Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Great Ways To Turn the Spotlight on Oral Health

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Revitalize Your Oral Health is an underused dental implant marketing theme.

Use Dental Marketing Themes for Greater Focus


Dental marketing themes, overarching concepts, or ideas that serve as central focuses for marketing campaigns, make dental implant marketing much, much easier.



Here at CCG, we recently collected the top 10 dental implant marketing themes and divided them into categories, Educational implant themes, Quality-of-Life implant themes, and Importance of Your Smile implant themes. 



Read Make Dental Implant Marketing Easier With 10 Ready-made Themes for the full breakdown and a greater explanation of how to use themes in general.



Today we’re going to focus on one Quality-of-Life implant theme, “Revitalize Your Oral Health.”



In this blog, we’ll explain why this theme is so important, talk more about how to use it to turn the focus on oral health, and give you 7 important ideas to work into your ads to reach the edentulous and partially edentulous members of your community. 




What is Edentulism, and Why Does it Matter?

Dental Implant Marketing - 7 Great Ways To Turn the Spotlight on Oral Health

Edentulism is defined as “the state of having no teeth.” And even many dentists don’t realize how big the problem is. Here are some facts:

Dental Implant Marketing - 7 Great Ways To Turn the Spotlight on Oral Health

      • The average number of missing teeth for US adults is 6.5.

      • 40 million US adults have lost all of their teeth.

      • 30% of seniors between the ages of 65 and 74 are completely edentulous.

    Many of these people are concerned about their appearance and rightly so; missing teeth are usually unsightly.


    But a deeper problem exists beneath the aesthetic concern – ORAL HEALTH.


    Missing teeth pose a huge threat to oral health and can set a person up for many other health hazards. 


    For the full list of the dangers posed by missing teeth and poor oral conditions, check out our blog articles on this topic. Here are the first two:


    Fight Dementia! – With Dental Implant Marketing

    Fight Deadly Senior Social Isolation! – With Dental Implant Marketing


    How to Turn the Spotlight on Oral Health in Dental Implant Marketing

    Dental Implant Marketing - 7 Great Ways To Turn the Spotlight on Oral Health

    This theme – “Revitalizing Oral Health” – is far too often overlooked and not used in dental implant marketing.


    We need to use it to focus on preventative health, showing people that replacing these missing teeth with dental implants is the path to a healthier future.


    Here are 7 important points about what dental implants do for oral health. Work them into your dental implant marketing ads to use this theme to maximum advantage.


    Dental Implants…
    Dental Implant Marketing - 7 Great Ways To Turn the Spotlight on Oral Health

        1. Restore Missing Teeth: This, of course, seems obvious, but it is an important first step of awareness. Make certain that the edentulous members of your community know that dental implants can truly RESTORE their teeth since dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that replaces both the crown AND the root!
        2. Preserve Jawbone Density: Because implants have a root that anchors in the jaw, they stimulate the jawbone, preventing bone loss that often occurs because of the lack of tooth roots. (This is also a major part of the aesthetic benefit since dental implants prevent the dreaded sunken look and maintain the integrity of the facial structure.)
        3. Prevent Shifting Teeth: By filling the gaps left by missing teeth, dental implants stop the shifting, tilting, and loosening of neighboring teeth. This also prevents misalignment and bite issues. 
        4. Do Not Involve Tooth Reduction: Unlike dental bridges, implants do not require the reduction of adjacent healthy teeth for support. This helps maintain the integrity of neighboring teeth.
        5. Improve Oral Hygiene and Gum Health: Dental implants fill the gap left by missing teeth, preventing potentially irritating plaque, bacteria, and food buildup in that area. The fact that they integrate directly into the jawbone also prevents gum irritation, improving gum health.
        6. Enable Better Diet and Nutrition: No more eating only soft foods! Since dental implants are actually anchored in the jawbone, they enable better chewing efficiency. This allows individuals to consume a wider range of nutrient-rich foods, improving their diet and nutrition.
        7. Enhance Overall Oral Health: By replacing missing and decayed teeth, dental implants contribute to better overall oral health, reducing the risk of gum disease, further tooth decay, and other oral health issues.

      A Few Final Points

      Here are several additional points to keep in mind as you use this important theme.

          1. Before-and-After Visuals: Although you would not use revolting visuals in ads, keep in mind the power of compelling pictures that showcase the transformation dental implants can bring to a patient’s oral health. Use them most perhaps in private consultations with patients as they are weighing their choices.
          2. Patient Testimonials: This one is very important and is often overlooked. Share real-life stories and testimonials in your dental implant marketing from satisfied patients who have seen their oral health dramatically improved by dental implants.
          3. Long-Term Solution: Be sure to emphasize the benefits of a once-and-done operation rather than ongoing treatments with their constant oral disruptions. 

        Wrapping It Up

        Although missing and damaged teeth are unappealing to the eye, they are also dangerous to oral health and many people do not know this. 


        Use the “Revitalize Your Oral Health” theme to focus your dental implant marketing and show them a better way to live! 


        Consistently remind them that they no longer need to endure the negative effect of missing or damaged teeth or resort to other, lesser teeth replacement options. 


        They just need dental implants!


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        Dental Implant Marketing - 7 Great Ways To Turn the Spotlight on Oral Health

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