Dental Implant Marketing – How Can Office Décor Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?

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How Does Office Decor contribute to the sales process that begins with dental implant marketing?

Dental Implant Marketing and the Sales Process That Follows It


Dental implant marketing that results in a strong ROI involves much more than running a few ads. 


Truly successful dental implant marketing means that someone is thinking about the ENTIRE sales process, including the patient experience in your office. 

In fact, it’s ESPECIALLY important that we think about the experience in your office and how that contributes to the sales process.


And here’s one thing to know: If you think through the entire sales process from start to finish, you are placing yourself ahead of 98% of your dental competitors!


What answers would you give to the following questions?

  1. What are the vibes that patients feel when they step into my office?
  2. Are they the vibes that I want them to feel?
  3. What atmosphere does the layout and decor of my office contribute to?


Although we talk a lot here at Client Connection Group about the importance of the BEGINNING of the Sales Process – dental implant marketing – the visit to your office is the next step in the process and the atmosphere (or vibes) of your office is hugely important for a successful sales process.


For more on this, read our blog – Dental Implant Marketing – The Importance of the Initial Vibes to the Sales Process.


And in that initial process, the décor of your office plays a surprisingly important role, one that we’re going to closely examine in this blog.


We’ll look briefly again at why initial vibes are so important, discuss the part that office décor might contribute to these interactions, and finally give you 7 suggestions and tips for helping your office layout and décor give off vibes that contribute to a successful sales process for your dental implant marketing!


Ready to go? Let’s dive in! 


Dental Implant Marketing – How Can Office Décor Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?


What Are We Actually Discussing?


It’s always good to start by thoroughly defining the topic of discussion.


So, what is a vibe


The dictionary defines a vibe (short for vibration) as “Slang; a distinctive emotional quality or atmosphere that is sensed or experienced by someone.” 


(Although it is considered slang, vibe has become very common due to its unique ability to describe an emotional feeling that, although impossible to easily quantify, is still very real – just like a physical vibration.)


When we refer to the vibes of your office, we are talking about “the emotional quality or atmosphere” that someone senses when they step through the door. 


In short, our question for today is this: How does the layout and décor of your office make prospective patients FEEL?

Dental Implant Marketing – How Can Office Décor Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?

Why Are the Vibes of Your Office So Important?


The short answer is “Because vibes form BRANDS.” The brand, or difference attached to your name, is partly formed by the atmosphere of your office.


From the moment that they step through your office door, patients (and especially implant patients) are sensing this vibe very keenly.


They are trying to discover exactly what kind of place your office is. They are wondering if your establishment can give them their money’s worth from the tens of thousands of dollars they will be spending if they follow through with implant treatment.


In other words, whether you and your staff are thinking about the sales process or not in your dental office, the impressions received from office décor are helping to form the value equation – or in other words, the worth of your BRAND – in your patients’ minds.


Wow! That makes it important, wouldn’t you say?


In all of this, you need to remember what we mentioned before: By simply thinking through details such as office layout and decor – rather than letting staff choose them in a haphazard fashion as is much more often the case – you are placing your office ahead of 98% of dental practices!


That’s right – attention to these office details will catapult you into the top 2% easily!


Dental Implant Marketing – How Can Office Décor Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?


How Should We Think About Office Décor?


So, how should you think about the contributions of office layout and décor to your practice brand?


Here are 3 points to help you begin.

  1. Decide what atmosphere or vibes you want your office to produce. Write down what this vibe – or BRAND – will be.
  2. List a number of office items and features that would contribute to this vibe.
  3. Plan and decorate your office using this list and evaluate all new purchases in light of your intended vibe or brand.


The third point is especially important. Do not allow your plan to be forgotten. Consult it before ANY changes are made to your office décor or layout. 


Also, educate your staff on your plan and get them to help you to find other ideas for décor that might also contribute to the atmosphere that you want!


