Fight Deadly Senior Social Isolation! – With Dental Implant Marketing

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Urgency, urgency, urgency! Dental implant marketing is all about building URGENCY in your prospective patients, especially the seniors in your community.

Give them a REASON to come see you!

Shake them out of their rut. Tell them that tooth loss does NOT need to drive them into a downward spiral of social isolation and loneliness!

This is 2023.

Solutions ARE available!

Dental Implant Marketing – Expose the Hidden Dangers of Missing Teeth

And, increasingly, research is showing that edentulism and partial edentulism(the conditions of missing all or some of your teeth) SHOULD NOT be endured for a growing number of reasons.

Living with missing teeth should not be a permanent condition for anyone, especially not the elderly!

Here’s the full list of the health dangers that seniors face when they live with missing teeth:

      1. Higher risk of dementia
      2. Reduced life expectancy
      3. Social isolation and loneliness/Depression
      4. Poor self-rated health
      5. Grief over losing natural teeth
      6. Oral cancer

    Check out our blogs on the first 2 points and learn all the ways that your dental implant marketing can build urgency with seniors about those conditions.

    Fight Dementia – With Dental Implant Marketing!

    Increase Life Expectancy – With Dental Implant Marketing!

    Let’s look at the third point – Social isolation and the sometimes closely related condition, of loneliness.

    Dental implant marketing can highlight the dangers of senior social isolation.

    For clarity, we should note the difference between these two conditions. 

    Social isolation is the condition of having little or infrequent social contact. And Loneliness is the feeling of sadness and distress that results from a lack of connection to others. 

    It is certainly possible for loneliness to be experienced by people that are surrounded by others and, in different cases, seniors who are fairly isolated socially do not feel lonely because they find their social fulfillment in other ways.

    Building Urgency in Seniors With Your Dental Implant Marketing

    In general, though, social isolation is lonely and painful for elderly folks. Loneliness among seniors has increased due to the pandemic, and it is a deadly condition, equivalent to smoking nearly 15 cigarettes a day! 

    Anything we can do to minimize it has public health benefits.

    That’s where dental implants and minimizing tooth loss come into play. Dental implant marketing can act in the interest of both increasing dental implant customers and improving the public good.

    How can dental implant marketing help?

    Tooth loss increases the chance that seniors will CHOOSE social isolation, making tooth loss a dangerous condition for the elderly in yet another way! 

    Interestingly, tooth loss can be both a cause and a result of social isolation since studies have shown that it can also be a sequel to increased social isolation! 

    This is probably due to the lack of motivation to practice oral hygiene, etc.

    Fight Deadly Senior Social Isolation! - With Dental Implant Marketing

    Seniors who are missing teeth are self-conscious about their appearance. 

    They hate the shrunken-jawbone look that they see every day in the mirror!  They withdraw, becoming less likely to mingle in society and enjoy the benefits of social company. 

    This leads them into the dangerous spiral of more social isolation, more loneliness, and less motivation to keep up their health in both oral areas and every other area.

    Dangerous vortex of senior tooth loss

    Seniors need to be REGULARLY exposed to the sights of others who were in their shoes now ENJOYING life and mingling freely again!

    Make YOUR practice the one that shows up right where they are, telling them how much BETTER their life could be!

    Fight Deadly Senior Social Isolation! - With Dental Implant Marketing

    Think of an older person without much in the way of a family who is sinking into a state of lonely depression, and think about how YOUR ad with its powerful message could hit home to them.

    It might take the place of or reinforce the message of a caregiver who is also encouraging them to seek help.

    In a state of loneliness and depression, seniors often tell themselves that their lives are almost over.

    Your dental implant marketing needs to TELL them that, due to advances in medical technology, they could easily have 10-30 more years of life!

    Why Is Senior Dental Implant Marketing So Important?

    Three short answers:

        1. More senior citizens than ever
        2. More dental implants are needed by seniors than any other demographic
        3. More money is held by seniors than ever before.

      These points were covered in our blog, 4 Major Reasons to Sharpen Your Senior Focus, but let’s look at the last point a little more.

      Historically, seniors were the most likely demographic to live below the poverty line. This is no longer the case. Increasingly, poverty is much more associated with Millennials than with senior citizens.

      Older adults – ages 50 and above – are hands-down the most financially well-heeled patients that your practice can attract. About 120 million of them hold a disproportionate share – approximately 75% – of the household wealth in the United States!

      They are also the most generous spenders. Those over the age of 50 spend more than 50% of all US purchasing dollars!

      An interesting study shows that seniors are extremely under-represented in marketing and are not accustomed to SEEING other seniors like themselves in ads.

      We can change that!

      Fight Deadly Senior Social Isolation! - With Dental Implant Marketing

      Dental implant marketing can make a difference in seniors’ lives. Remember fewer and fewer seniors are connected to family, so we have a chance to speak into their lives as their dental professional and perhaps help them more than we ever dreamed.

      Dental Growth Partner for Maximum Connection

      Would you like a dental implant growth partner capable of connecting deeply with the many wealthy, seeking seniors in your community?


      Would you love to run ads that build urgency by telling them of the dangers of living with missing teeth – an urgency that drives them to seek something better than their lonely state?

      Consider reaching out to Client Connection Group today.

      Our powerful educational advertising will SHOW seniors how much implants could change their lives!

      Join the Client Connection Group community of satisfied dentists from coast to coast today!

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