5 Ways to Implement the BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan

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Navigating the Dental Implant Marketing Landscape

5 Ways to Implement the BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan

Modern dental implant practice is a dynamic and growing field. For one thing, the global dental implant market continues to expand as patients seek innovative teeth-replacement solutions. According to experts, the global dental implants market was valued at USD 4.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to 9.5 billion in 2032.


The opportunities for making profits through dental implants are immense, but of course, the competition for those profits is growing as well as more dentists enter the implant field.


How do dentists navigate this landscape?


We looked at this question in our last blog The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan.


Dentists need to implement a great dental implant marketing plan that has this as its overarching strategy: Positioning the Dentist as the Implant Expert in the Community. 


This is why we call it The BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan.


It’s a plan that places the dentist as the expert offering true help for people’s lives, rather than a vendor hawking wares – an image that we want to avoid at all costs.


In this blog, we’ll look again at the parts that make up a great dental implant marketing plan, talk about how this Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan builds goodwill in the minds of patients, and give you 5 specific ways to implement the plan.


What Makes Up a Great Dental Implant Marketing Plan?

5 Ways to Implement the BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan


As we said in The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan, a great dental implant marketing plan consists of 3 things: (1) The overarching impression it will leave, (2) the ways it will accomplish the following goals, and (3) the specifics of the content placement to reach prospective customers.


Here are 5 goals that a dental implant marketing plan should help you reach:

  1. Present the practice as uniquely positioned to serve people who need dental implant services. 
  2. Build awareness of the life transformation that dental implants represent
  3. Provide a built-in compass for establishing trust and credibility with these people 
  4. Establish a way to measure ROI
  5. Be a roadmap for navigating successfully through the ever-changing landscape of dental marketing


To fill all of these lofty goals a dental implant marketing plan has to include the first element:


It needs to include a knowledge of the OVERARCHING IMPRESSION that the dentist wants the dental implant marketing to leave on prospective patients’ minds!


And the BEST overarching impression to leave on patients’ minds? 


As we said, it is to Position Yourself as the Dental Implant Expert in Your Community.


How Do Dental Implant Patients Really Think?

5 Ways to Implement the BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan


It’s important to remember how dental implant patients think.


As you know, dental implant patients are different from other dental patients. Implant patients face significant knowledge and personal trust gaps, among which are the following:


  1. They possess a very limited understanding of the product and the procedures, namely dental implants, and the way that they work.
  2. They understand the symptoms (they hate their dentures) but are uncertain as to whether or not implants are the true solution.
  3. The price tag looks high and is – sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. The result is unknown (since most people don’t know that many times dental implants have a 98% success rate).


These very uncertainties, however, help us understand why positioning yourself as the expert is so important.


It is because this premise rests on 4 pillars that directly address the 4 hurdles listed above.

  1. Your expert status allows you the authority to give out implant information.
  2. Expert status helps prospective patients to trust that implants are the solution they have been seeking.
  3. Expert status justifies in people’s minds the expense of the procedure.
  4. Seeing you as the implant expert gives them more faith in the long-term efficacy of the solution.


For you as the dentist, taking “Becoming the Implant Expert in Your Community” as the overarching strategy behind your marketing plan also gives you the measuring stick with which to judge all your ads and campaigns, no matter which type of campaign you are running. 


In other words, you will have a much better idea of both how to reach the goals of your dental implant marketing and the specific ways to implement it when you know the overarching impression you want to leave.


You should always ask, “Is this going to contribute to my position as the implant expert in my community?” 


Positioning Yourself as the Expert Builds Goodwill in Patients’ Minds

5 Ways to Implement the BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan


Positioning yourself as the expert also builds goodwill in the minds of prospective patients as they engage with your dental implant marketing.


What do we mean by our use of the term goodwill? 


What we are primarily talking about is “The level of positive or negative feelings that the people in your community feel about your brand and practice.” 


