Reach The Forgotten 97% With Your Dental Implant Marketing

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Is your dental implant marketing reaching The Forgotten 97% of dental implant patients?

Do you know that most dental implant marketing is simply fighting over 3% of the customers?

That’s right. Only 3%!

Here’s why.

In any market, statistically speaking, only 3% of the customers are actually ready to buy today. This group, the 3%, have done their homework, thought about options, and shopped and clicked until they know exactly what they want and why.

The other 97% – The Forgotten 97% – can be broadly divided into two categories.

Roughly 30% fall into the information-gathering category. These people know they have a need, but they are still gathering information as their name suggests.

They are still comparing and deciding exactly which avenue they will take to meet their need. They may not be the dental implant customers of today, but they are the customers of tomorrow. The only question is this:

Whose customers will they be?

The remaining 67% can be thought of as incubators.

They are the people who may not even yet be aware that they have a need, but as their name suggests, seeds can still be planted in their minds through your dental implant marketing.

While the seed or idea may remain dormant for the time being, when the need for dental implants surfaces either in their life or the life of one of their loved ones, their minds will quickly travel to the first person who told them about the solution. These people are the customers of next month or even next year.

Again, the only question is whose customers they will be.

Reach over 30X More People With Your Dental Implant Marketing

If you are serious about reaching the forgotten 97% of implant patients in your community, Client Connection Group may be the dental implant marketing partner you have been searching for!

Our educational approach to dental implant marketing not only brings in the 3% of implant customers that are ready to buy today, but it also provides information to the information-gatherers and plants seeds in the minds of the incubators.

Or in other words, our dental implant marketing reaches 30X more people than your competitors are reaching.

How do we do this?

We share things such as the fact such as these:

      • In the first year of tooth loss, jaw bone shrinkage can be as high as 25%!

      • The longer time goes on, the higher their chances of needing more invasive procedures such as bone-grafting become.

    Continuing to share these facts over time results in the steady transformation of information-gatherers and incubators into the 3% of tomorrow – the 3% who WILL BE someone’s customers.

    And because YOU are the one who shared that information and planted those seeds, the chances of their becoming YOUR customers are very high.

     How’s that for something to look forward to?

    If …

        • this sounds like an attractive way to grow your practice and

        • you are ready to reach over 30X more people with your dental implant marketing than your competitors are reaching,

       Reach out to Client Connection Group today!

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