Stop the Party With Effective Dental Implant Marketing

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Are you running a party house?

Blame your dental implant marketing if you are.

Although we know that party house doesn’t truly describe any top dental practice, let’s talk for a little about dental implant patients, especially those that come in from a poor dental implant marketing campaign.

Let’s face it:

You don’t bring implant patients onto your chair just to get to know them. Your chairs need to deliver the money. You engage in dental implant marketing so that you can sell more dental implants. Period.

Therefore, if you’re spending too much time with patients that end up unable to afford treatment, you might be hosting a party but we know one thing: you’re not having very much fun! 

So how do you have more real fun?

Stopping the Party With the Right Kind of Dental Implant Marketing


      • How do you stop wondering if offering free consultations is worth your time?

      • How could you gain the assurance that the patient you are examining already has a clear idea of how he or she will afford implant treatment?

      • How do you increase your time value exponentially?

    Here’s how: Pre-screen the patients, find out their abilities and expectations, and have delivered to you only the ones who know how they are going to pay for the time you will be putting into them.

    Sound attractive but difficult?

    It is more than difficult; it is impossible with many dental implant marketing campaigns, where an ad is thrown out shouting that implants are $1,000 dollars off this week. Ads like this draw in the bargain hunters and those who have no idea how they would pay for the treatment but have hopes that, by visiting your office, they may receive the magic bullet.

    These are exactly the patients that you should NOT be spending time with. But how can you avoid it?

    You avoid it by the right kind of dental implant marketing. The right kind of dental implant marketing doesn’t throw out discount deals; instead, it offers value. The right kind of dental implant marketing doesn’t just bring in everybody; instead, it offers a way to screen out those who are not a good fit for the treatment.

    How do you employ this kind of marketing? If you are interested in finding out, Client Connection Group has a system for marketing in just this way and is executing it for many, many dentists. Our educational advertising first positions you as the implant authority in your community and then offers value by explaining to people the benefits of implants and the dangers of delaying treatment.

    Then, we lead these prospective patients through a self-evaluation where we ask them how they intend to pay for the prospective treatment. We give them a number of options, but in the end, if a patient cannot identify either a source of sufficient funds or a co-signer to help them qualify for a payment plan, we do not allow them to sign up for treatment with you. 

    That party stops right there and none of your time is wasted.

    Because, as we all know, the parties you REALLY want to host aren’t held at your office during business hours. And Client Connection Group wants to help you have the means to host more of them!

    Again, if this sounds like an attractive form of dental implant marketing, reach out to Client Connection Group today.

    Let us help you discover all the benefits of the right kind of dental implant marketing!

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