Long-term Trust – The Ultimate Goal of Dental Implant Marketing

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Building goodwill and trust is a very important part of dental implant marketing. We cover this process in the blog entitled 5 Ways To Build Trust Through Dental Implant Marketing.


Let’s recap those main points for our dental implant marketing.


      • Position yourself as the expert

      • Focus on educating your prospective patients about the options available to them

      • Give VALUE first. Give before asking for anything, including their business.

      • Answer their questions.

      • Show your face in your ads.

    All of these points promote goodwill for your practice in the community and ultimately build long-term relationships of trust.


    And although we have been using trust and goodwill as synonyms, the effect of consistently building goodwill (or positive feelings about your practice) in dental implant marketing is long-term trust (unquestioning reliance) in your practice.


    And that should be the goal of every dental practice.


    The Importance Of This Goal for Dental Implant Marketing


    Building long-term trust is highly necessary for dental practices because of two simple facts: (1) dentistry can be complex – your patients often don’t understand much about it – and (2) dentistry is often expensive.


    The more uncertainty, ignorance, and risk of loss a transaction entails, the greater the need for trust between the parties involved in it. A high level of goodwill built up through dental marketing and interaction allows this relationship of long-term trust to flourish in spite of the complexities of dentistry.


    The expense of dentistry further underscores the need for this trust. You’re not selling a low-ticket item where you can simply bark out the discounts as though you were selling treats at a stand in the street.


    You need to educate and allay the fears of your potential customers.


    And you start with building goodwill through your dental implant marketing.


    So what are some further principles that will allow you to continue to maintain that goodwill and build long-term trust?


        1. Truly act in your customer’s best interest – EVERY TIME!

        1. Don’t settle for pretending and demonstrating

        1. Make every attempt to see issues from the patient’s point of view. Carefully explain everything to him.

        1. Truly seek to meet their needs

      Although people’s trust levels are low, human nature never changes. If a dentist follows the points above, patients WILL trust them. They can’t help it.


      The doctors who do this best and are able to lay the groundwork for it in their advertising are going to win the dental implant marketing game -EVERY SINGLE TIME. New patients will simply flock to them, leaving other practices to be content with the leftovers.


      This process may take some time but don’t let that deter you. Both building goodwill through dental marketing and growing long-term trust off of that foundation are eminently doable. And doing it well makes all the difference between mediocrity and top-tier status.


      Goodwill and long-term trust are literally money in your pocket – LOTS of it. Knowing how to build a foundation of goodwill through your dental marketing that merges into a long-term relationship of trust will give your practice a commanding advantage every time.


      Want the help of an agency that makes building goodwill and long-term trust their entire focus in dental implant marketing?


      Reach out to Client Connection Group today!



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