How to Interview and Hire for Dental Practice Growth

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For maximum dental practice growth, we advised you in a previous blog to head out and find those people with a CALLING for dentistry.

But since most people don’t wear a large blazing sign on their chest, announcing their calling for dentistry, how will you identify them as the people that will contribute to the growth you want to see?

Of course, all of this is what you discover during the interviewing and hiring process!

At least if you know what to watch and listen for.

Here are some general principles and preparations for finding people with a CALLING who will help you achieve maximum dental practice growth, followed by some specifics on the actual interview and hiring process.

Achieving Dental Practice Growth – Principles and Preparation for Both Phone and In-Person Interviews:

      • Always seek to invest plenty of time at the beginning for the best chance of a profitable long-term relationship. This can hardly be stressed enough!

      • Prepare thoroughly for each interview. Read the resume and make a list of unique questions for each candidate.

      • Prepare what-if scenarios that will allow you to see whether their first thought is for themselves or for their patient and the practice as a whole.

      • Attach strong value to all signs of selflessness. Skills can be taught; selflessness is a matter of the heart.

      • Watch for signs of interest in how YOUR office seeks to serve the people that come through your door. People with a calling are also vetting YOU at the same time that you are vetting them!

      • Bring questions about any uncertainties over their resume. Be prepared to record and decisively eliminate anyone who will lie on their resume. A person without principles will never contribute to the dental practice growth that you want.

      • Check with references and specifically ask whether the mentality of this person contributed to growth or not, no matter what the previous field might have been.

    Achieving Dental Practice Growth – The Actual Phone and In-Person Interview Process

        • Take notes during interview. Record all thoughts and impressions, constantly seeking to answer the question, “Does this person feel a calling to dentistry that will contribute to strong dental practice growth?”

        • See if they sent a cover letter with their resume. More than 75% of applicants don’t – even when specifically asked. Use this test to see if they are willing to go the extra mile.

        • Do an initial phone or Zoom call to screen out the obviously unsuitable. On Zoom, watch backdrop, timeliness, way that they present themselves, technical ability with Zoom, etc.  For phone call, assess energy level, clarity of expression, and listen to see if they are smiling.

        • For the first 5 minutes, talk to them as a person, learning as much as you can about what makes them tick. Ask about external fun activities.

        • Then tell them, “Describe your ideal position – hours, income, expectations, etc.” Although you want someone who knows their own worth, listen again for signs of seeking to go above and beyond the minimum requirements.

        • Ask your questions. Watch for critical thinking skills when you present what-if scenarios. Also, keep a sharp eye out for signs of deceit about questions on their resume.

        • If the employee appears to be a candidate with the potential to grow your practice…

        • Proceed to on-site interview.  Include, if possible, 4 people from your team, since each of them will have to interact with the new employee and can contribute additional insights as to their suitability.

        • Have them shadow an employee or put them directly on the job themselves. Make sure to check and comply with all state requirements for pay for working interviews.

        • If the person appears to be dental practice growth material, MAKE THE OFFER!

      Wondering how best to compensate new employees competitively without disrespecting old ones?

      Watch for this in a future blog post!

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