Make a Powerful Appeal to the MIND With Your Dental Implant Advertising

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Have you ever considered, really considered, how the majority of dental implant advertising often treats people?


It makes little effort to find out if the implant option is right for them and usually doesn’t even attempt to educate them about the importance of implants in the first place.


I would contend that this type of dental implant advertising really doesn’t treat its potential customers like people with a real mind.


Markets are, broadly speaking, composed of three groups of people: 3% that are ready to buy today, 30% that are still gathering information, and 67% that are considered incubators.

This means that the majority of people that you are marketing to are not yet completely committed to buying.      


That’s why it makes sense for marketers, especially for big-ticket items like dental implants, to focus in their dental implant advertising on providing information to the information-gatherers and planting seeds with the incubators. 


But many do not. 


Instead, with their shouted deals of “$1,000 off Implants Today!” or “One-Hour Dental Implants!” or “Teeth in a Day!” they attempt to bypass people’s need for information and simply crowd them into the 3% category with no consideration for why they’re not there already.


In a sense, these advertisers treat their prospective patients like dumb animals needing to be baited in with food (in the form of screaming deals) rather than as intelligent human beings with real minds that deserve information to process in the making of their decisions.


No one wants to be treated in this way.


A Different Approach to Dental Implant Advertising


That’s why, here at Client Connection Group, we believe that there is a better way to do dental implant advertising. We appeal to the MINDS of our customers and urge you to do the same in all of your interactions with yours!


We believe in appealing to the minds of the 97% (as well as those of the 3% that are ready to buy today).  


Thinking specifically of the 97%, our educational approach to marketing for implants does the following:


      •     Provides information to the 30% searching for it 

    •     Plants seeds with the 67% incubators (who are actually more receptive than is often thought).

    Why does this approach hold the power to do far more for your practice than shouted deals ever could?


    Because, since we genuinely believe that dental implants are the VERY BEST option out there, giving people the information that they need to arrive at that conclusion themselves allows them to make strong, consequential decisions about their future!


    And these strong, consequential decisions hold great potential for the practices who are providing this information to their customers in their dental implant advertising!


    Here are some of the pieces of information that we believe should be shared with prospective customers: jaw bones can shrink up to 25% in the first year of tooth loss!


    And if they delay implants? Their chances of needing bone grafting just exponentially increased.


    Doesn’t this sound like attractive appeals to a person’s rational intellect?


    If you are interested in exploring the idea of marketing to your community on the basis of appealing to their minds rather than simply through screaming deals, reach out to Client Connection Group today.


    Screaming deals happen every day. Be one of the few that recognizes the MINDS of your customers, and watch your implant calendar fill up!

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