Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Great Ways To Turn the Spotlight on Oral Health

Use Dental Marketing Themes for Greater Focus   Dental marketing themes, overarching concepts, or ideas that serve as central focuses for marketing campaigns, make dental implant marketing much, much easier.     Here at CCG, we recently collected the top 10 dental implant marketing themes and divided them into categories, Educational implant themes, Quality-of-Life implant… Continue reading Dental Implant Marketing – 7 Great Ways To Turn the Spotlight on Oral Health

Dental Implant Marketing-Building Goodwill With Powerful Themes

We’re all about building goodwill here at CCG.

So…how do we build goodwill with our dental implant marketing theme?

Save Their Hearts! – With Dental Implant Marketing

Our dental implant marketing needs to think about this question: Do prospective patients have any idea that the fate of their heart is connected to whether or not they replace the missing teeth in their mouth?

Ring the Alarm Bells! –  With Dental Implant Marketing

Dental implant marketing has a much bigger message than we usually think. Although we need to spread the word about improved quality of life and no more embarrassment over missing teeth, we’ve got to add physical and emotional HEALTH to the radars of seniors when it comes to gaps in their mouth!

Help Them Heal – With Dental Implant Marketing

Dental implant marketing needs to be aggressive in reaching seniors who are progressively losing their teeth and experiencing poor self-rated health and grief over losing their natural teeth.

Fight Deadly Senior Social Isolation! – With Dental Implant Marketing

Living with missing teeth should not be a permanent condition for anyone, especially not the elderly!

Here’s the full list of the health dangers that seniors face when they live with missing teeth.

Increase Life Expectancy! – With Dental Implant Marketing

A recent study of centenarians discovered the fact that those who had the most teeth at ages 65-74 had the greatest chance of reaching the age of 100! In other words, there was a direct connection between oral health as measured by the number of teeth a person had around the age of 70 and how many years that person had left to live.

Fight Dementia! With Dental Implant Marketing

Many seniors in your community probably have NO IDEA that the issue of missing teeth is anything beyond a nuisance and an aesthetic liability.
Your dental implant marketing needs to alert them to the connections between missing teeth and cognitive decline.