Dental Implant Marketing – The Importance of the Initial Vibes to a Successful Sales Process

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Dental Implant Marketing – The Importance of the Initial Vibes to a Successful Sales Process

Dental Implant Marketing – The Importance of the Initial Vibes to a Successful Sales Process

In your dental implant marketing, if you haven’t considered these 2 questions lately, you probably should.

  1. What is the vibe of my office?
  2. What part do the initial vibes that my patients feel, play in the sales process for dental implants? 


Here at Client Connection Group, we work constantly to help dentists improve just that – the sales process for dental implants. Much of our attention is focused on dental implant marketing – the BEGINNING of the Sales Process.


Read our blog – Dental Implant Marketing – The Beginning of the Sales Process. 


But the process of selling dental implants to consumers in your community is just that – a PROCESS. 


It starts with dental implant marketing (and the first step of anything is incredibly important), but marketing is the beginning, not the ending!  


In today’s blog, we’re going to provide a deep dive into one of the next important steps of the process – giving people the best possible vibes the moment they step through the door of your office!


We will discuss creating an atmosphere for your office that helps your sales process. We will mention the part that your staff needs to play in creating this atmosphere, but we will drill down further in a future blog into the important role that staff interactions play in your office vibes.


First off, we’ll discuss why initial vibes are so important, and then give you 10 suggestions and tips for making this step contribute to the best possible ROI for the dental implant marketing of your office!


Ready to go? Let’s dive in! 


What Are We Discussing?

Dental Implant Marketing – The Importance of the Initial Vibes to a Successful Sales Process

It’s always good to start by defining the topic of discussion, even if we think we understand it thoroughly. 


So, what is a vibe


The dictionary defines a vibe (short for vibration) as “Slang; a distinctive emotional quality or atmosphere that is sensed or experienced by someone.” 


(Although it is considered slang, the vibe has become very common due to its unique ability to describe an emotional feeling that, although absent physical properties, is still very real – just like a physical vibration.)


When we refer to the initial vibes of your office, we are talking about “the emotional quality or atmosphere” that someone senses when they step through the door. 


In short, HOW does your office itself make prospective customers feel? 


General Principles for Creating Great Office Vibes

General principles for creating great office vibes for dental implant marketing success.


From the moment that they step through the door, a patient (and especially an implant patient) senses the vibe very keenly. They are trying to discover exactly what kind of place your office is. They are wondering if your establishment is worth the tens of thousands of dollars that they know they will be spending if they follow through with implant treatment.


In other words, whether YOU are thinking about the sales process or dental implant marketing or not when you make choices for your office area, the patient will be thinking about it – in that space! 


An office that gives off a professional, welcoming vibe will enhance their satisfaction, trust, and the likelihood that they will say “Yes” to treatment!


Here are 3 general principles for creating an atmosphere that will help sell dental implants.

This list includes principles for both office atmosphere and staff interactions with your customers. As we said, we’ll dive further into the importance of staff interactions in a future blog.

  1. Warm Feelings: Give people warm feelings the moment they step through the door.
  2. Set the Intentions: Put prospective patients’ minds at ease by teaching your staff to set the intentions right away. 

(Setting the intentions helps the patient feel in control. If patients have no idea what happens next, they will be in fight or flight mode the entire time, which works directly against their purchasing from you.) 

  1. Eliminate Uncertainty: Eliminate uncertainty from the moment they walk in the door. This goes hand in hand with the previous point.


10 Specific Ways That Your Office Can Follow These Principles

Dental Implant Marketing – The Importance of the Initial Vibes to a Successful Sales Process

Here are 10 practical ways to accomplish these general principles:

  1. Comfortable Waiting Area:
    • Make sure it is spacious and well-designed, lacking unhandy corners and not requiring patients to step over each other. This will help patients feel at ease.
    • Make sure that the seating is comfortable, the colors are soothing, and the décor contributes to a professional, welcoming environment that builds warm feelings from the very beginning.
  2. Friendly, Trained Staff:
    • Make sure your staff is trained to be completely courteous and friendly and to prioritize setting the intentions and making the patient feel in control.
    • Train them to explain to patients exactly what’s going to happen when they walk through the inner door.
  3. Clean and Organized Space:
    • Nothing will destroy your image like dirt and clutter in your office area.
    • A clean and organized office space conveys professionalism and attention to detail. It helps to eliminate any uncertainty in patients’ minds regarding the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the practice.
  4. Calming Ambience:
    • Implant patients are inherently nervous about what the implant process is going to be like.
    • To help build warm feelings and reduce uncertainty, consider incorporating calming elements, such as carefully chosen, soft, background music (Watch for a future blog on this subject.) or well-designed water features. 
  5. Dress Appropriately: (Watch for a future blog on this subject.)
    • Make sure your entire staff dresses for success.
    • This, again, eliminates uncertainty about the practice. People like to feel like they are dealing with professionals and dress reflects your professionalism.
    • Think about the vibe you want for your office, which may depend on the demographic you serve. 
  6. Patient-Centric Approach:
    • Teach your staff to focus on the patients first and foremost. Nothing should be more important than how your patients are feeling when they step through the door.
    • Teach them how to pick up on the subtle cues and be able to speak into their anxieties, fostering a sense of care for the patients that will do more to help them feel in control and eliminate uncertainty than almost anything else.
  7. Personalized Interactions:
    • Personalized interactions with patients, such as remembering their names and specific preferences, contribute to a patient-centric approach.
    • Personal touches like this help to build so many warm feelings that they won’t even think of going anywhere else for treatment.
  8.  Certified Expertise:
    • Plaques and certificates that show accomplishments and credentials should be displayed in the waiting room according to taste and desire. Again, this helps to eliminate any uncertainty about the expertise of the practice.
    • In the treatment area, advanced equipment and technology contribute to a sense of professionalism and expertise that will build warm feelings of security.
  9. Efficient Appointment Scheduling:
    • Streamline your appointment scheduling processes to contribute to a positive, professional experience and eliminate the possibility of frustrating snarls that create uncertainty in patients’ minds about your practice.
    • Your office will also build warm feelings as you demonstrate respect for a patient’s time by minimizing wait times and avoiding scheduling errors.
  10. Post-Appointment Follow-Up:
    • A follow-up communication after appointments, such as a thank-you email or a postcard eliminates uncertainty about whether or not you care about them as whole people. It builds warm feelings by showing that you do not forget about them the moment that they leave your office.
    • Providing post-care instructions and checking in several times on the patient’s well-being reinforces in the mind of the patient that they are in good hands.


Whether you are thinking about it or not, the sales process WILL BE AFFECTED by the vibe that a patient feels from your office and your staff. 

You can increase the ROI of your dental implant marketing by investing in an office that creates an atmosphere of trust in your practice!


For more information on the entire sales process, read our blog Dental Implant Marketing – The Beginning of the Sales Process

Dental Implant Marketing – The Importance of the Initial Vibes to a Successful Sales Process


Wrapping It Up

Although you might not be thinking about the sales process and dental implant marketing throughout your waiting room, your patients certainly are!


That is why making sure that your office gives off the right vibes significantly influences the outcome of the sales process!


A welcoming, professional vibe that builds warm feelings, sets the intentions promptly, and eliminates uncertainty in their minds will help increase the ROI of your dental implant marketing and your office’s bottom line!


Dental Implant Growth Partner

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Consider reaching out to Client Connection Group.  Our innovative marketing and follow-up will revolutionize the dental implant sales process for your office!


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Dental Implant Marketing – The Importance of the Initial Vibes to a Successful Sales Process

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