General Principles for Dental Office Décor 


Here are 5 general principles that should guide you as you choose décor to produce your intended atmosphere.
  1. Make Your Office Comfortable and Welcoming: Dental offices, especially for implant patients, are a place of threatening nerves. Try to counteract that feeling with whatever specific décor you choose. (More on this below.)
  2. Remember the Importance of Room Layout: Sometimes dentists become so involved in the specifics of a brand or décor that they forget how important the basics of ample seating, ample space, etc., are to patient comfort. (More on this below.)
  3. Keep It CLEAN: No brand is enhanced by cobwebs in the corner, stained ceiling tiles, or a dirty floor. Make CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN a priority!
  4. Look High-end: Especially in a high-end area, invest some money into making your practice look elegant and trendy. 
  5. Aim for the Stars: For every practice, try to match or be a step above the classiness of your average patient’s home.


Dental Implant Marketing – How Can Office Décor Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?


Specific Ways to Help Your Office Décor Contribute to the Sales Process


Here are 7 ideas for dental office layout and decor that will contribute to a successful sales process and increase the ROI of your dental implant marketing.

  1. Make It Homey: As we said above, create a comfortable and welcoming reception area that will make people feel as relaxed and at home as possible. Consider a fireplace for this reason if it fits your brand. This is a great addition to many offices.
  2. Provide Ample, Comfortable Seating: A common formula is to provide 2-3 waiting chairs for each of your operating chairs. Make sure that the chairs are of suitably high-end style, contribute to your brand, and are extremely comfortable. 
  3. Consider the Lighting: Provide a welcoming ambiance, softer lighting (at least in many cases), and natural lighting where possible. 
  4. Choose the Right Artwork: Make sure the artwork you choose ties in with the rest of your brand. If you’re a rural practice with a country theme, consider artwork that depicts fish, animals, and even mounted animals (if you serve a rural community with hunting interests). To avoid bankruptcy, you would, of course, replace the mounted animals with high-end photography and abstract art in trendy areas like Southern CA.
  5. Consider Interactive Patient Education Corner: If it fits your brand, a space for interactive displays or touchscreen monitors where patients can learn about implant procedures while they wait can be an excellent educational touch. This fits a trendy, upscale brand by showing that you are offering the latest technology both in the OR and the waiting area. 
  6. Incorporate Nature Elements: Think live plants – they make excellent additions to calming office décor and an attractive brand. Incorporate other elements of nature into the office by using natural materials, such as wood or stone, and natural greenery. 
  7. Comfortable Treatment Rooms: Although not part of the office area, do take it a step further and make sure that your treatment rooms are comfortable and well-equipped with ergonomic furniture and calming decor that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Comfortable patients who feel well taken care of will feel the effects of a positive atmosphere.


In all of this, it can be a good idea to occasionally update and change out your office decor to keep things fresher and more interesting.


Dental Implant Marketing – How Can Office Décor Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?


Final Points


Here are several specific examples of clientele and corresponding décor:

  1. Serve an ethnic group? Choose your décor accordingly.
  2. Older people? Prioritize comfort, sufficient space, and elimination of walking hazards.
  3. In a rural area? – As we said, rustic theme, mounted animals, etc., could be a winner
  4. Trendy patient base? – Choose a sleek, open, modern layout and décor 


But as we said, the most important point is to give THOUGHT to your office décor in order to put yourself in the top 2% of practices!


Dental Implant Marketing – How Can Office Décor Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?


Wrapping It Up


Décor and layout have a powerful effect on your office atmosphere. Although your choices will certainly depend on your specific demographic, aim for a homey, relaxing that is also a notch or two above the average home of your patient base to build a high-end image.


Whether you’re thinking about it or not, your office décor helps set the stage for the entire sales process and it is a part of your entire BRAND.


Think through how you can use your office waiting room to contribute to a great ROI on your dental implant marketing. 


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Dental Implant Marketing – How Can Office Décor Contribute to a Strong Sales Process?

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