Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key

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Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key

Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key


Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Ain’t Easy

Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key

Dental implant marketing on Facebook is not what it used to be. The sheer amount of competition and noise on Facebook feeds these days leaves dentists and marketers wondering “How can I possibly break through and win the attention of my Facebook implant marketing creatives?” 


Here’s the important point: Not easy does NOT mean impossible!


It is certainly true that winning Facebook creatives does NOT just happen. They take a lot of study, effort, and work to create.


But they CAN be done! 


Winning Dental Implant Facebook Ads CAN Be Created!

Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key


So, what’s the key to winning dental implant marketing creatives?


Part of the answer lies in understanding the general principles behind Facebook marketing.


We’ll look at a list of them briefly in the next section, and to read about them in full, read our blog Dental Implant Marketing – 10 Steps to Winning Facebook Creatives.


However, creating winning Facebook creatives also takes a tremendous amount of research. 


Quality RESEARCH into both your practice and branding and the dental implant market in your community is the key to creating Facebook ads that break through the noise and gain attention for your practice.


In this blog, we’ll be looking briefly at the importance of Facebook creatives and general principles, discuss the research phase of the creative process, and give you 11 tips to follow as you research and create attention-getting Facebook ads for YOUR practice.


Why Does Facebook Matter So Much?

Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key


As you already know, Facebook creatives matter for your practice. 


Here’s why:

  • As of 2023, Facebook had 3.03 billion monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide
  • Every day, 2.064 billion users log in to Facebook. That means 68.11% of Facebook’s monthly active users are also daily users.
  • There are 243.5 million Facebook users in the United States. In other words, about 70% of the US population is on the Facebook platform! 
  • Marketers can potentially reach something like 2.11 billion Facebook users worldwide through advertising on Facebook.
  • Facebook’s official website gets around 17 billion visits each month on average!


The last statistic should grab everyone’s attention. That is the equivalent of EVERY PERSON in the world visiting the Facebook site twice every month!! 


Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key


According to, as of May 2021, “Facebook was the most used social media site in the United States accounting for 71.8 percent of all social media visits …


Although other sites remain popular, Facebook’s number of visits made it undoubtedly the leading social media platform in terms of social media site visits.” (emphasis added)


Facebook, which was officially renamed Meta in 2021, can get your message out to 70% of the US population!


Let’s look at the research you need to do to create winning ads on this incredible platform.

Reviewing General Principles for Facebook MarketingDental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key


First, let’s briefly review the general marketing principles for Facebook creatives.


A. Make sure that the layout is attractive. 

  1. Do not cut any corners on image and design quality and layout.
  2. Picture how your creativity will look to someone scrolling through Facebook. Would YOU stop to look at it? It has to be more enticing than the other 100 posts about things people are more likely to care about.
  3. Also, be sure to picture it alongside those posts. Don’t think of it in isolation because that’s not the environment that it will live in. 



B. Remember every piece of a creative succeeds when it sells the next step.

  1. Image and headline need to sell people on stopping to read the copy
  2. Copy needs to sell the click
  3. The landing page should sell the lead form
  4. The lead form should sell the call
  5. The call should sell the appointment
  6. The appointment needs to sell the treatment.


C. Curiosity is the key to getting people to take the next step. 



D. Do not re-invent the wheel, but make the wheel your own.

  1. Two extremes here

              a. Trying something besides a wheel or placing a triangle on the wheel in pursuit of something different.

              b. Deciding that the important thing is following the crowd, so you simply adopt a plain-Jane wheel that interests no one.

      2. The wheel should not be re-invented because usually if everyone is doing something a certain way, it is because it works.


E. People buy from people who understand them so intimately that it feels like the voice in their head. 


F. Get to know your customers intimately. 

     1. Use customer personas

     2. Check out Dental Implant Marketing – Know Thy Patients for Great ROI to learn all about customer personas.


And read Dental Implant Marketing – How to Write Winning Facebook Creatives for a fuller discussion of ALL of these principles!


How Do You Research for Winning Facebook Ad Creatives?Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key


Researching to create winning Facebook creatives is all about understanding both your practice and your audience. Here are 5 ideas as you research your market.

  1. Use the Facebook ad library – this is an important but underutilized resource.
  2. Study and adapt interesting ads that you’ve seen in other industries.
  3. Understand your practice brand and what makes you unique
  4. “We are nice” is not unique
  5. Think about your positioning in the market.