Goodwill could also be thought of as trust. Trust is largely the reservoir of goodwill that your practice builds up over time as people realize that you are interested in providing benefits to them and meeting their needs instead of simply pulling them in with a deal.


Every time people see your ads, they begin to associate you with a certain image. As we said, the image that you want to build is that of the dental implant EXPERT, a person of trust that can meet your patients’ needs.


This link with a person is actually what patients are seeking in an implant provider. Trust is built when a strong connection is made.


Many marketers neglect this fact – the fact that the most powerful drawing card to the dental office is the dentist themselves!


They don’t realize that what people are looking for is the STORY, the human connection with a dentist whom they can trust as the EXPERT!


And because of this lack of understanding, the true value of this BEST dental implant marketing plan – positioning yourself as the implant expert – goes completely unrecognized.


Even though patients have many concerns such as “Can I afford this treatment?”, “What all is involved with getting dental implants?”, and “Will it hurt?” most of these concerns can be allayed and dealt with if the prospective patient can feel from the very beginning, starting with the marketing, that the dentist is an expert that can be trusted.


5 Ways to Implement This BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan

5 Ways to Implement the BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan


As we said, this goodwill and the image of you as the expert CAN be built through your dental implant marketing!


So how do you best leave the impression of you as the implant expert through whatever marketing plan you use to reach those with missing teeth in your community?


Here are 5 ways to begin to accomplish this: 

1. Educate, educate, educate your prospective patients about implants and the options available

2. Give VALUE freely. That’s what experts do.

3. Show your face in your ads.

4. Don’t be afraid to charge high fees. People expect this from experts.

5. Research what questions people are asking about implants and answer them in your advertising.



In other words, BE the expert, meeting your patients’ REAL need – their need for information and knowledge about dental implants.


Take the time to close the knowledge gaps that your patients come to you with. Make sure that implants, as the solution that you’re offering, make sense to them.


Remember, as you act like the expert and position yourself that way in your dental implant marketing, your prospective patients WILL begin to see you in that way!


How NOT to Position Yourself in the Community

5 Ways to Implement the BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan


As you seek to position yourself as the expert in dental implants and build trust with your community, it can be helpful to think of some of the ways NOT to do it.


As we said, if you want to be seen as the EXPERT, do not allow yourself to become simply a VENDOR.


Here are a few notorious examples of the marketing of a dental implant vendor.

  • “Implants Starting at $995”
  • “Teeth-in-A-Day”
  • “One-Hour Dental Implants”
  • “Implant for $1,095; Abutment & Crown for $950; 


Aside from the fact that all of these offers contain caveats and are, quite frankly, too good to be true, there’s another problem. They simply don’t leave prospective patients with the right impression.


They don’t build your image as the EXPERT!


There’s another sad fact that few practices seem to recognize. Vendor dental implant marketing neither costs less money nor takes less time than dental implant advertising that builds the image of you as the expert in the minds of prospective patients. 


Vendor dental implant marketing leaves dentists with nothing to show for it except a few patients who received discount services.


This only seems like a good thing when there is nothing to compare it to. In other words, these dentists have never realized the rewards of positioning themselves as experts.


Some of the rewards come because the positive impression of you as an expert can be stored for the future.


Although people may not need dental services immediately, they will retain that impression either for themselves or their loved ones. When they do face the need, there’s a very good chance they will think of the expert first.


Positioning yourself as the EXPERT is a far, far better (and more profitable) way to do implant marketing than simply marketing as a VENDOR!


Wrapping It Up

Executing a great dental implant marketing plan with the overarching goal of positioning yourself as the expert is one of the BEST dental implant marketing plans that you can implement. 


It works because it builds goodwill in the minds of your prospective patients as they engage with your dental implant marketing. They begin to form a connection with you as an implant expert that can be trusted and the ROI of your dental implant marketing will reflect this.


It’s the BEST dental implant marketing plan you can devise and execute!


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5 Ways to Implement the BEST Dental Implant Marketing Plan

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