Dental Practice Growth – How Do I Attract the Talent That I Need?

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Every dentist interested in dental practice growth (and that’s all of us) seems to be asking themselves one question right now:

“How do I discover and attract the star talent that I need to grow?”

It’s a valid question in today’s labor market.

How are we to take advantage of all the opportunities surrounding us when finding people to fill our open positions is so difficult?

Let’s tackle that question in today’s blog.

Because here at Client Connection Group, we believe that there is always a way forward into greater dental practice growth, no matter what issue we are facing.

We’re not going to be looking at the practical nuts and bolts of hiring today. We’ll tackle that in an upcoming blog. Today, we’ll focus on the deeper issues of attitude, mentality, and purpose as we talk about finding and hiring the employees that we all want.

Dental Practice Growth Requires a Certain Hiring Mentality

The most important thing is to avoid the mentality of scarcity. This is the knee-jerk reaction and where our minds can so easily settle. It’s human nature that when we see a problem with no obvious solution, we immediately assume that there IS no solution!

The truth, however, is this: If we can make the move to an abundance mentality, we will find that, even in today’s climate, there are more than enough people to work in our practices.

And the key? Reach out to those people with the right message!

Here is the message that we should be disseminating:

 Our practice is a place for people who feel a genuine CALLING to transform people’s lives through quality dentistry.

Keep this message front and center in every aspect of your practice and your practice simply WILL attract those people who feel that CALLING to dentistry. These people stand in direct contrast to all the people who simply view dentistry as either a career, or, worse yet, a J-O-B. And people with a calling are the ones who will truly help you take advantage of all the opportunities for dental practice growth that surround you.

A Transforming Purpose for Dental Practice Growth

                Although sending the right message is essential, it must be backed up by the real deal. In order to attract those who feel a genuine CALLING for dentistry, you must actually have a transforming purpose for your practice. And if your practice truly exists for a transformative purpose, you will prove irresistible to people with a genuine CALLING and dental practice growth will be the natural result of their work. (See blog “Finding People With a Calling” for all the benefits they will bring to your practice.)

                Millennials (those born between 1981 and 2000) are the most likely to connect with a practice that promotes and inspires a mentality of service because Millennials want to be part of something larger than themselves. And although Millennials are often thought of as entitled and unwilling to work hard, the truth is somewhat different. If your practice actually speaks to their desire for purpose and intentionally offers it, no one will work harder for dental practice growth or be more devoted to your stated mission than a Millennial employee.

                Another way to think of your business is in this way: you are selling your practice as a product to your internal customers, your employees. Give them what they really want to buy, and they will line up outside to buy it. That’s the truth for any product and your practice is no different. It is actually true; practices that know their transforming purpose and wrap themselves in it actually have waiting lists of doctors and hygienists who want to work there.

                Hard to believe, isn’t it? But it’s true! 

                It’s like we said at the beginning: Here at CCG, we believe there is always a way forward into dental practice growth no matter what the issue may be.

                Reach out to Client Connection Group today for help to achieve the growth you want for YOUR practice today!

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