell People in Your Dental Implant Marketing

      Dental Implant Marketing- 10 Ways They'll Get Back NATURAL Living!

      Living naturally is a theme that should NOT be neglected in your dental implant marketing. People are far too interested in it for that. 

      Here are 10 ideas to work into your ads as you use this theme to help you connect with potential implant patients in your community.

          1. Natural Chewing Function: Wouldn’t they love to just chew normally again? Dental implants provide the stable chewing foundation they may have almost forgotten. But don’t worry – it will come right back to them, and they will wonder why they waited so long to get implants.
          2. Full Range of Foods: Remind them that steak, corn on the cob, and apples will be foods they can ENJOY again! No more boring, soft-food-only diets!
          3. Improved Nutrition and Health: Along with the full range of foods, comes a naturally improved diet. This carries too many benefits to name.
          4. Natural Sensation: Dental implants will give them back the natural sensations of biting and chewing because they so closely mimic natural teeth. This will be a welcome change from the strange and uncomfortable slippage of dentures and other similar options.
          5. Natural Appearance: Implants prevent the dreaded sunken-jawbone look and restore and maintain a person’s natural smile and overall facial aesthetics.
          6. Improved Speech: Missing teeth can affect speech clarity, introducing unnatural lisping and slurring. Dental implants will restore proper tongue and lip movements, and help your patients speak naturally and again.
          7. Prevention of Bone Loss: The anchors of the dental implants stimulate the jawbone just as natural teeth roots do. This prevents the resorption that occurs after teeth are lost and maintains a full, normal, healthy jawbone. 
          8. Easy, Natural Maintenance: Thinking of dentures, what’s more unnatural than REMOVING your teeth? By contrast, implants require no special cleaning or maintenance routines. Regular brushing and flossing, along with routine dental check-ups, will, once again, be the new normal.
          9. Enhanced Confidence: Dental implants are virtually indistinguishable from original teeth. Having a completely normal, natural smile again will boost self-esteem and confidence, allowing for happy, normal interaction with their friends and loved ones again.
          10. Longer Life: Studies have proven that missing teeth shorten a person’s life. What’s more wonderful and natural than living out your full, God-given lifespan? 

        Again, REMEMBER: This information is not necessarily known by everyone in your community!


        A Few Final Points 

         Here are several additional points to keep in mind as you use this important theme.

            1. Oral Health: For a different slant on the natural theme, remind potential patients of the many health hazards of missing teeth. For a sampling, check out our blog, 5 Important Oral Health Messages for Dental Implant Marketing.
            2. Patient Testimonials: This one is very important and is often overlooked. Share real-life stories and testimonials from satisfied patients who have received the gift of natural eating, speaking, and living back again, thanks to dental implants.
            3. Long-Term Solution: Be sure to emphasize the benefits of a once-and-done operation rather than ongoing treatments with their constant oral disruptions. 

          Dental Implant Marketing- 10 Ways They'll Get Back NATURAL Living!

          Wrapping It Up

          Overall, dental implants offer a comprehensive solution for missing teeth, helping patients return to the natural and fulfilling life that they would have known before.

          Use the “Eat, Speak, and Live Naturally” theme to focus your dental implant marketing on connecting with the many people who need to hear this message!

          Dental Implant Growth Partner

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          Consider reaching out to Client Connection Group, the dental implant marketing company that does it differently.  

          Our innovative ads, focused on telling those living with missing teeth that there is a better way, will give you the dental implant marketing ROI that you are looking for!

          Just ask our satisfied dentist customers from coast to coast!

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          Dental Implant Marketing- 10 Ways They'll Get Back NATURAL Living!

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