      A. Is your main competitive advantage your

      1. Quality?
      2. Price?
      3. Latest technology?
      4. Timing of deliverables?


      B. You may think you have all of them, but picking one or two to highlight can give you clarity on what your brand is.

      1. What emotional reaction do you want your audience to feel when they first see your ad? 
      • This will guide you in creating the ad if you remember exactly what you want someone to feel when they see it and work backward from there.


      Practical Pointers for Researching Facebook Ad CreativesDental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key


      Here are 10 practical ideas to help you in your research. Some of these were mentioned above, but they are important enough to bear repeating.

      1. Know Your Target Audience: Make sure you understand both the demographics (physical characteristics) and psychographics (mental characteristics) of your target audience BEFORE you write Facebook ads if you want to stand out above the noise. 
      2. Competitor Analysis: Thoroughly analyze the Facebook pages of your competitors in your community to see the type of content they are sharing, normal engagement levels, and the strategies they are using.  Combining this with your knowledge of the target market will help you see any needs or pain points of your market that are not being served.
      3. Keyword Research: Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to identify the best keywords related to dental implants. Consider investing in higher-powered SEO tools, such as SEMrush or Ahrefs, that will allow you to see what keywords your competitors are targeting. 
      4. Understand Patient Journey: Make sure you understand the concept of a patient journey and map it out for your patients, starting with awareness and ending with conversion. Identify the key touchpoints where potential patients seek information about dental implants. Decide which stage each of your ads is targeting and optimize them for the needs of your prospective patients at that point.
      5. Run Customer Surveys and Polls: Consider conducting surveys with your existing patients or running a poll on Facebook. Ask a question about their experiences, and what they value in dental implant services, or find out what led them to choose your practice. This information is invaluable in informing your ongoing marketing efforts.
      6. Leverage Testimonials and Case Studies: Showcase stories, testimonials, and case studies from your satisfied patients and then carefully analyze the response to these posts to find out what aspects of your services resonate most with your audience.
      7. Explore Facebook Groups: Join relevant Facebook groups related to dental health and implant procedures and follow and participate in these discussions with your peers’ concerns, questions, and trends. Engaging in these groups can also position your brand and practice as a dental implant authority.
      8. Stay Updated on Industry Trends: In addition to groups, follow dental implant pages and thought leaders on Facebook. Keep yourself up to date on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices out there. 
      9. Remember Local Trends and Preferences: Make sure that you factor in local trends and preferences related to dental implants as you run Facebook dental implant ads. Every community has its idiosyncrasies. Keep these unique factors that influence dental implant decisions among YOUR customers front of mind. 
      10. Utilize Analytics: After your ads go live, use Facebook’s tracking tools and analytics to monitor the performance of your ads. Split test ads and analyze which dental implant marketing strategies are driving the most engagement and conversions. Then make sure to USE the data that you generate!


      In all of this, never forget how important it is to maintain consistent branding and voice across your Facebook content. 


      And don’t fall for the “set it and forget it” trap. After you publish your ads, regularly review and adjust your strategy based on the insights gathered to ensure that your dental implant marketing on Facebook continues to improve.


      Final Points

      Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key

      Here are 3 more points to keep in mind during the research process:

      1. Remember It’s Real People: Never forget that what you are studying and researching is how to speak to REAL PEOPLE in your local community! This is so important!
      2. Stay Compliant: Research regulations or guidelines related to dental implant advertising in your region. Always make sure that your ads comply with ethical standards and accurately portray your implant services.
      3. Research the Benefits: It has been said, “People don’t buy grass seed; they buy a beautiful green lawn,” In that spirit, learn how to stress REAL benefits – the improved quality of life, enhanced confidence, and long-term solutions – that dental implants offer for people’s lives.


      Wrapping It Up

      Putting in the hours of research necessary for winning Facebook ad creatives isn’t easy, but the results are well worth it – and it spells the difference between success and failure!


      And with 243.5 million Facebook users in the United States, making the effort to improve your Facebook ads is well worth your time. 


      Just think how many people in YOUR community are on Facebook – at this very minute!


      Follow these research steps and you will be well on your way to succeeding at an “impossible task” – creating Facebook content that stands out above the common noise of your customers’ Facebook feeds!


      Dental Implant Growth Partner

      Would you like a partner with extensive experience in creating winning Facebook creatives?


      Consider reaching out to Client Connection Group.  


      Our innovative ads, expertly researched using these principles, will break through the Facebook noise and get the attention of your prospective customers.


      Just ask our satisfied dentist customers from coast to coast!


      We’ll help you create winning dental implant marketing that will reach all of the people on Facebook in YOUR community! 


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      Dental Implant Marketing on Facebook – Research Is Key

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