Dental Implant Marketing – Help Your Patients Experience the Science of a Strong Smile

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Dental implant marketing means teaching your patients about the science behind a strong smile

Using the “Experience the Science of a Strong Smile” Theme

Dental Implant Marketing – Help Your Patients Experience the Science of a Strong Smile

Dental marketing themes make dental implant marketing much, much easier.

Here at CCG, we’ve collected the top 10 themes and divided them into categories, Educational implant themes, Quality-of-Life implant themes, and Importance of Your Smile implant themes. 

Read Make Dental Implant Marketing Easier With Ready-made Themes for the full breakdown and explanation of how to use themes in general.

Today we’re going to focus on one Educational implant theme, “Experience the Science of a Strong Smile.”

In this blog, we’ll explain why this theme is so important, talk more about how to remind your prospective patients of the tremendous science behind dental implants and give you 10 fresh ideas to work into your dental implant marketing as you use this theme. 

Ready to start? Let’s dive in!

Reviewing Dental Implant Marketing ThemesDental Implant Marketing – Help Your Patients Experience the Science of a Strong Smile

But just to be clear, what are dental marketing themes again?

Dental implant marketing themes are general groupings of ads according to the connections and benefits they use to reach their audiences. 

Each theme is an overarching concept or idea that serves as a central focus for marketing campaigns.

As we said, using themes in your dental implant marketing makes the work much easier.

Here’s what they simplify:

  • Crafting ads 
  • Focusing on the patient 
  • Sending a unified message across all dental implant marketing channels

Here is a review of the top 10 dental implant marketing themes: 

 1. Educational Implant Themes

  • “Your Journey to a New Smile”
  • “Personalized Solutions for Every Smile”
  • “Experience the Science of a Strong Smile”

2. Quality-of-Life Implant Themes

  • “Eat, Speak, Live Naturally”
  • “Say Goodbye to Dentures”
  • “Restore Your Bite and Confidence”
  • “Revitalize Your Oral Health”

3. Importance of Your Smile Implant Themes

  • “A Lasting Investment in Your Smile”
  • “Smile with Confidence”
  • “Reclaim Your Natural Beauty”

Check out our recent blogs on many of these other themes by visiting our Articles page. 

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Why Is This Theme So Important?

Dental Implant Marketing – Help Your Patients Experience the Science of a Strong Smile

People are much more confident about things that they understand. Plus, it satisfies the inquiring mind of intelligent people to learn about the development and science behind a complicated product like dental implants when they’re considering them as an option.

Dental implants have a long and fascinating developmental history behind them. Here is a quick rundown of the high points of the scientific development of dental implants over the last 90 years.

  1. Groundwork Laid (1930-1950) During the 1930s, two brothers, Drs. Alvin and Moses Strock began experimenting with orthopedic screw fixtures in patients’ mouths after observing doctors successfully placing hip implants. The Vitallium screw they developed provided an anchor and support to replace the missing tooth. These doctor brothers are considered to be the first to place a successful implant into the bone.

  1. Early Development (1960s-1970s): Building on these concepts and early developments, great strides were made in the 1960s and 1970s, especially by Swedish orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Brånemark who pioneered the use of titanium for dental implants. These titanium implants were a huge success – on his first patient they underwent osseointegration (integration with the bone tissue) in 6 months and remained in place for four decades! With this success, Per-Ingvar Brånemark laid the foundation for modern dental implantology

  1. Initial Adoption (1980s-1990s): During the 1980s and 1990s, the procedure began to approach the mainstream as dental implants gained wider acceptance among both dentists and patients. More dental professionals began offering the service for edentulous patients as the technology continued to improve. During this era, dentists mainly focused on single-tooth replacements and smaller implant-supported bridges.

  1. Technological Advances (2000s-2010s): Like many industries, the early 2000s witnessed significant technological advancements for dental implants, leading to improved success rates and better treatment outcomes. Some of these innovations were as follows: computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, three-dimensional (3D) imaging, and guided implant surgery. All of these enhanced the precision and efficiency of implant placement. During these decades, the scope of dental implant treatment grew beyond single-tooth and small bridges, expanding to include full-arch restorations and complex cases.

