Rewards of Building Goodwill Through Dental Implant Advertising

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Dental implant marketing should tell seniors especially that missing teeth can increase the danger of oral cancer.

Ring the Alarm Bells! –  With Dental Implant Marketing

Dental implant marketing has a much bigger message than we usually think. Although we need to spread the word about improved quality of life and no more embarrassment over missing teeth, we’ve got to add physical and emotional HEALTH to the radars of seniors when it comes to gaps in their mouth!

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Dental implant advertising has frequently received a bad rap – and for good reason. Many times, dentists seem desperate to simply bring in patients, no matter what.  Their shouted offers have many times been downright misleading if not actually dishonest. This has been a tremendous liability to their standing in the community once people discover the truth.  

Here are a few notorious examples of this kind of dental implant advertising.

  • “Implants Starting at $995”
  • “Teeth-in-A-Day”
  • “One-Hour Dental Implants”
  • “Implant for $1,095; Abutment & Crown for $950;

Although these offers might sound good, all of them contain caveats and are quite frankly, too good to be true. Many times the final price of the implants will end up being much higher than offered, and a certain amount of corner-cutting is the only basis on which they could ever be remotely accurate. Implants simply cost more and take longer to install than these ads would lead you to believe.

Dental implant advertising like this feeds the popular notion that implant ads are usually lies and that marketers are almost universally scoundrels.

None of this is necessary.

Top-performing dental practices pursue a far more attractive (and profitable) goal. Instead of hollering dishonest bargains they quietly build valuable goodwill in their communities by meeting people’s needs through their implant marketing.

Read more about how they accomplish that here.

What we want to focus on today is this fact:  These practices PROSPER because of it!

Rewards of Building Goodwill Through Dental Implant Advertising

Practices that dedicate themselves to creating goodwill in their community through their dental advertising may not experience immediate results, but they will get results and those results will be sweet.

Dental marketing that unswervingly prioritizes community goodwill builds astonishingly high trust levels with prospective patients. In fact, these practices will discover that their soaring case acceptance rates mean that the work is basically completed by the patient’s act of walking through their front door.

These practices also reap some of their rewards due to what is often called the value ladder. Here’s what the value ladder means: Although the patients responding to these dental implant ads enter to access the high-value implant services, they stay for the regular cleanings and fillings as well or, in other words, they swim down the value ladder. This holds true because a patient that trusts a dentist enough to sign up for a $50,000 full-arch implant is certainly going to be able to trust that dentist for regular semi-annual cleanings after that.

Taking advantage of gravity in this way represents incredible ongoing value for a practice. It is also a huge improvement over the inefficient attempts that some dentists make to swim up the value ladder! Without any trust or goodwill built in their community, they are forced to simply hawk screaming, limited-time discounts such as “Free Whitenings!” or something similar as they try to pull cold people in off of the street in hopes that they will then swim up the ladder and access the more expensive treatments such as implants.

It is a sad fact that this has been proven not to work. Many times, these patients simply take the freebies and depart, never to be heard from again.

Using this analogy, the ads that we saw at the beginning could be thought of as attempts to lower the top rung of the ladder in hopes that more people will hop aboard.

Both of these approaches are hard on a dental practice’s bottom line, and they are so unnecessary! If we begin with a solid foundation of goodwill in our community, a profitable edifice rises almost on its own with the rewards only growing over the years.

The other sad fact is that dental implant advertising done without regard for building goodwill neither costs less money nor takes less time than dental implant advertising that builds trust in the minds of prospective patients. A poor job at building community goodwill is truly a lose-lose situation and should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, due to either ignorance or laziness, it is still far too common.

The value of goodwill built through dental implant advertising is also partly due to the fact that it can be stored for the future. Although people may not need the dental services immediately, they will retain their positive impressions either for themselves or their loved ones. When they do face the need, guess who they will think of first? It’s going to be the practice that first left that powerful positive impression on their mind.

Although people’s trust levels are low, human nature never changes. If a dentist is truly seeking to meet their needs, patients WILL trust them. They can’t help it.

Seriously, the doctors who are best at building goodwill are going to win the dental marketing game -EVERY SINGLE TIME. New patients will simply flock to them, leaving practices that have sacrificed community goodwill for the sake of short-term gain to wither away.

Although this process may take some time, don’t let that deter you. As we said, you really have no choice if you want to grow and prosper.

And the rewards of building goodwill through your dental implant advertising are simply too good to ignore.

Take the plunge and reach out to Client Connection Group for the help you need to beginning building maximum goodwill in your community today!

We have a wealth of experience in dental implant advertising on social media, and our coast-to-coast clients have found themselves flooded with patients attracted by our different kind of ads.

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