Dental Practice Growth – 7 Reasons Why Your Staff Needs A True Calling

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Dental practice growth – We all want it.

To reach our maximum potential as dental practices, let’s think a little more deeply about a question we looked at recently: Why do we want people with a CALLING for dentistry?

What makes them so essential for achieving the dental practice growth we all want?

Here are some reasons:

1. A CALLING incorporates the WHOLE person

2. A CALLING truly influences EVERY little decision EVERY single day.

3. In contrast to a CALLING, a career is simply an avenue to somewhere else – retirement, self-fulfillment, etc. Which would you prefer to have running through your employees’ heads?

4. Only a person with a CALLING truly has something to GIVE.

5. Only a person with a CALLING truly VALUES their work.

6. Only a person with a CALLING can truly INSPIRE others.

7. Only a person with a CALLING truly lives out a PURPOSE.

Wow! Small wonder that a calling is so incredibly valuable! It’s incredibly POWERFUL!

Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail and the potential impact on dental practice growth will only become more clear.

The True Impact of a Calling on Dental Practice Growth

            1. A CALLING incorporates the WHOLE person. And with a whole person, you are getting a lot of problem-solving ability and creativity in addition to their physical presence for 8 hours a day. Employees who simply show up for work, on the other hand, are selling you their time while they’re at work but that’s it. They think about work as little as possible outside of those hours. Good luck hoping that they will go home and mull over a problem and show up with a solution the next morning that will help you grow your practice. They can’t be bothered and they never will. It’s always going to be up to you to think up the solutions. You might be buying their hands, feet, and most of their attention for 8 hours a day, but never imagine that you’re getting any more than that, because you’re not. The only thing that you can do is make sure that you’re not paying them for any more than what they’re actually giving you. They might help you hold what you have, but they won’t lead you on into the dental practice growth you really want.

             2. A CALLING truly influences EVERY little decision EVERY single day. This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. The WHOLE person’s acting out of their calling means that this calling can’t help but influence the 35,000 decisions that all of us make every day. What does this mean? It means small sacrifice for the sake of their CALLING will build upon small sacrifice and in the end, the growth of your practice and the benefits to your patients will be immense.

             3. A person who has never met a true CALLING and instead is pursuing what they call a CAREER is a completely different animal. The word career in its original sense simply meant a course or passage to somewhere else. The person with a CAREER is on the route to retirement or self-fulfillment but their passion will never be completely directed towards dental practice growth the way you would like it to be, because they’re ultimately focused on themselves. Beware of career hygienists and assistants.

            4. Only a person with a CALLING truly has something to GIVE. They have so much to GIVE because they are filled to overflowing with a desire to help others. They can’t help but spill benefits out to everyone they meet, and they can’t help but assist you in driving dental practice growth forward.

            5. Only a person with a CALLING truly values their work. Driven and impelled by their determination to do good and convinced beyond a doubt of its benefits for all mankind, the person with a CALLING values their work in a way that no one else can match. The care and attention that they will lavish on every patient will amaze you every day. Who wouldn’t take that over the constant irritation that many dentists feel towards their unmotivated hygienists, assistants, and front-desk employees?

           6. Only a person with a CALLING can truly inspire others. The magic that happens when a person with a CALLING joins a team is hard to overstate. Inspire literally means “to breathe life into,” and that is precisely what they will do to all their colleagues. Their bountiful determination that dentistry MATTERS will be a wind that sweeps through your office. New light in eyes and a fresh determination to succeed in the mission of the office will be the result even for other employees who have experienced purpose only sporadically before.

          7. Only a person with a CALLING truly lives out a PURPOSE. This is, of course, the secret to everything else – the PURPOSE that impels these people. Every true CALLING is the result of a purpose that transcends the person themselves – making lots of money, by the way, is never a TRUE purpose. People with a CALLING serve and love because they SEE something extraordinary. They see meaning and order and beauty as possible for their patients in a way that no one else does, and they will work tirelessly to see those things come true. And those efforts will lead to dental practice growth like you’ve never seen before!

      LOOK for these people with a CALLING.  Or no, actually, BE one of them yourself and you will attract them into your life and practice, because they actually DO exist!

      And when you assemble a full team of them, you won’t believe how much dental practice growth you will achieve.

      They are worth every dollar and far, far more. Begin the search for them TODAY!

       For more help on dental practice growth that will help you achieve the practice of your dreams, reach out to Client Connection Group today!

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