  1. Growing Popularity (2010s-2020s): These were booming years for the dental implant industry. The dental implant market experienced substantial growth during this period, partly due to an aging population and growing disposable income. Other factors contributing to the increased popularity of dental implants included rising awareness among patients, improved aesthetics and functionality of implant-supported restorations, and a shift towards minimally invasive procedures. This was also the era that saw increased competition among dental implant manufacturers, leading to greater product diversity and affordability, as is always the result of a free market.

  1. Prosthetic and Digital Advancements: During these later decades, advancements were also introduced for prosthetic components associated with dental implants, such as abutments and prosthetic materials. Ceramic materials and zirconia gained popularity due to their natural appearance and suitability for patients with thin gingival biotypes. Additionally, digital dentistry began to take shape with products such as intraoral scanners, computer-aided implant planning, 3D printing, and guided implant surgery, revolutionizing the workflow and precision of implant procedures.

For a full overview of the history of dental implants, check out our blog Dental Implant Marketing: 7 Exciting Steps to Modern Dental Implants.

How to Use Your Dental Implant Marketing to Connect Dental Implant Marketing – Help Your Patients Experience the Science of a Strong Smile

How do we tell people something about the tremendous science behind dental implants, using our dental implant marketing?

Here are 10 important points about the science behind dental implants and the benefits they provide. Some of them reference breakthroughs listed in the previous section.

  1. Biocompatibility: Emphasize the wonderful fact that dental implants are rarely rejected by the body due to their being made of biocompatible materials – usually titanium.
  2. Osseointegration: Because titanium is a biocompatible metal, the implant fuses with the jawbone (osseointegration), providing a stable foundation, so different from dentures. Osseointegration ensures the implant is firmly anchored, mimicking the natural tooth’s root.
  3. Bone Preservation: These titanium implant bodies stimulate the surrounding jawbone, preventing bone loss and the dreaded sunken look that usually accompanies tooth and bone loss. 
  4. High Success Rate: Your dental implant marketing should emphasize the fact that dental implant procedures have a high success rate of 95%-98%. This is due to the strong science and years of development behind them.
  5. Perfect Replicas: The science that has gone into dental implants has made them virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. No one will ever need to know that they ever lost a tooth in their life!
  6. Improved Chewing and Speech: This strong stable foundation restores the ability to chew and speak normally. Since implants function just like natural teeth, they provide a secure bite and clear speech.
  7. Dental Prosthetic Options: As was mentioned above, the last several decades of dental implant development have allowed implants to support various dental prosthetics, including crowns, bridges, and dentures, allowing for flexible and personalized treatment plans.
  8. Minimal Impact on Adjacent Teeth: Unlike traditional bridges, implants do not require the reduction or damage of adjacent healthy teeth, preserving overall dental health.
  9. Longevity: With proper care and maintenance, the science that has gone into dental implants allows them to last a lifetime, making them the gold standard in tooth replacement.
  10. Improved Oral Health: The strong science behind dental implants also means that they provide many benefits for oral health. Implants stabilize remaining teeth and fill gaps left by missing teeth that would otherwise be subject to buildup and gum disease.

As you use all of these points to help your prospective patients “Experience the Science of a Strong Smile” emphasize your dental practice’s expertise and use of the latest technology in providing stellar results for all of your patients.

A Few Final Points

Dental Implant Marketing – Help Your Patients Experience the Science of a Strong Smile

Here are several additional points to keep in mind as you use this important theme.

  1. Before-and-After Visuals: Use the power of visuals to show people what a scientifically powerful option dental implants are. Never doubt the power of pictures. One note of caution, use any disturbing “before” pictures in private consultations with patients as they are weighing their choices.
  2. Patient Testimonials: This one is very important and is often overlooked. Share real-life stories and testimonials from satisfied patients who have experienced the strong science of dental implants and have seen their lives transformed.
  3. One-Time Investment: While the initial cost may be higher, emphasize that, due to their long-term effectiveness, dental implants are an investment that can ultimately be more cost-effective than other options that require frequent replacements or maintenance.

Wrapping It Up

In summary, because dental implants are grounded in scientific principles related to biocompatibility, osseointegration, and bone preservation, they are the gold standard in tooth replacement. 

Because of this strong science, the benefits of dental implants include a high success rate, prevention of the dreaded “sunken” look, restoration of normal chewing and speech, and improved oral health. 

In short, dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry by providing a natural, long-lasting solution for tooth replacement!

Use your dental implant marketing to get that message out!

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Dental Implant Marketing – Help Your Patients Experience the Science of a Strong Smile

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