Dental Implant Marketing – Exploring the Discovery Process

  Understanding the Sales Process That Begins With Dental Implant Marketing   Dental implant marketing is only the first step of a journey – the journey that ends with a successful sale of dental implant treatment to a customer in dire need of this treatment. Along the way, every step of this process is important.… Continue reading Dental Implant Marketing – Exploring the Discovery Process

Dental Branding – Learn From 4 Great Masters

Let’s look at some examples of well-branded companies. Even though none of these are dental branding examples, the principles are the same.

Dental Branding – 9 Unique Ways to Connect With Your Patients

Remember YOU can never be duplicated! And this is also true of everything that flows from you. And, the more distinctive mental handles YOUR personalized dental branding provides for people’s minds, the more likely they are to connect with and choose your practice!

3 Strong Reasons to Market Your Dental Branding

People value the relationship with their dentist so highlighting your relationship style will get their attention. Just like a doctor, people see a dentist as both a valued source of advice and a family friend. Prospective patients choose a dental office for that relationship. It’s not about the service; it’s about the person providing it.

3 Steps to Simple, Powerful Dental Branding

What is dental branding? Dental branding is the process of setting yourself and your practice apart from the herd in order to attract and retain patients.

You develop a brand for its exclusivity; your brand is the something that your patients can get at your practice that they can get nowhere else.